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Lol but then Yuuchan just was like quotnope ur gonna drink my blood

Lol but then Yuuchan just was like quotnope ur gonna drink my blood


Lol but then Yuu-chan just was like "nope ur gonna drink my blood"

Lol Yuu is Mika prinsse

I will save you, Yuu-chan. Sword drink my blood! More,

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Owari no Seraph Yuu x Mika

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His Precious Princess - Chap 8

Brothers not by blood but by trial and circumstances drawing them together. Yuu is the only family Mika has left!

Owari No Seraph Bloody Blades Yuu-chan (´


Como sería si cambiaran sus personajes... pues aquí está :3

Owari no Seraph - Hyakuya Mikaela & Yuuichirou / Mika x Yuu by ロディ on pixiv

He'll "protect" Yuu-Chan from those filthy humans

Owari No Seraph - and Mitsuba is the sister right? Bossy little sister sounds about right.

So adorable~ Mika and Yuu-chan!

Mikayuu ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - #QOTD : Vampires,Werewolves or Witches?

Yuu-chan & Guren-san, padre e hijo awww

GoBoiano - 19 Fanart That Will Feed Your Unstoppable Owari no Seraph Obsession

Seraph of the End

Give Yuu-Chan back to him!

Yu and Mika - Owari no Seraph - Seraph of the End

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) just try to draw with clean sketch. Inspired from one of fic I read long time ago. (So sorry, I couldn't remember the ...

Mika left love marks on Yuu- chan. :3

Owari no Seraph - Hyakuya Mikaela & Yuuichirou / Mika x yuu "The Evil" by xnotchii on pixiv

this is clearly a pure accurate replication of what would happen on the daily

Yoichi Saotome - Owari no Seraph - Seraph of the End

Krul and Mika, funny, text

Krul and Mika, funny, text>>> and it's canon >>> and she is first mate of ship and ferid is capton

Owari no Seraph- look at the way Mika is staring adoringly at Yuu.

Seraph of the End Yuichiro Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya.

Vampire Mika x Vampire Yuu

Yoichi, Shihou, Mitsuba, Shinoa, Mika and Yuu-chan

Mika and yuu yaoi owari no seraph / seraph of the end Mikayuu

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bunnychii: “ “ Yuu: Mika even if you're a vampire you've gotta keep warm! Mika: *Sniffles* Okay Yuu-chan. ” Is it too early for mikayuu christmas lol ”

Up until Mika explained the situation just now, Yuu had no idea what was going on or what to do and his offer earlier was only a guess.

After trumpets of the apocalypse proclaim the fall of humanity, vampires arise from the shadows to rule the earth. Yuichiro wants just one thingto get ...

Owari no Seraph

Guren and shinya ll I love how Shinya's face is just like 'wow hi guren

Lol Yuu and Kimizuki

Owari no Seraph | Seraph of The End | Yuuichirou Hyakuya | Shinoa Hiiragi | lol

Owari no seraph / Seraph of the end - Hyakuya Mikaela & Yuuichirou / Mika x Yuu by 月森うさこ

Family time!!! 2/2 -Owari no Seraph-

Owari no Seraph meme

Owari no Seraph - Hyakuya Mikaela and Yūichirō Hyakuya

Day 2 of my 30 day anime challenge. Favourite anime I've watched so far, it's still rather new and all but I really like it, and I highly recommend it to ...

Hot and sexy and cute yaoi pictures and ships read at yo own risk! I

Guren probs hit him after that lol

“ ** Permission to post & translate was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, rate and/or bookmark their works on ...

#Owari no seraph #Seraph of the end funny Mika

Perfect little description of Yuu-chan

Yuu-chan and mika

Owari no Seraph / Yuri on Ice / #yoi


Owari no Seraph - Shinya Hīragi and Guren Ichinose

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya Episode 10 Anime Review - The Long Awaited Kiss - YouTube

-Owari no Seraph- ((Uuuugh today I just feel like I'm doing shit half-assed. So, sorry when I'm late on replies but I'm still pinning shit.

OnS Owari no Seraph, Yuu/Mika

basically canon lol. Seraph of the end

Polubienia: 27, komentarze: 1 – Mikaela Hyakuya (@mika.x.

Owari no Seraph 5: Michaela the Vampire

lol sounds a little like the percy jackson series.... at some point every one of them fears their gifts for some reason or other.

I am so confused i had to read it like 5 times but still bro,

18 best gureshin / Ichinose Guren x Hiiragi Shinya images on Pinterest | Owari no seraph, Anime boys and Anime guys

#Mikayuu Credit goes to the owner

200+ best Mikaela Hyakuya images by Star Boots on Pinterest | Owari no seraph, Mikaela hyakuya and Anime boys

Mikayuu Smut Part 7

Your smile gives me the will to live, Yuu-chan. I must protect it.

MikaYuu no SekaiⓂⓘⓚⓐ Ⓨⓤⓤ - Mika sabeee >:v

Mikaela Shindo You're so gay I can practically smell it ( •-•

#Owari no seraph #Seraph of the end funny Mika & Ferid

The moon demon company more like the gay squad

mika YOU come with me

MikaYuu (Mikaela Hyakuya + Yuichiro) // Owari no Seraph / Seraph of the End Sorry for this guy, but is the only yaoi couple I love!

Seraph of the End Chapter 34 Art! Some of the best and most beautiful art from this manga yet!

Aaawww lol

Seraph of the end, funny, text

Guren and Shinya (this is from Owaranai no serph) - Owari no Seraph >>> from the special episodes, episode

Bolt and Sarada XD XD No it's just that Bolt has Natuto's genes. That is

Owari no Seraph Yuu

anime girl, anime boy and owari no seraph image on We Heart It

Lol. Weird but ok


"Me when I inevitably fail all of my important college classes and then just mix a ton of chemicals in a beaker and drink it, attempting suicide, ...

Nea Noah and Allen Walker from D Gray Man (DGM) lol funny Allen does not like Nea XD Más

I tell my self I will only watch one then I end up going to bed 6 hours later watching anime and crying. My family has always wondered how a person can ' ...

This is the best haha

I like that in the anime simon's glasses on the last episode first turned into bro's


I'm not big on Bleach but I couldn't resist

Image result for kill the cliche writing prompts

Si no quieres que publiqué tu pin dímelo y lo borró/If you do not

Shizou and Izaya | Durarara!

Something like this has actually happened tho lol

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just had to start laughing at how she completely ignored it and went for how to

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