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Lol Ryan AJR t

Lol Ryan AJR t


Haha lol ryan

How does he do that with his chin lol

Ryan Met you adorable smexy stinker you. stop being so talented and attractive. seriously. you should have to share or something. ugh

Gosh he's beautiful

Ryan on national hat day

The many faces of Ryan Met

AJR - Ryan Met

I like them , at first I didn't but then I really listened and they have kinda cool catchy songs :) so yes I like them now and a bit obsessed

Song of the Day 7.1.14: AJR "I'm Ready" Yo

Hahaha lol ryan

I don't want the description to be blank, that bothers me. Have a smiley face.

AJR, Adam Met, Jack Met and Ryan Met

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I'd like to thank @overture.ajr for blessing me with these pictures of Ryan \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers #ryanajrbrothers #adamajrbrothers ...

I can't remember who I stole this from but it was some AJR fan account lol I love this so freaking much. Also the second Ryan picture reminds me of when my ...

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Screw real prom- I went to concert prom with jack and Ryan 💞 #ajr

I wish Ryan would look at me that way lol

Sorry for the spam guys but I'm LIVING and I haven't posted

THE CLICK - its not midnight yet! its 11:45!!! so

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Wow we really need to work on posting more lol. I swear we'll

Ryan is Kiana's dirty little secret... (Please get the reference lol)

Ryan AJR by ajrsclick

How Well Do AJR Know Each Other? | Music Midtown 2017

Welcome to Reddit,

i get a lil bit nervous ~B • • • • @

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AJR Ryan Collage by ajrsclick

The 2 hotties in town 😂😂 • • • #ajr #ajrbrothers #metbrothers

Is it just me or does Ryan's nose look red in

Ryan's making Jack jellyyyy • • • #AJR #AJRbrothers #Fan


ajr with fans? - yes please - #QandA what other bands/artists do


Also I don't like hibachi. It's gross, and considering that fact that I'm Asian is even worse lol. Plus RyaN ...

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If you listen you can hear Ryan's soft voice. Idk why but it made me smile lol. What's your favorite color? @ajrbrothers @adamajrbrothers @jackajrbrothers ...

HIS SMILE- . . . . . follow me (@ukulele.djs_ajr )

Too bad I wasn't there to catch him...oof :'

(Dear Ryan)

I actually woke up before 7:30 today, wow lol

@ajrbrothers @jackajrbrothers @ryanajrbrothers @adamajrbrothers My meet and greet photos from last nights AJR concert. I loved meeting them so much.

AJR, Jack Met and Ryan Met

so this edit is something i wish didn't happen rip it's

I'm a little kid, and so are you Don't you go

The way jack says go in this, just sent SHIVERS down my spine. Oml

I'm pretty sure this is all of our faces when we listened to Burn

oml i'm so sorry for being so inactive this week!

I love this photo...so much. I'm real emotional rn

ajrbrothers: “ Peekaboo! ”

you can't take my youth away ~B

Goofy boys -#ajr #theclick #click #ajrbrothers #adam #jack #

Ryan being as cute as usual 💛. . . . . . . Awful hashtags: #ajr #ajrmy #ryanmet #adammet #jackmet #metzger #ryanmetzger #adammetzger #jackmetzger

ajrtho: “ swirlycactus: “ idk i made this in my free time, so

I haven't? Seen? This picture of jack? Also what's he looking

AJR Jack Collage by ajrsclick

Also I noticed my last three posts were Ryan WHOOPS HAVE SOME ADAM BECAUSE I LOVE HIM \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers #ryanajrbrothers ...


I just can't 😂 .


Won't you help me sober up. Growing up made me feel numb.

follow me (@ukulele.djs_ajr )for more AJR .

I ain't trading my youth for no suit and jacket. I ain'

I'm very bad at posting regularly lol . [tags] #ajr #

(An AJR fanfic) - Iewes - Wattpad

Hehe time for me to get in my feels so enjoy? (This is very long I'm sorry I just love ajr so much) Ajr is such a great band and they are ...

okay i can't wait so here it is, A RYAN MET STARTER PACK

SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET- tags @ryantheturtle for funnies 😗 @jackajrbrothers via IG

What a wonderfully long day at the #radio1045birthdayshow Every single artist and band was phenomenal

Gooood morning guys :) \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers

Me when I start triggering @lol.mush ~ [Tags] #ajr #

It all started with a sketch we made on the back of a receipt. Then @johnloren brought it to life.… https://t.co/zZWBiPjGGv"

AJR is a quality band and I love them so much Favortie Song: Woody Allen

Lol omg does that even exist??? - Btw feel free to repost,

Hmmm...maybe the video of Ryan jamming out yesterday was a subtle preview

I found this on a old inactive fan account a while ago and I can'

Hi my life is a joke and I can't handle disappointment \ / \

Hello yes I love Ryan Met that is all thank you for your time \ / \ •annoying hashtags• #ajr #ajrbrothers #ryanajrbrothers #adamajrbrothers #weak #soberup ...

I can't wait till we look back on our teenage years and think about


DYC logo :) Unisex T-Shirt


Adam AJR Speech bubble by ajrsclick

sOmeone needa do their research- lol jk jk @ajrbrothers via twitter - Check

Adam Jack and Ryan ( @bud.like.you )

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#Ajr #myvipfromukgiftfrommybrozam#likeforlike #followforfollow #follwme #likeme

I nearly died 😁 #stranded #optimistic #dead (I DIDN'T SMOKE

They look like babies @ajrrbrothers @jackajrbrothers @adamajrbrothers @ryanajrbrother #ajr #ajrbrothers


Fetus boys . . . . . follow me (@ukulele.djs_ajr )for

Hi, I love 3 men (plus Charlie Puth and Shawn Mendes but they don