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Mayan costume in scene from 39Apocalypto39 Character concept and

Mayan costume in scene from 39Apocalypto39 Character concept and


Apocalypto behind the scenes. Mel Gibsons great Movie.!! #mayan #apocalypto

Raoul Trujillo as Zero Wolf, Apocalypto

15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Apocalypto

Behind the scenes on the set of the movie Apocalypto. This is straight from the movie website - check out what the Mayan in the front is showing!!

I bought Apocalypto on iTunes for some long trip. I managed to watch it on my beautiful Mac during my flight to London for some meetings.


Middle Eye. Gerardo Taracena. Apocalypto mayan movie. #apocalypto #mayan

25 Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies of All Time. Apocalypto ...

Mayan costume in scene from 'Apocalypto' by Miguel C, via Flickr

Reflections on Apocalypto

"Apocalypto" seems like a great idea in concept: a film set in the twilight years of the Mayan civilization where one man is hellbent on returning to his ...


apocalypto costume design

... I'm so ready for (and impatiently awaiting) some angst-ridden-dying-society introspect -- and ultra-violent running through the forest half naked!


Painting inspired by "Apocalypto"

Warrior At Mayan Temple - Download From Over 39 Million High Quality Stock Photos, Images, Vectors. Sign up for FREE today. Image: 20628597

248KiB, 1528x831, apocalypto.jpg

Also, sketch for a mayan facade palace where slaves are lured to go underwater. Possibly make it a night time scene, ...

Apocalypto mayan #apocalypto mel gibson


Graffiti 3D: Apocalypto Character Concept: Mayan Queen God yes! All the female costumes



Gibson clearly found it amusing to have an actor dress up as Waldo and have him be “found” dead, with an arrow through his head, in the mass grave scene .

The movie did ok the first weekend of its release; I don't know what its current receipts are, and if they are lower than expectations it is because of Mel ...

Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" shows the raw, violent face of the advanced Mayan civilization in its decline, with its rulers insisting that the key to continued ...

Arrested: Actor Rudy Youngblood, 34, (pictured in 2015) was arrested for

Mel Gibson - Gibson at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.


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Mel Gibson - Mel Gibson in 1990 at an Air America premiere.

Raul Trujillo, Zero Wolf

Welcome to Reddit,

Lena Headey at the London premiere, 2007.

I find her attractive, she reminds me of my wife(without the headgear)


Born out of the depths mad man Mel Gibson's mind, comes this largely under-seen gem.

Mel Gibson - Gibson at the Christmas party for charity Mending Kids International in 2007.

... 2015-12-04 15:39 ...

... legends of a place built of stone.

Wonder Woman

Movie Reviews:

'Apocalypto' Was Mel Gibson's Real Comeback. ' ...

... who are too often overlooked in Hollywood, and Gibson took chances on many inexperienced actors, as he is well-known to do.

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Mayan Warrior Painting - Apocalypto by Marlon Chang

And you realize she was never subdued -- just biding her time until the numbers were more even. HAHAHAHAHA.

Set design[edit]

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO tumblr_ny1gvdr6uS1sazby5o1_500.jpg, ...


Archive Photos/Getty Images

He calms their fears with some bullshit speech about the sun being "full" and the eclipse passes. Seemingly freed from his fate, the warriors who ...

Consequences of the Primordial Knowledge distortion. An example from the past. The Aztecs

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More modern maya: http://www.heinlein-mediaconsult.com/ars_archaeologica/Welt_der_Maya/Guatemala/Mundo_Maya/mundo_maya.html

THE BYRON SHIRE ECHO Advertising & news enquiries: Mullumbimby 02 6684 1777 Byron Bay 02 6685 5222 Fax 02 6684 1719 [email protected] [email protected] ...

... Iron sky Nazi Moon trooper costume

Much of the series was filmed in Cornwall

... which appears to be a small cluster of thatch-roof wooden huts in the middle of a jungle.

... to be hosting a rave.

It's no wonder José Ferrer's life and accomplishments have been commemorated on a First-Class Forever stamp by the U.S. Postal Service as part of its ...


Apocalypto actors had no conscience?

Critics claim that human sacrifices depicted in the film are more similar to Aztec practices (as seen here) than to Mayan. Apocalypto ...

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MGM Home Entertainment

Direktur ...

Hole 3D, Jester Animatronic Hero Puppet ...

... distinctly un-Mesoamerican altar.

'Hacksaw Ridge' Review: Mel Gibson's War World II Film – Variety

'The Dressmaker' Review: Kate Winslet Juggles Gorgeous Gowns, Chaotic Script

The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness) [Archive] - Page 34 - Square Enix Forums

The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness) [Archive] - Page 34 - Square Enix Forums

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Jason's costume from Jason X - image.jpeg

... later sacrifice, as the warriors burn the entire village to the ground, for like, no reason.

Underworld: Evolution, Selene Complete costume ...

Kickstarted his career: Since then, the actor has appeared in television series Amnesia

Re: Maztica-esque Art

Pierce Brosnan

Posted by David Dale at 7:39 AM ...

The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness) [Archive] - Page 34 - Square Enix Forums

The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness) [Archive] - Page 34 - Square Enix Forums

December 04, 2006

The 2000-year-old bloody knife that PROVES ancient Mexicans practiced human sacrifice | Daily Mail Online

The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness) [Archive] - Page 34 - Square Enix Forums

The Legend of Hercules, King Amphitryon Final Battle Armor ...


... Related image

Captain America The First Avenger Hydra Soldier Costume ...

Post ...