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Lightning strike scars otherwise known as Lichtenberg figures

Lightning strike scars otherwise known as Lichtenberg figures


Lightning strike bruises, also known as a Lichtenberg figure.

Lichtenberg figure. Apparently after striking your ass with lightning, Mother Nature tattoo's you as well.

Lichtenberg figure "Fleurs de foudre"

Lichtenberg Figure: Lightning Scars

Lichtenberg figures caused by lightning strike in a 54-year-old man.

They are sometimes called "lightning flowers" or "skin feathering" but the medical terms are arborescent (tree-like) erythema or keraunographic markings.

A lichtenberg figure on a girl who was climbing when the lightening hit. Check her

Lichtenberg figure, also known as a lightning flower tattooed on the skin after being struck

lightning strike scar lichtenberg figure 5 Lichtenberg Figures: The Fractal Patterns of Lightning Strike Scars

Lichtenberg Figures

People Struck by Lightning | Struck (Jennifer Bosworth) JR EXTRANJERO de la semana,

Lichtenberg figures may appear on the skin of lightning strike victims. These are reddish, fernlike patterns that may persist for hours or days.

Lichtenberg figure

Lightning strike scars, otherwise known as Lichtenberg figures. | History & Science | Pinterest | Lightning strikes

Lightning strike scars in the shape of Lichtenberg Figures | Lightning strikes and Lightning

Lightning Strike Survivor Gets Unique Tat Us First

Lightning Flowers Lichtenberg's lightning flowers ~ fun is for .

Pin Lightning Strike Scar Lichtenberg Figure Jpg Tattoo Pictures on .

I Was Struck By Lightning Yesterday And Boy Am I Sore

2D Lichtenberg Figures vs voltage and polarity

Usually the head, heart, and hoofs of dead racehorses are buried, but in

This is what a real lightning scar looks like. It actually looks rather pretty,

5:41 PM - 7 Feb 2017

Or you could cheat and do scarification

... GearDiary Meet Winston Kemp, Lightning Strike Survivor and Lichtenberg Figure Owner

did you know? - Being struck by lightning hurts- a lot. If you.

What Does It Look Like When A Person Gets Struck By Lightning? | IFLScience

Lichtenberg figures and a first-degree burn in the shape of a metal necklace on

Lichtenberg Figures. "

Lichtenberg figure left after being struck by lightning

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... left by high voltage on skin; the fractal can be seen in acrylic blocks, plates coated with reactive dust, on grass that's had a lightning strike.

frost shadows 4 Lichtenberg Figures: The Fractal Patterns of Lightning Strike Scars

Specimen of Lichtenberg Figure Obtained by Using an Electrode in the Shape of a Hollow Hemisphere. Lichtenberg FiguresLightning ScarImage ...

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Download high-res image (149KB) ...

Scarring and Lichtenberg figures

[ IMG]

'Captured Lightning': A Lichtenberg Figure sculpture created when Bert Hickman used a particle accelerator on a block of acrylic

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Lichtenberg Figure by ohsh Lichtenberg Figure by ohsh

This isn't a lichtenberg figure. This is just a dendritic rill and it

Lichtenberg figures are branching, fern-like patterns created by high voltage discharges along the surface or within electrical insulating materials, ...

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Lichtenberg scar Google Image Result for

We've all seen Lichtenberg figures. They're hammered into charged insulating blocks, or are branded into an unfortunate person's skin.

Lightning strike! Lichtenberg figure

Lightning is a naturally occurring 3-dimensional Lichtenberg figure

Yellow and brown fractal pattern. Abstract artwork. Computer generated colorful fractal. Magic lightning

main article image

People Who Got Struck by Lightning! (30 Facts You Won't Believe!)

... here to see picture of a skin pattern caused by a lightning strike]

Grass after a lightning strike. For those who don't already know, the

Scarring and Lichtenberg figures

Lichtenberg figure on the left arm of a 10-year-old girl who was

Lichtenberg figure from Über elektrische Entladungsfiguren auf photographischen Platten, by Anton Blümel (Berlin,

3D Log Spiral Captured Lightning sculpture (Lichtenberg Figures) - YouTube

Figure 7. Lichtenberg Flowers on the sides of the torso.

Grand Canyon Lightning Storm

Sparky the Bison Still Going Strong After Lightning Strike

Lightning strike scar

11:02 AM - 8 Jul 2016

... ("electric ...

Fractal branching of electricity in a piece of wet wood


Lichtenberg Figure

A lot of people who were struck by lightning end up with Lichtenberg figure scars https

Lichtenberg branching figure in leopardwood

Lichtenberg figure

"It's a reminder that we can heal no matter what happens to us.

So when things backfire while you're fishing in a thunderstorm, and you find yourself doing an impromptu rendition of ...

Well yes but in the movies they made it the hand movement for avada kadava So irony lol

Lichtenberg Figures (Captured Lightning, Frozen Lightning, Spark Trees, or Electron Trees). The ONLY source for Lichtenberg Figures and Shrunken Coins. Also ...

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HOWTO: Decorate wood with glow-in-the-dark Lichtenberg figures

Multiple lightning bolts strike a populated area.

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Fractal burning pattern in a lightning strike survivor

While it sounds simple, the fact is that there are many interrelated variables that can make getting consistent results frustrating.

Anorak The Lichtenberg Figure Tattoo Is Nature S Scarifier


He finds true love and learns that appearance isn't that important as long as you have washboard abs and perfect bone structure.

Struck by lightning II by Bloodstained-Snow ...


Lightning's extremely high temperature causes burning and scarring, which marks the victim with a lightning-like scar known as a Lichtenberg figure.

A DIY Wood burning With Home Made Lightning. Lichtenberg Figures! - YouTube

Wood burning with 2000 volts of electricity! (Lichtenberg Figures)

Long-Term Lightning Strike Effects