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Landscape painting by Tang Yinaka Tang Bohu 1470

Landscape painting by Tang Yinaka Tang Bohu 1470


File:Shan-shui painting, by Tang Yin, Ming Dynasty.jpg

Painted by Tang Yin (唐寅, China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries

Artist: Tang Yin(1470-1523) - Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Yisushanfang Collection - MING DYNASTY

click to enlarge. Tang Yin: ...

Tang Yin's Landscape | Chinese Painting | China Online Museum

Strolling by the Stream 步溪圖 by Tang Yin (唐寅 1470-1524 aka

Painted by Tang Yin (唐寅, China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries

A romance between a poet and a musician, ink painting by Tang Yin (1470

Artist: Tang Yin(1470-1523) - Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from

Artist: Tang Yin(1470-1523) - Classical Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from

Tang Yin: ...

唐寅- 觀梅圖Tang Yin (1470 -1524), courtesy name Tang

Thatched Cottage in the Western Mountains, Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Tang

Tang Yin 1470-1523, Ming Dynasty.

Tang Yin's Landscape | Chinese Painting | China Online Museum

chinese landscape scroll painting w calligraphy by tang yin

Attributed to TANG YIN,LANDSCAPES, (12),Christie's,Hong Kong

明代 - 唐寅 《江南農事圖》 紙本。74.4x28.1公分

Tang Yin, Lady with Fan, 1470-1523, Shanghai Museum

Farewell at the Bridge of the Hanging Rainbow, After Tang Yin (Chinese, 1470

Tang Yin(1470-1523) . 醉舞狂歌图唐寅


明 唐寅 (1470 - 1523) 遊春圖 Tang Yin Ming Dynasty Spring Outing

Watching_the_Spring_and_Listening_to_the_Wind_by_Tang_Yin. Watching the Spring and Listening to the Wind by Tang Yin

Tang Yin: Fishermen in Reclusion among Streams and Mountains

Voyage to the South, detail of a handscroll by Tang Yin, 1505; in

Tang Yin: The Lutanist


Painted by Tang Yin (唐寅, China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries

Tang Yin (1470-1523). Fishing in Reclusion among Mountains and Rivers. Ming Dynasty.

Jin Cheng (1878-1926) Landscape After Tang Yin (1470-1524)

Attributed to Tang Yin (1470-1523): Landscape

China, hanging scroll by Tang Yin, Court Ladies of the Former Shu

A portrait of a Ming Dynasty lady, ink painting by Tang Yin (唐寅

TANG YIN (1470-1523)

Drunken Fisherman by a Reed Bank Tang Yin (Chinese, 1470–1524)

Beautiful Mountain Sweet Water Splash-color Landscape Chinese Ink Brush Painting, 68cm×68cm

Gazing at a Waterfall, Tang Yin (Chinese, 1470–1524), Folding

30 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Paintings Lakeside Path

A lady with winter plum flowers, Chinese ink painting by Tang Yin -

Dong Yuan - Detail from the Ancient Chinese painting Xiao and Xiang Rivers

Tang Yin: Tao Gu Presenting a Lyric

Tang Yin (1470-1523) Shanghai Museum

Tang Yin (1470-1524) China, painting. Ming Dynasty


FS-6948_03 (3208×6000)

WONG SHUI LOONG Mount Huangshan

Tang Yin (Chinese 1470–1524), courtesy name Tang Bohu. Ming Dynasty

Original Chinese Watercolor on Silk -Vintage Landscape Painting / Sumi-e (#004

Zou Xianji, Butterflies among Fragrant Grasses, in the Style of Tang Yin ( 1470–1523), from the album, Flowers, Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign, 1668, Album leaf; ...

Landscape of Huangshan, Tang Hong (b. 1926) and Zhang Daqian (1899

Landscape Painted on the Birthday Tang .

Tang Yin. Winter by the Lake. 1470-1523

Wash painting developed in ancient China during the Tang Dynasty. Wang Wei is generally the typical painter who applied color to existing ink and wash ...

Ma Yuan: Facing the MoonMa Yuan (馬遠, is an influential Chinese landscape painter of the Song Dynasty whose work, together with that of Xia Gui (夏珪), ...

南宋李唐紅樹秋山圖Li Tang. Chinese Landscape PaintingChinese ...

chinese brush painting | Landscape Gallery: Chinese Brush Painting - Virginia Lloyd-Davies

Chinese landscape painting by modern artist

Ancient Village River Landscape Abstract art Chinese Ink Brush Painting, Chinese wall scroll painting Freehand brush work Artist original works of ...


Landscape watercolor paintings are a great subject to illustrate the beauty of mother nature. There are many skilled watercolor artists.

Tang Yin(1470-1523). Land and Peony. 明唐寅牡丹仕女

La peinture Shan Shui/Shan Shui painting

Dalhart Windberg - Landscape With Boat / Details

Before you begin this painting lesson, click here to visit 'Mastering the art of Chinese painting' at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City.

仇英 Qiu Ying (Chiu Yin), Ming Dynasty Palace Museum, Taipei

A sublime new show honors the Chinese tradition of the 'Three Perfections'—poetry, painting and calligraphy

Friends and Spring Mountain by Tang Yin

Li Tang. Sans fin, les ravins, les pins, le vent, 1124 (datée et signée). Rouleau vertical. Encre et couleurs sur soie, 188,7 × 139,8 cm (format monumental) ...

唐-张萱-明皇纳凉图Painted by the Tang Dynasty artist Zhang

Antique Village Original Chinese Landscape by 1804Creation, $379.00


The rumpled and messy bed with the pipa lute on it hints what may happen after the performance.

Japanese Paintings

The Little Herder - Award Winning Original Chinese Landscape Painting

Ancient Trees and Secluded Bamboo Grove by Tang Yin (1470-1524), Ming dynasty © Nanjing Museum / Nomad Exhibitions

Painted by Tang Yin (唐寅, China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries


Les montagnes célestes

Ma Yuan Paintings | Chinese Art Gallery | China Online Museum

Ancient Chinese dress - Hanfu style clothing during the Tang Dynasty era.

painting Tensho Shubun - landscape of four seasons ink painting; 15th century, 1400 CE-1450 CE

Sotheby's | Auctions - Fine Classical Chinese Paintings,chinese paintings | Sotheby's

Chinese screen paintings Qing Dynasty beauties - bijn in daily life. Beijing's Palace Museum.

... Garden of the Inept Administrator ...

Guan Shanyue(关山月) .

Woman in a garden by Song Dynasty artist Qian Xuan (1235-1305)

... as with the painting in the Wang article, this also depicts Xi Kang playing qin for ghosts. (Thanks to Jim Binkley for pointing this out.) (Return)

Song of Pipa at Xunyang

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Landscape of the Peach Blossom Spring 桃花源景

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Landscapes, Tang Yin (Chinese, 1470–1524), Eight album leaves mounted

Du Jin: Enjoying Antiquities

Chinese Tang Dynasty Mural artwork of daily court life

8th C. Bodhisattva 6 ft. 3 inches. Tang Dynasty. Dunghuang monastery mural