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Mangled NateWantsToBattle aka the best song ever I love

Mangled NateWantsToBattle aka the best song ever I love


Mangled by natewantstobattle

Steven Universe - It's Over, Isn't It【NateWantsToBattle Song Cover】~ His voice is so overwhelming ;u;

Mangled- NateWantsToBattle aka the best song ever || I love Natemare.

An image tagged natewantstobattle,fnaf musical,weird face

Then I hit two

MatPat during the "Mangled" music video

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I wish he would be...^^"

NateWantsToBattle and Septiceye Sam

NateWantsToBattle #CoolAndGoodTour

NateWantsToBattle Just an Amazing nerdy anime, video game, music lover

Just got the new album "Mangled" from Natewantstobattle!

No More natewantstobattle.

Totally not crazy xD

I am crying I love him

NateWantsToBattle - iFunny :)

Mangled | NateWantsToBattle FAN ART by ThisIsMysterical on DeviantArt

So I paused FNAF the musical on night 5 and this is what I saw(

I woke up like this

neil degrasse tyson | Men's Premium T-Shirt


Nathan Sharp, aka NateWantsToBattle, singer-songwriter and gaming commentator best known for his

Listen to Nathan Sharp - Animation and Video Game Voice Demo Reel by natewantstobattle on

NateWantsToBattle Mangled Video

#natewantstobattle #nwtb

Yup. Das me

NateWantsToBattle This Is Gospel edit by Sasha Sublette #natewantstobattle #thisisgospel

Official music video for the song "Heroes Never Die" a sort of Overwatch song by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle) from the original album Sandcastle ...

*aggressively sings at person*

I can't post today sorry but again.....have some sexy natewantstobattle♡♡♡ . . Also i have a wattpad my name is bum_bum04 (don't ask) i have unfinished ...

"Ooooh the wink! I got a wink!

Nate's old song Wings


NateWantsToBattle Phantom edit by Sasha Sublette. #natewantstobattle #phantom

Stay happy Natewantstobattle


Dark Side, Youtubers, Battle, Husband, Fandom, Woodwind Instrument, Youtube, Fandoms

Look at my SMOL CHILD

NateWantsToBattle - Live Long Enough to Become the Hero (Official Music Video) on iTunes & Spotify

"Monster Inside" A Parasyte Song - NateWantsToBattle (Official Music Vi.

hehe #dimples #hot #cute #adorable #natewantstobtl #natewantstobattle #nathansharp #

Oh boy NateWantsToBattle and Markiplier in the FNAF Musical Night 5 Bloopers

NateWantsToBattle is an amazing YouTuber!!! He has a great voice! Here's to

NateWantsToBattle - Nightmare

NateWantsToBattle is our god, I mean, what else is this perfect?

Natewantstobattle imagines! (on Wattpad) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/AhTVSleTWu…

NateWantsToBattle is BAE!!!

#natewantstobattle, #nathansharp

NateWantsToBattle - Phantom (Official Music Video) #natewantstobattle #phantom

{FC: Nathan Sharp aka NWTB} Nate. Heterosexual. Son of Apollo. Aged 19. Loves to sing and make art projects with random stuff when he's bored.

NateWantsToBattle - Enjoy the Show (Live Music Video) - YouTube


Listen to Nathan Sharp - Animation and Video Game Voice Demo Reel by natewantstobattle on

natewantstobattle he makes really good closet cosplays ..all the time

Natewantstobattle by raised-by-grove on DeviantArt

what kind of face is that (It's the face of a senpai who might be

Mangled ~Natewantstobattle

NateWantsToBattle - Phantom (Official Music Video) #natewantstobattle #phantom

NateWantsToBattle - Nathan Sharp Music Video Shoot January 8, 2017

#natewantstobattle #nate #nathan

Natewantstobattle being beautiful and adorable at the same time like always.

Honestly I don't get the huge want for him to cover this I love the song and I think he'd do it greatly but people are like going ride or die for ...

Find this Pin and more on Natewantstobattle by Archer.

NateWantsToBattle - Phantom (Official Music Video) #natewantstobattle #phantom

Natewantstobattle(One Shot X Reader Part 4) (Complete) (on Wattpad)

#natewantstobattle #nwtb #nathansmith

NateWantsToBattle on Instagram: “This is my absolute favorite quote. This was said at

NateWantsToBattle - Nathan Sharp Music Video Shoot January 8, 2017

Natewantstobattle with a mangle cosplayer!!! :D


NateWantsToBattle One-shot book


Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

NateWantsToBattle - Phantom (Official Music Video) #natewantstobattle #phantom

NateWantsToBattle StopRewind edit by Sasha Sublette

Oh, how I remember the days I had really bad 90's haircuts. #1 reason why I don't buy my yearbook pictures


"Mangled" - A fnaf song by NateWantsToBattle Awesome song my fav! Love you Mangle!

NateWantsToBattle + his lyrics = some lockscreens !

#natewantstobattle #paidinexposure #giveheartrecords

"We're in a special kind of hell"

Hi, I'm Nathan Sharp aka NateWantsToBattle from Los Angeles and I make music.

Being yelled at by family members is my favorite thing :)) > # natewantstobattle <

Paramore: Ignorance [NateWantsToBattle Music Song Cover]

#natewantstobattle #cristinavee #Cr8isGr8

heheheheheheh i luv him

Soul Eater - Papermoon (English Cover) [2nd Opening] - NateWantsToBattle - YouTube

Me -- #natewantstobattle #nathansharp

Who wore it better? Blue-light Nate or Yellow-light Nate? ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #Nathansmith #Natewantstobattle #nathansharp

Kingdom Hearts - Simple and Clean Cover - NateWantsToBattle - YouTube


Nathan Sharp - NateWantsToBattle

Just focus on the fact that he ...

ba dum tis

A music song cover of Victorious from Panic! at the Disco's album Death of a Bachelor by Nathan Sharp (NateWantsToBattle) from the cover album Thnks fr th ...

NateWantsToBattle One-shot book