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Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus The Gathering of Israel

Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus The Gathering of Israel


Map of Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Bible Maps: Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

ESV Bible Atlas

Bible map of the Holy Land in times of Jesus Christ, from JesusAnswers.com

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Map of the Four Traditional Quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem

Map of Israel with Satellite image, Wikipedia


Israel map: Palestinian & UN territories by 2004

Bible Maps: Jerusalem at the Time of Jesus

Map of Land of Israel - Herod period

Bible Map – Jerusalem In New Testament Times. MapJerusalemNewTestament

Larger map.

Larger map.

3-D Topographical Map of the Strategic Defensive Role of Samaria and Judea to the Land of Israel

Maps of Jerusalem, past & present

Map of Bethany in Jesus' time.

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Meggido and Armegeddon


To find out see THIS MAP.

map of samaria in jesus time - Google Search

When Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967, it proclaimed the act reunified its ancient capital. Palestinians say Israel is occupying Arab land.

Map of Jerusalem When Jesus | Jerusalem At Time Of Jesus

Israel in the First Century AD during the Time of Jesus Christ

Bible Maps: Palestine at the time of Jesus 33 AD

Current map of Jerusalem's Old City, showing the location of relevant sites.

Jerusalem at the Time of Herod

matthew_jerusalem-large.gif (848×1101)

Sketches of Jewish Social Life at the Time of Messiah – Jews and Gentiles in the Land

Philip goes to Samaria and ...


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The Regathering of Israel and Jesus ministry to them

The Geography of King David of Israel

Map showing Solomon's Empire

Map of Palestine

... Background, covenants, Current Events, Media, Old Testament, Speaking out, The Land of Israel

Map of Israel + Judah and surrounding countries in 750 BC vs. map of Israel

One thing to be clear about: the walls of Jerusalem today were not the walls of Jesus' time. In fact, the walls have been in different places throughout ...

3-D relief map of Israel, $59

Sepphoris is in the north of Galilee

Palestine in the time of Herod

Map of the layout of Jerusalem at the time of Christ, showing the Temple,

This in turn required walking back up the steep ascent of 1200 meters from the city of Jericho to Jerusalem.

Israel. see larger map >>

King David, who was of the tribe of Judah, became king of all of the tribes of Israel after the Israelite civil war between David and Saul.

Mount of Olives



Map of the usual Jewish Route from Nazareth to Bethlehem

5th-century CE: Byzantine provinces of Palaestina I (Philistia, Judea and Samaria) and Palaestina II (Galilee and Perea)

... Jerusalem in Nehemiah (3D) ...

The Jesus trail was founded in 2007 by two hiking enthusiasts, Maoz Inon, a Jewish Israeli entrepreneur who has established hostels and guesthouses in ...

Map of Israel in the Time of the Gospel of Matthew

Map of the “Old City” of Jerusalem

A Samaritan woman drew water at the well and Jesus asked for a drink from her (something forbidden to do since Jews do ...

The Route From Nazareth to Jerusalem


King David of Israel fought frequently with the Philistines

Kidron Valley viewed from the Old City of Jerusalem.

... through the Gospels as, for example, Nazareth or Bethlehem whereby the latter is still disputed among Bible scholars as the birth place of Jesus.


David's Kingdom and the Philistine Pentapolis

Map of the likely route of the flight to Egypt and return to Nazareth

a. See also: The Synagogue on Delos Island in Greece

Jerusalem at the Time of Nehemiah

Old City Map

It wasn't until the time of David that the Jebusite stronghold fell to the Israelites.

2 In other words, Josephus was no Galilean hothead but rather a member of the Jerusalem aristocracy with strong ...

The Flight into Egypt

Four hundred years later the Babylonian army destroyed the city and left the walls and gates in ruins. The Book of Nehemiah records the rebuilding of the ...

Bozrah is the ancient capital of Edom and the modern village of today is referenced as Buseirah. It is located in N. Edom. Bozrah guards both the Kings' ...

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Physical maps showing the routes of the two travellers

Map of the Scattering of Israel by Book of Mormon Central

... Name of God in Jerusalem

Judean Governors, Procurtors and Prefects time of Jesus, first and second Jewish wars. Simon Bar Kokhba messianic claims

A recent sequence of events ...

It was set higher ...

Topography - (CLICK ...

The House of Israel Are God's Covenant People


Israel and Judah. "

A reconstruction of 'the Mansion'' found in the Upper City of Jerusalem (see quote above). The ruins date from the 70AD, when the buildings were destroyed ...

Map showing the borders of the Promised Land, based on Bible. (Genesis 15).

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map of Israel. Solomon leads the people into worship of the LORD. He calls all the people together and they go to the place of worship. At the time, this ...

Aerial view of biblical tel believed to be site of ancient Kiryat Ye'arim,