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Lol kitten avengers and loki39s face in the last frame MARVEL

Lol kitten avengers and loki39s face in the last frame MARVEL


Lol'd wayyyyyy too hard at this... Hawkeye and Winter Soldier.


Lol kitten avengers and loki's face in the last frame

Is it bad that I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Sebastian Stan would bring a cat

Sebastian Stan

All The Best Memes And Reactions To The 'Avengers: Infinity War Trailer'

Jimmy and the Avengers play telephone | Funny | Pinterest | Telephone, Plays and Marvel

Tony stark, iron man, king t'challa of Wakanda, black panther, marvel, comics, avengers

Angry Bruce Banner is actually way scarier than the Hulk.


Sorry about the language but lol

"All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere.

Steve called in a few favors. Tony builds Bucky a new arm. < < Bucky's ponytail though!

His face in the second panel

And real Tom will probably say, "No, I'm no match for

How to train your dragon and Loki. You wouldn't understand without knowing about Ruff & Tuff

A sad dirty 95-year-old golden retriever at your door. "I was hiding under your porch because I love you" best ever

2#// Can we all just take a moment and appreciate both the look. "

It's from Russian TV programm “Evening Urgant”, where were three of main characters of the film “Avengers” - Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy .

Tom in Comic-Con LOL!!! "My wife still loves you!"

I usually get irritated when people down talk the avengers, but this was too funny

Someone, anyone, please make Samuel L Jackson feel cute!

Steve finally realized after all these years what Bucky was doing in the last frame and · Marvel AvengersMarvel ...

I really love all these young Thor and Loki pictures, so cute! Dude- loki has a little kitty!

iconic. Marvel AvengersMarvel ...

Super Cute "Avengers" Fan Art but, where is Hawkeye and agent Coulson. Though you know, HE DIED he should still be a kitten.

LOL Cartoon Cat | avengers # make mine marvel

Loki's Unbeatable Army

Just Me — the-haven-of-fiction: tomhazeldine: Real life.

Everything except for your grumpy cat face.

Avengers: Infinity War || I Wouldn't blame him for bailing tbh

Lol I think James was Rhodey but Bucky works too

Yes this is accurate so very accurate

Next thing you know will I'll be going bald.

Photos of Marvel Superheroes With Pink Hello Kitty Makeovers

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Mark Hamill & Sebastian Stan Love them both


Lol so true. Don't see many Chris Evans or RDJ boards out there. Marvel AvengersAvengers ...

Hail HYDRA! 17 amazing 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' crossover memes

Mark Ruffalo is a genius. He perfectly portrays that outsider quality that is so integral to the Hulk.

Lol if only!

Daddy told you don't draw mustache on your face!” (by kadeart)

And here I thought she actually pronounced it correctly. I thought she was saying "meow-meow" like it was the mighty hammer of Hello Kitty or something.

Steve doesn't like that kind of talk.>>>> LOL just the smirk on Nat's face KILLS

OMG Bucky's expression in the last frame is fucking hilarious. Look at his mouth lol · Avengers Funny MemesMarvel ...

Photos of Marvel Superheroes With Pink Hello Kitty Makeovers

Avengers 3: the parent teacher meeting. < < < pinned for this brilliance

Avengers with kittens. Omg Ant Man is riding one of the kittens!

How Nick Fury sees the Avengers lol One eye humor!

if you didnt get the joke, maybe you dont know the fact. in norse mythology, loki gave birth to a horse.

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

It wasn't that bad, I mean we got a little Hawkeye sass in the Avengers. And we better get A LOT of Hawkeye sass in AOU, Whedon

That's a cute way of describing Loki. Also accurate. I love his face in the last one

17 Tumblr Reactions To “Captain America: Civil War” That Will Make You LOL -- Sam and T'challa

"aw, don't be mad, it was just a armless joke." "i gotta say, steve, your sense of humor is disarming.

O Bobele Boblele bobole... lol #AvengersInfinityWar #Avengers #InfinityWar #Thanos

Steve and Tony

when semes collide by Livefreedieyoung on DeviantArt

Super Duper. Marvel AvengersAvengers ...

oh the faces are priceless · Superhero MemesMarvel AvengersMarvel ...

darcy i wish she had been in the avengers movie. there was no reason i know. still would have been awesome < < < but she could have tasered Loki or helped ...

Im going to dress my cat up like this ! lol Nick Fury Cat Cosplay // or is it "Nick Furry"?

Budapest and the Avengers.

Found on

Kitties on the Bus

"You guys really want a Marvel sitcom, don't you?" < < posting for that. "

quicksilver elizabeth olsen scarlet witch Wanda Maximoff pietro maximoff aaron taylor-johnson Avengers Age of Ultron you didn't see that coming?

Exclusive preview: X-Men Gold #24 puts Storm and Kitty Pryde in a prison fight

RDJ <---that last frame is a look of a frightened man

The Avengers - All the faces

Jeremy Renner & Elizabeth Olsen - AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Oh Chris Evans. You're so cute when you mess up your lines.


Behind the Scenes of Captain America: The First Avenger | MARVEL

LOL - the great Sir Ben Kingsley turns around everyone's expectations of Mandarin in "Iron

Asgardian justice by johanirae.deviantart.com on @deviantART

My face when I realized Loki wasn't in Avengers 2!!! Lol

The Hulk "Smash, Smash, Smash... kitty!"

And then it blows up in his face *evil grin*

Love Stark's face in the bottom picture lol

I want to see Thor and Superman fight now.

Yeah, Marvel can only pull the Loki's good now lol nm thing so many times

Tom Hiddleston Some of the best "Loki" lols Tag Funny LOL

Omg... lol xD · Marvel AvengersMarvel ...

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" Tag Funny LOL (Txt/concept Lärwi @ www.

Mark, your Pepper is showing.

Sebastian Stan xD lol Anthony Mackie in the last 3 pictures tho. x'D I hope Chris (Evans) signs on for at least another three.

Loki's Childhood… Avengers Funny QuotesMarvel ...


Why RDJ can't take the props home. Avengers SuperheroesMarvel ...

LOL, Bucky got revenge with a sharpie XD. Avengers SuperheroesMarvel ...

princesses. Avengers CastMarvel ...

I don't ship stony, but this is too cute.

The Avengers cast, hilarious! I think the best part is when Jeremy Renner says, "There's nothing Disney about this face. - Visit to grab an amazing super ...


It's like a pokemon evolution in Romania < < oh man. He levels up. xD Love Sebastian Stan, always love that Romanian kitty.

Www Loki looks slightly happy at the end with Thor hugging him!

See how that feels funny pics, funny gifs, funny videos, funny memes,. Funny AvengersMarvel ...