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Mama amp baby Help save their future from poaching for ivory

Mama amp baby Help save their future from poaching for ivory


A mother's determination: Elephant rescues baby trapped in mud - Animal Tracks So Sweet.

Elephant in Ngorongoro Crater (by Exodus Travels - Reset your compass)

"Love" - photo by Kurt Jay Bertels, via A female elephant protects her young calf as they move throughout the bush in South Africa

African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say | The Independent

#Help #save their #future from #poaching for #ivory. When you

Baby elephant makes long-awaited debut at Dallas Zoo

Despite efforts to ban the trade in illegal ivory, thousands of elephants are still killed

Every 15 Minutes we lose another elephant to poaching for Ivory. When you like

A sharp increase in illegal hunting by ivory poachers has forced elephants in Kenya to upend

The number of elephants has declined by almost a third in the last decade. Around

Elephants hide by day, forage at night to evade poachers | Daily Mail Online

A black rhino calf with her mother at a park in Canterbury. The Army is

This is the heartbreaking moment than an orphaned baby elephant mourns the death of her mother

Gabon's national parks agency is bringing hi-tech to the equatorial forests of central Africa

By selectively culling animals with the largest tusks, poachers leave those with smallest tusks –

Not-so-little Bundle of Joy Bounces into Chester Zoo!

She was the little elephant who was found guarding her mother's butchered body after they were

Sign the #petition. Help #save them. #Help #save their #future from # poaching for #ivory. When you like, follow, ...

A unique database in South Africa has been used to catch and imprison criminals who kill

China's plan to end its ivory trade — the world's largest — in 2017 is a

Elephant mother and calf

Endangered Borneo pygmy elephants cruelly slaughtered for ivory

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Elephant-collaring_Nuria-Ortega_Garamba Ivory-find_Babi-Prokas_Zakouma

U.S. gives South Africa millions of dollars to combat wildlife poaching


In September, poachers shot at Zongolini's mother in Kenya. Two weeks after the attack

Marina Cano, photography, animal, elephant, black and white. So adorable! Beautiful animals in a beautiful photo :)

Every 15 Minutes we lose another elephant to poaching for Ivory. When you like

Elephants in eastern Africa have learned to travel at night and hide during the day to

Tusks: Buried in the permafrost of the Arctic Circle, from Alaska to Siberia,

Zimbabwe elephant poaching

There is an unprecedented massacre on elephants in their last havens... An infographic on the statistics.:

Giraffes are in danger of extinction—help save them!

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US and China agree to a historic ban on the commercial ivory trade

Several iconic creatures, pictured, are under threat from humankind with the world's wildlife population

The Economics Of The Illegal Wildlife Poaching Trade - One Of The Most Lucrative, Destructive Black Markets In The World

An Update From The Rhino and Elephant Conservation Project – From Anti- Poaching Initiatives to

100 life-sized rhino sculptures are coming to Cape Town to save real ones

black rhinos

RELATED VIDEO: Trapped Baby Elephant Saved ...

Amur Leopard

Poachers in Mozambique are Killing Thousands of Elephants on an Industrial Scale

How beehive fences help elephants and farmers | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Baby elephant reunited with his mom

Elephant calf and mother reunited

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Operating in a country with massive corruption, WCS has had its work cut out, compounded by the fact that 35,000 people live in the reserve, and Tanzanian ...

Elephant Charities - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Africa Geographic Magazine

a close up of an elephant

As you can see the Rosamond Gifford Zoo team is dedicated to their elephant herd and elephants around the globe. They've made a commitment to helping their ...

four northerns 2


Wildlife Safari believes in spreading a message of conservation by providing our guests with extremely unique opportunities to experience animals.


Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

beehive fence

Elephant with Baby Nuzzled into Leg

Pledge Continued Support to Save Elephants | InStyle.com

Congo president joins fight against 'blood ivory' with 5-ton burn

Mysterious Faraday Future is poaching Tesla employees to build its own electric car

Then first lady Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton watch as a herd of elephants drink

California passes sweeping ban on rhino horns, elephant ivory to protect endangered animals




Pregnant elephant

Tai, Becky, Tess and baby Tucker


Keep schtum! We really need to keep this quiet – hence the secrecy

beehive fence

Biodiversity IS Life – #Conservation #Ecosystems #Wildlife #Rivers #Forests #Environment | Scoop.it

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... 24. to protect ...

Once a trophy hunting concession, now a snow leopard sanctuary

Louise Brown, the first baby conceived through in vitro fertilization, will be turning 32 this year, and most people born through IVF are still younger than ...

beehive fence

Photo courtesy of ElephantVoices

Mama elephants have tusks too, they're not just on the males. Baby elephants depend on their mothers milk for a couple of years. So if the mother is killed, ...

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Every week, embark with host Boyd Matson on an exploration of the ...

South American tapir, victim

Michel Gunther

courtesy of Nik Lacchin

REWILD THE CHILD - Nature Deficit Disorder Is Killing Us

I encourage our staff to stay connected on a daily basis to the EMA community, and there are no limits to our support of our staff regarding staff ...

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