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Mary poppins time lord Doctor Who t Time lords Lord

Mary poppins time lord Doctor Who t Time lords Lord


12 Reasons Mary Poppins is Secretly a Time Lord - Babble

Proof Mary Poppins is a Time Lord? Plus the fact that Missy came in Poppins style in Series 8 Death in Heaven, my GOSH, MISSY IS MARY POPPINS... Wait.

He does regenerate to become a woman!

Mary Poppins... was a TIME LORD! The Doctor's face lol

1. Ash Ketchum

Doctor Who (TV series): Is Mary Poppins a Time Lord?

X is a Time Lord

Doctor Who and the Secret Time Lords by TravisTheGeek ...

mary Poppins I wear a hat now bow ties are cool it's sonic! bigger on

I'm pretty sure Mary Poppins is a Time Lord--that carpet bag is most definitely bigger on the inside! I love Mary Poppins and the Doctor.

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord!!! Mind is Blown!

Mrs. Frizzle and Mary Poppins as Female Time Lords! That would be too good!


Oh my goodness Mary poppins a time lord!

Marry Poppins is a Time Lord and the last regeneration. Head cannon accepted! :

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, it all makes sense now.

Mary Poppins is a time lord

12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords

The Bus is clearly a TARDIS and Mary Poppins bag is obviously Time Lord technology.

Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, confirmed!

Mary Poppins the Time Lord

Wonka Who

Do you believe that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord? I would like to believe she is.

Is Mary Poppins a Time Lord?

Is Mary Poppins a Time Lord

solutely bonkers, passion for takin humans on adventures,loves science operates a rather yersatile

Time Lord Mary Poppins | Doctor Who

james time lord. This one isn't even a stretch. The same guy, played by multiple actors over multiple years, who appears younger than his actual age, ...

Nanny Who Art Print by Karen Hallion Illustrations . Mary Poppins, the lesser known time lord

Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins. So much a Time Lord/Lady ...

Epic Doctor Who Mary Poppins mashup cosplay with bigger on the inside TARDIS carpet bag and sonic screwdriver umbrella! - 10 Mary Poppins Cosplays

2. Tommy Pickles

Julie Andrews and the infamous Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins

Based on the head canon that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. Mary Poppins was a “lost” Time Lord who was fascinated with Earth and decided to live as an ...


mary poppins is a time lord | Tumblr

We heard you like time travel, so we put a TARDIS IN your TARDIS so you can travel through time WHILE you travel through time!!

... Time Lord. 1. The Weeping Angels. undefined

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston. Best Doctor Who charactrs ever!

Mary Poppins = Time Lord

12 Pop Culture Icons Who Are Probably Time Lords. Ms Frizzle is fo' shizzle a time lord.

James Bond is a Time Lord, name? The 007


Missy and the Master Incarnations

Doctor Who: 11 famous TV, film and real life characters who are secret Time Lords - Radio Times

Doctor Who's Day Roundup: Scary Poppins | BBC America


Based on the head canon that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. Mary Poppins was a “lost” Time Lord who was fascinated with Earth and decided to live as an ...

Doctor Who: 7 Characters who could be Time Lords

Maybe Ash lived on Gallifrey or a distant cousin there of. Maybe a Time Lord once visited them and bestowed this knowledge. Who knows.


Yes, I know that she was once the Doctors close personal friend. I also know that she was the Lord President of the Time Lords.

Marry poppins time lord mythbusted/ Andrew scene

Romana I/II was a companion of the Fourth Doctor in the classic era, and referred to as a Time Lady. Time Lord/Lady is a title given to certain Gallifreyans ...

There's something so iconic about Doctor Who's race of Time Lords, that either knowingly or not, countless storytellers have embedded Time Lord qualities ...

Repinning because I spent a long time trying to find this again. They really ARE

Missy is an unhinged, irrational fox from an Aesop's fable, goading you out of the chicken coop while she licks her chops and polishes her cutlery (Image: ...

Film Theory: Doctor Who Time Lords REALLY EXIST! (pt. 3)

Here was a Time Lord that had many parallels to the Doctor. The Monk was also a renegade, but he decided it would be both fun and profitable to interfere ...

Lesser Known Time-Lords by CaptRedJack ...

Umm... David Tennant dressed as a Time Lord. Possible 50th Anniversary connection?

Felix Leiter James Bond

I think she's the first woman that comes to everyone's mind when thinking “who could be a possible Time Lady”. She's obviously not even human just by the ...

tumblr_matizlqLrO1r3i409o2_250 Mary Poppins - Time Lord!

Mary Poppins

... Time Lords. Mary Poppins has a lot of those things we love: arriving (and leaving) by unconventional means (umbrella, or, more technically, ...

Doctor Who Timothy Dalton

Her Tardis couldn't be more perfect: a small pin shaped like an Ouroborous. ◊. A Time Lord ...

H2O Ep. 101 - Santa Is a Time Lord

And speaking of legendary Time Lords, we'd be remiss if we didn't bring up the other Time Lord founder, Lord Rassilon. He's the man who brought the Eye of ...

Doctor Who

Hidden Time Lords in Pop Culture

The very heavily underestimated Time Lords

When we asked you loyal CultBoxers who you thought might be a Time Lord, more than a few said Batman.

betty crocker hilarious Time lord wtf - 5435415808

The Doctor's childhood friend, arch-nemesis, and the only other Time Lord left is back, and this time, he's got special powers as a result of his wife ...


It was like The Tardis. Mary seemed to be able to get anywhere with that umbrella of hers. Sound familiar?

... but all her outfits could definitely be out of The Doctors wardrobe. Her hats, her bow tie, her scarf, her coats, and even her goofy looking umbrella.

Doctor Who Time Lord TV costumes

Eddie Redmayne Is Basically Playing Doctor Who In Fantastic Beasts

pop tarts Time lord doctor who funny - 8431985408

How To Become A Renegade Time Lord

Over the fifty-three years of Doctor Who's existence, twelve people have officially played the Doctor, a time-traveling alien with the ability to regenerate ...

Do you believe that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord? I would like to believe she is.

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And Mary Poppins? Well, she's got the look, there's no doubt about that, but until we see a few 'Mary Poppins' reboots with younger, fresher faces playing ...

Yet another renegade Time Lord, but the Rani was a scientific genius. The Rani was forced to leave Gallifrey when an experiment she worked on turned mice ...

Time Lords: Mary Poppins

Out there in the far future, beyond the wilds of the Medusa Cascade and the Braxiatel Cluster, there is a planet whose name has been lost to time.

2. Santa Claus

But is that enough to deny Susan the choice of life as a Time Lord? Which is surely the most incredible existence you could ever dream of…

The current series of Doctor Who came to an end

Sherlock Holmes is a Time Lord

10. ALL OF US. undefined. via holyfiremolotovs. Filed Under: doctor who · tumblr · refr · time lord

The Time Traveler's Society by Kettlehead ...