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Like the Corpse Flower post Learn more about how it works I love

Like the Corpse Flower post Learn more about how it works I love


Like the Corpse Flower post? Learn more about how it works! I love reading about stuff like this . All I do all day lol

Magnificent: The 'corpse flower' is an incredible sight, but it smells like

After laying dormant for nine years, the plant grew over 6 feet tall in three

Unbelievably huge flower! A corpse Lily. They only bloom once in 40 years. They smell like a rotting corpse.

The stinky Corpse flower (Amorphophallus Titanum) at botanic gardens in Kiel, Germany

Floral spectacle: Visitors look at a blooming titan arum at Djuanda Botanical Garden in Bandung

Corpse flower in bloom.

Corpse Flower- The world's largest flower is also one of the world's worst-smelling flowers. It is native to Borneo and has a life span of 40 years but ...

See more. by BioDivLibrary · Corpse Flower

Amorphophallus ...

Almost eight years after Lois the corpse flower enchanted the city of Houston another one is

... it smells like rotting road kill in the summer," said Bob Haight of Falcon Heights as he holds his nose while looking at a blooming corpse flower at ...

[UPDATE] What You Need to Know About the Gigantic, Phallic Corpse Flower That's About to Bloom at Dartmouth

2015_Rollins Corpse Flower_1381-RipleysBelieveItOrNotOnline

or 'corpse flower'.blooms every few years, gives off smell of decay to attract insects


See more. The Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum). http://www.npr.

Illustration: The Life Cycle of the Titan Arum.

"Corpse flower" blooms in Washington D.C. - CBS News

The Titan arum is the world's largest, smelliest flower and a specimen at Cornwall's Eden

The Corpse Flower

After nearly 10 years, the rare 'corpse flower' is set to bloom in

Our corpse flowers (Amorphophallus titanum) are now on display in a variety of life stages: in fruit, leaf, and imminent bloom.

Not only is it ugly, it smells like a corpse. Luckily only 28 have

Corpse Flower Fun Facts

"It smells a little bit like garbage" said Michael Harris of Minneapolis. (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi)

Sunshine and titan arum relatives at the Garden

Adam Cole, the “wrangler” of the social media site Skunk Bear, National

Corpse Flower Close Up

We All Want Our Time In Hell Limited Edition Samhain Tribute Featuring Ghoul, Brain Tentacles, Midnight, Child Bite, And More To See Release Via Corpse ...

One might think this massive plant is just one flower, but take a look inside

Rafflesia arnoldii is a species of corpse flower and a parasitic plant.

A drawing of the first time a titan arum bloomed as a cultivated greenhouse plant,

Corpse Flower, officially known as Amorphorphallus Titanum, is expected to bloom this week at

Corpse flower blooms at the Missouri Botanical Garden

I don't have much of a sense of smell, you'll have to ask my wife how it smelled," said Ray Koski of Richfield after checking out the corpse flower.

Corpse Flower 4. There was a massive line constantly full of people but the wait was only about 20 minutes. Once inside you can stay as long as you like, ...

Pictured is the first corpse flower NYBG received in 1932. The sixty-pound corm

And in other (non-royal baby) news today, the U.S. Botanical Garden's "corpse flower" finally started to bloom on Sunday, one week after expected!

After nearly 10 years, the rare 'corpse flower' has bloomed in the Big

The Beifuss File: Corpse flower brings the stink to Memphis

corpse flower missouri botanical gardens st louis

Female flowers, the tiny yellow spots, lie at the bottom of the vertical spadix of the corpse flower, open and ready to be pollinated by the male flowers ...

10 of the World's Stinkiest Flowers (Slideshow)

25 Fun Facts About Flowers

Over 5,000 people came to witness the corpse flower at IU Jordan Hall Greenhouse.

The corpse flower known as Uncle Fester has opened up at the Bloedel Conservatory. Crowds lined up for an hour to get in to see and the smell the curious ...

The next plant shows the corpse flower in its leaf-producing, corm-forming state. Third from the left is just a baby, and the far right pot contains the ...

The New York Botanical Garden's Corpse Flower May Finally Bloom After 10 Years

Corpse Flower 6

The corpse flower's distinctive smells are created by a number of different molecules: One of

Here are some pics I already posted to twitter of Ted the Titan Arum corpseflower. I took them a few days ago at the UCDavis Botanical Conservancy.

Theo Urban of O'Hara takes pictures of the corpse flower Romero at Phipps Conservatory

Corpse Flower (Amorphophallus titanum) at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.

Growing in the Rain Forest in Sumatra

Corpse flower blooms in Basel

All in all this was a super cool experience. I have never seen a flower this big in my entire life and there is a good chance I will not see one ...

One might think this massive plant is just one flower, but take a look inside

And when in bloom it will attract every bug and beetle around, as well as attracting curious tourists.

Corpse Flower 5

Rafflesia Arnoldii (aka corpse flower) - the largest flower on earth. It smells like rotting flesh.

Corpse Flower Bloom: Happening Now

A Friend Goes To See ...

The corpse flower

Stinky 'corpse flower' in full bloom at Michigan garden

Michelina Coppolino, Louis Ricciardiello's niece, admires the record-setting corpse flower that measured

The support structure for the gigantic flower ...

Thousands flock to sniff 'corpse flower' in bloom for first time in 18 years - Starts at 60

A giant corpse flower is about to bloom at the NYBG and it's going to smell awful

It is the ninth Titan to flower at Eden, but is the first one to

Found: The Corpse Flower's Miniature Cousin

A crowd surrounds the corpse flower as Ron Fisher of Brooklyn Center takes photos of it with his smartphone. (Pioneer Press: Scott Takushi)

Corpse flower approaching its one day bloom

Zombie Love (CC BY 2.0) by Pascal

Corpse Flower Science: Will one Titan Twin bloom longer?

#1. Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula simia)

Bat plant (Tacca integrifolia)

PHOTO: Twitter tells the story: #CBGAlice was the see-and-be


The corpse flower known as Uncle Fester has opened up at the Bloedel Conservatory. Crowds lined up for an hour to get in to see and the smell the curious ...

The plant, originally from Sumatra, Indonesia, is such a draw because it only opens up every two to five years. It's a slow grower, too.

PHOTO: The mature fruit of this Amorphophallus titanum is now being collected for seed.

Climbing a ladder to view the Corpse Flower's interior

The flower is taller than a person but starts small

Giant Corpse Flower Unleashes Its Stinky Scent In Denver

Corpse flower is blooming at Raleigh's Plant Delights Nursery through Saturday. | News & Observer

July 11 Putricia1

San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

Kyle McLane, the Memphis Botanic Garden's assistant

2. Wang Peonies

A line forms down the corridor as people check out the corpse flower Monday. The flowers bloom only once every 7-10 years, for a period of 24-48 hours.

Giant Corpse Flower

corpse flowers

Some pics of Ted the Titan Arum "Corpse Flower"