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M6 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage WW II USA MILITARY LAND

M6 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage WW II USA MILITARY LAND


37 mm Gun Motor Carriage M6. Dodge wc55 m6 37 mm GMC.jpg

M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage

Picture of M18 Gun Motor Carriage (Hellcat) Tank Destroyer (TD) / Gun

The M6 gun motor carriage (GMC) was conceived as a quick expedient to get some kind of tank destroyer into the field as the U.S. Army was grossly under ...

M8 armored car

Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers — to increase firepower, a 50 cal. machine gun was mounted on the front of the 37mm gun truck (June 1943).

[Carriage, Motor, 37-mm Gun, M6 (3/4-

Italeri/Esci M6 ANTI TANK GUN MOTOR CARRIAGE 37 MM Model Kit Scale Vehicle Dodge Portee

m6 37mm gmc - Hledat Googlem. WwiiVehiclesWorld ...

M6 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage. Find this Pin and more on WW II USA MILITARY LAND VEHICLES by agus widi. See more. M43 203.2 mm (8") Howitzer Motor Carriage

Figure 4

Early tests performed with an M3A1 mount on a standard Ford GP showed the vehicle could

M37 Priest 105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage

37 mm Gun Truck U.S. Army WWII Dodge ¾ Ton M6

M-3 Antitank Gun 37mm Towed.jpg


Willys MB

M6 Gun Motor Carriage

37mm Gun Motor Carriage M6

m6 37mm gmc - Hledat Googlem · DodgeJeepWwiiWorld ...

#2; Ahh, much better with background and fire effect. It is the same illustration, but with slightly different tones and with a background that is much ...

M6 heavy tank

90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M36

The US Army's World War II Tank-Destroyers: Waste of Time or Wonder Weapon?

#4 We arrive to the Esci design of the late 80s, the one that plagued the model shops for years. Really, I still prefer box #2.

Despite lacks of modern features and firepower, the 37mm cannon still served throughout the World

75mm Gun Motor Carriage M3(T12) and M3A1


M8A1 75 mm Gun Motor Carriage

76 mm Gun Motor Carriage M18

Picture of M3 Lee / M3 Grant (Medium Tank, M3) Medium Tank

M18 Gun Motor Carriage (Hellcat)

As a trailed artillery piece, the anti-tank gun was fielded in North Africa and Italy, and with better effect in the Pacific, where it could take on ...

Restored M18 GMC Hellcat tank destroyer at the Military Odyssey event in southern England.

/Vehicles/Allies/USA/10-LightVehicles/Dodge4x4/M6-GMC.htm | Up-dated:

The American Light Armored Car M8 was considered too light in armour by the British, but was otherwise widely used. The main gun was a 37-mm (1.46-in) gun ...

M6 Gun Motor Carriage (WC55). The 37 mm ...

Figure 3

Picture of M3 37mm AT 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

Perhaps this is a 37mm M6, it was orignaly mounted in jeeps, but soon they saw it wasnt to reliable, of course, jeeps can be quick disabled:

Image is loading SALE-1-35-Italeri-WW-II-US-M6-

A07361-3 M6 Anti-Tank Gun Carriage £9

M6 Heavy Tank (MM05)

Restored M8 Greyhound Armored Car at the Military Odyssey event in Kent, Southern England

The earlier tank destroyers were expedient designs, like the M6 37mm GMC seen here in the form of the Peerless-Max 1/35th-scale kit in the camouflage seen ...

Dodge WC-55 M6 37mm

M36B2 at Danbury - side view

M18 Hellcat at Liberty Park War Museum, Overloon, Holland

Picture of T18 (Boarhound) Eight-Wheeled Wheeled Armored Car

155 mm Long Tom - M40 in the US Army Ordnance Museum.

#3; Here Humbrol uses the mould, and sells something other than paints! Here the model is built to regular standard, in a weird background. Not very good.

T48 Gun Motor Carriage

3" Gun Motor Carriage M9

Dodge M6 37MM Gun Motor Carriage ed.jpg

Boxart M6 Anti-Tank Gun Carriage 6229 Aurora/ESCI

The 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage M6 Fargo is a modified Dodge WC52 light truck mounting a light 37 mm M3 anti-tank gun

M10 "Wolverine" in the Garage. The 3-inch Gun Motor Carriage ...

An M5A1 and M6 in training. Note the comparative size of the tanks

Technical-ly a Tank Destroyer (M6 GMC) by DavidKrigbaum ...

Despite lacks of modern features and firepower, the 37mm cannon still served throughout the World

1944 Buick M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

M6 Heavy Tank (MM05) ...

Dragon's box art - car crushing job !!

M16 Halftrack | Multiple Gun Motor Carriage MGMC | Fort Casso Maginot WWII | #T004

Ford T8 Gun Motor Carriage

Picture of M8 Greyhound (Light Armored Car M8) Six-Wheeled Light Armored Scout

M39 Carrier in Korea, 1952.

Hellcat from the 805th Tank Destroyer Battalion in Italy, 1944.

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Picture of M24 Chaffee (Light Tank, M24) Reconnaissance Light Tank

Christie T3E2 prototype during trials. It was one of the last of a whole lineage

United States' M15 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage U.S. Army in World War II ...

... M6 Heavy Tank (MM05)

Picture of M6 (Heavy Tank M6) Heavy Tank Project

Factory-fresh, bare M6 GMC ordnance photo - Source: National Archives, From

GMC M10 at the NIIBT proving grounds, September of 1943. The photo shows mounts for applique armour, which was never installed.

The 120 mm Gun Tank M103 is a final heavy tank deployed by US during Cold War as a response of the impending threat posed by the Soviet heavy tanks, ...

US Army tank destroyers of World War II offer a wide range of interesting subjects, like this AFV Club kit depicting an M10 3-in. GMC during Operation Cobra ...

Ford T8 Gun Motor Carriage

M6 Heavy Tank at a demonstration event, WW II ...

M6 Gun Motor Carriage (GMC), an early World War II mobile tank-


Attached Images

A 37 mm gun on a M5A1 Stuart tank

Super Hellcat in 1944, with an olive green/dark brown camouflage “

The American T-28 super tank was still in the planning stage when the Second World War ended. Amazingly, this 95-ton beast, which was fitted with a 105mm ...

Humber Mark IV with 37mm canon and Besa 792mm used in Nederlands Indie - Stock Image

Part XI: The Pacific campaign

The M3 75mm GMC