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Lord Dominator still has planets waiting to be conquered SaveWOY

Lord Dominator still has planets waiting to be conquered SaveWOY


negikurikaniko: “ I want to eat ice cream:D ”

Lord Dominator

XD It's like he still wants to date her but Dominator's taking none of his crap

Lord Dominator

#saveWOY Petitions: www.change.org/...? --. Lord DominatorDisney CartoonsDisney ...

Wander over yonder - lord dominator

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator still has planets waiting to be conquered! #SaveWOY | Wander Over Yonder ⭐ | Pinterest | Wander

Lord Dominator

rurush: “ Some Wander over Yonder fanart again. This show is just amazing. Lord DominatorCartoon ...

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder) by HempseedCookie

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator

When you have a test tomorrow but you did study or write any notes. Lord DominatorDisney ...

Lord Dominator, Wander, Au, Cool Things

Lord Dominator, Disney Channel, Wander, High Schools, Character Design, Universe, Cartoons, Cool Things, Animated Cartoons

Wander Over Yonder - Lord Dominator by Zeifure

Lord Dominator- Who would win? Ever since Lord Dominator was revealed, the fandom has had its fun pitting against other characters from other fandoms.

Cute Dominator & "Flask Lavanoid" Sorry! HAHA!


Untitled. Planets ...

lord dominator


Good guy Wander offering very bad guy Lord Dominator a fruit basket.

This is a video made for the crew of Wander Over Yonder by artists in the fandom! As of right now, the show has been cancelled and is officially over.

wander over yonder

mischievous child by robotoco · Nerdy ThingsLord DominatorSkeleton ...

Wanders VERY FUNNY #saveWOY https://www.change.org/p. Disney XdLord DominatorDisney ...

Lord Dominator

tnilnil: “m ”

(Lord Wander), there is so much potential for fan

dominator-chan kawaii

Lord Dominator

Watercolor Brushes, Disney Pixar, Wander, Watercolors

Dumb little Dominator comic.

Bip, Pip and Eilidh - the triplet fanchildren of Peepers and Sylvia. #wanderoveryonder

rurush: “ Wander wins an Emmy! Congratulations for creators and fans, and everyone who feels involved in WoY. | cartoons | Pinterest | Wander

a young and scrappy lord dominator

Check out all the awesome lord dominator gifs on WiffleGif.

negikurikaniko: season2!

Lord Dominator

The Character Design Challenge!

Talking to Dominator (Undertale) - Part 4

Dominator by creatorofall.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

We've still got more wandering to do! #SaveWOY

#saveWOY Petitions: www.change.org/...? --


hnautumn: “ Another piece of fanart I've been wanting to do for a while! Season 2 of Wander has been so goooood! At some point I need to draw Dominator, ...

Lol the ice power up

Lord Dominator by EvilFoolishGasi

Lord Dominator. "

Wander pretending to be Lord Hater!

Wander, Mustard, Fangirl, Cool Things, Spring, Mustard Plant

I'm still sick but I doodled some friendly pals

Black eye ship

LORD DOMINATOR from Wander Over Yonder Not so quick sketches, She's the bad guy…

Wander Over Yonder S01E22 - The Lonely Planet - YouTube

Swap au and original

Lord Dominator

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Wander, Disney Art, Cartoons, Childhood, Animated Cartoons, Infancy, Cartoon, Disney Fine Art, Manga Comics

lioveu: ““Because I believe that an enemy's just a friend you haven't made yet!” I really want to know more about Lord Dominator's bleeding heart.

Lord Dominator

Lord Dominator can dominate my ass.I haven't even caught up on most

#saveWOY Petitions: www.change.org/...? --

Janet the Planet She's actually kinda cute. Crazy, but cute! | Wander Over Yonder | Pinterest | Planets

woy lord dominator | Tumblr

Sing and dance space spoon

Lord Wander and Little Dom again

Диалоги. Lord DominatorDisney ...

Wander over Yonder - Lord Dominator

Dom is the Bomb

some toothy Lord W x) [redbubble] sticker

Find this Pin and more on wander over yonder by polochka78.

Wander over Yander: Lord Dominator

s p a c e

Lord Dominator

#saveWOY Petitions: www.change.org/...? --

"An enemy is just a friend you haven't made yet."

Weevmo on Tumblr

Thanks for all the adventures, star nomad. I am gonna miss you and your galaxy full of dorks Watch Wander Over Yonder if you haven't done it yet.

modmad: “Sweater Wander is everything ” Awwwwwwww

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“When I grow up I'm gonna be a mass murderer.” She · Lord DominatorWorld ...

Lord Dominator still has planets waiting to be conquered! #SaveWOY | Wander Over Yonder ⭐ | Pinterest | Wander

My hand slip.

Lord Dominator has to be one of the best villains I've seen in a long time!

Lord Dominator, Wander

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Lord Dominator

wander is my favorite characteri love him sooo mush └༼ ಥ ᗜ ಥ ༽┘

Holidays Comic by PipsqueakZenith

Truly a bestseller! #WanderOverYonder