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Lol if only our phones could save us from drunk textingugh I could

Lol if only our phones could save us from drunk textingugh I could


Strange Text Messages 6-14

Lol if only our phones could save us from drunk texting.ugh I could have used this last night. Oh well you live & you learn!

30 Hilarious Texts!

Texts From Dog

38 Drunk Texts You Wish You Got

this will be [email protected] Aliza White, if I ever get that drunk, Take me home.

Drunk texts

Funny Text Messages From Parents.this would sooo be my mom lol

15 Funniest Drunk Texts Ever Sent - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Funny pictures about I've found this phone. Oh, and cool pics about I've found this phone. Also, I've found this phone.


I want the Drunk Mode / Sexy Time feature on my phone, hihihi.

This is not her only stint with drunk messaging. She has tons of chats. And I think the following screengrab best explains why you shouldn't meet the drunk ...

This is not her only stint with drunk messaging. She has tons of chats. And I think the following screengrab best explains why you shouldn't meet the drunk ...

jøjø @cloutboyjojo LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO aye i found this phone and youre the last person they texted

Now you see, most Indian parents don't usually ask their kids about their relationships. In fact, they act as if they have no knowledge of it, ...


It's a meme at this point: Every two years, Google announces yet another new messaging platform that will finally give Android its iMessage competitor.

Finding out if your phone is being tapped by police is easier today with the advancement of technology. It would yet still be difficult to identify ...

EXCLAMATION POINTS HELP TOO. Still, particularly if your ...

The koala thing was pretty embarrassing but by the time I woke up and realized what I'd done, the tweet already had a few likes and I couldn't take it back.

emma @emchadders have u ever sent drunk texts so embarrassing that youve had to delete

If someone drunk texts you – quotes

... except for all the texting. on his "furizon" account. some of his texts could have come from the diabolical paws of my own dear maggie:

For police reasons, they might need some valuable information that they may need in an ongoing investigation. Whatever may be the ...

Predicting a rejection and assuming the worst.

Sometimes ...

He isn't getting signals because there was nothing there between us. However, I was very friendly and engaged on the dates and clearly wasn't sure about him ...

The U11 will have a Snapdragon 835 (the U Ultra was stuck with an 821) and 6GB of RAM in China. Everyone else gets 4GB. There's also a 12MP rear camera and ...

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I miss you from SXC

They keep hurting us because we're still open to the possibility that they won



As soon as I decide if I'm going to be

Android Police

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rotary telephone - Mr Unavailable/Miss Unavailable Phone Home

#BehindTheScenes with @boygirlsavage #FlashbackFriday ...we have the best discussions and ...

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The No Contact Rule can help you to recover from a breakup.

... Uber Eats review screenshots ...


Over the past 30 years, I have heard a lot of children explain why they hate their fathers. Here are some of the main reasons, and a few thoughts that might ...

Image titled Be Annoying Step 10

There are some indicators to identify if a mobile has been tapped. Below is a list of these significant signs of someone who is trying to hack your device.

Shaycarl Sexting a Cam girl?!

Welcome to Reddit,

Those three little dots of dread.

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5 Reasons I Don't Like Living in Korea

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People Who Text and Drive

[FREE REPORT] Discover The "Fantasy Words" That Eliminate A Woman's Rejection Response In Conversations

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How do I know if he really loves me and wants to be with me?

Oh. He suggested coffee because he is a responsible, employed adult. Oh. That wasn't even close to one of my hypotheses. Wow.

The Friend Card. This 'Friend Card 'entitles the holder to pretend to be

Assuming the worst when someone doesn't respond.

There are many dating rules out there, but it's the tried and true ones, the old fashioned traditional ways of doing things, that really do work, ...

Finally I pulled my traditional uncomfortable exit : the pun and run.

This is not a mix tape. This is a tape with two albums on it

1. Over analyzing punctuation and phrasing.

me putting lol at the end of a one word text so i dont sound rude


I miss you so much! Er you're still single and we work together

3. Auto-correct embarrassment.

When drunken texting goes horribly wrong. Dani suddenly finds herself in a textlationship <-- (that is actually a word) with a mystery guy named Ram.

The Hyperbole of Internet-Speak - The New York Times

how to let go of someone you love

So for some context here, this gentleman had asked me to get drinks on Thursday night, and then just NEVER FOLLOWED UP. This isn't the first time he's ...

Things a Karaoke DJ (KJ) May or May Not Tell You

I tend to switch my phone off when I'm drinking, to save battery mostly.

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The following categories may or may not be directly influenced by my friends and my personal experiences in college thus far…(but they actually are 100%).


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Brenna in Prague Save

using feels like being used. One of the ...


do you need to defriend your ex on Facebook? Before Facebook, I would ...

These Funny Texts Of People On Tumblr Will Surely Crack You Up

... Texts This Girl Sent Her (Now Ex) Boyfriend After He Asked To Take A ...

Outcome Spectrum

[Image] Girlfriend and best friend of 4 years just left me Monday night, and I found closure in the most unlikely of places.

This Spreadsheet Will Help You Stop Yourself from Texting Your Ex...Again

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