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Michishige Sayumi is Graduating Girly and Autumn t

Michishige Sayumi is Graduating Girly and Autumn t



Michishige Sayumi, Photobook-393518.jpg (1200×1800)

Michishige Sayumi Announces Her Graduation in Autumn 2014 | The Idol Bitch


Sayumi Michishige of Morning Musume.'14 to leave the group this Fall

Michishige Sayumi

Michishige Sayumi to graduate from Morning Musume.'14 & Hello! Project this fall

End of an Era: Sayumi Michishige's Graduation from Morning Musume。


Morning Musume '14 Concert Tour Aki GIVE ME MORE LOVE ~Michishige Sayumi Sotsugyou Kinen Special~ | Hello! Project Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Here are the screenshots:

Good luck Sayu! I'm sure you'll move on to even more success and I like many others will be waiting and watching.

After 675 days Sayumi Michishige re-emerges!

sayu clock

Michishige Sayumi to graduate from Morning Musume'14 & Hello! Project this fall

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Michishige Sayumi (Morning Musume)

[Graduation Special] Michishige Sayumi: Mikaeri Bijin


Michishige Sayumi, May 2009

Morning Musume Michishige Sayumi no


Michishige Sayumi to Graduate from Morning Musume.'14


Ray magazine

With 6th Generation recently celebrating their 10th year anniversary within Morning Musume and Hello! Project, it isn't surprising for them to start ...

Michishige Sayumi to hold 28th birthday event

Người mẫu sayumi michishige HD enJoy

Sayumi Michishige Has Short Hair, MM'14 Challenges Various Styles in Magazine

Farewell, Sayumi-chan! Thanks for all the smiles, songs, and memories! You'll always be ichiban kawaii in my book! USA-CHAN PEACE!


Project idol group ANGERME (formerly known as S/mileage) announced on her blog on April 5th that she will be graduating from ANGERME and Hello!

Michishige Sayumi was the next girl about whom my opinion changed upon Yossy's graduation. Before, I held little opinion on Sayu beyond “Oh, she can't sing ...


p001. Song: Michishige Sayumi ...

What was the first song you ever saw this girl in?

Mizuki Fukumura (middle)

I ...

Of all the things happening in the world of H!P the one thing I absolutely was sure wasn't happening for about another year is happening right now.

What Makes Sayumi Michishige So Legendary? Looking Back at Her 27 Year History!

in this month's issue of Entame magazine, Mami from SCANDAL, Oomori Seiko, Nishida Ai, Takayama Kazumi (Nogizaka46), Natsu Mayumi sensei discuss the love ...

Sayumi Michishige Sousou Michishige Sayumi Photo 32117125 Fanpop


Sayumi Michishige Michishige Sayumi Digital Photobooks July amp August

But since I don't have it I'll have to make do with the pb making of thanks to the H!O tracker. So what's it like?

Morning Musume - Reina's graduation ceremony 21.5.2013 - #2



Mizuki Fukumura “I thought Tsunku♂-san would graduate Michishige-san from Morning

Michishige Sayumi, November 2010

When Risa graduated ...

Michishige Sayumi, March 2011

Morning Musume Riho Sayashi 16 Photobook

This ...

道重さゆみ - Sayumi Michishige

Michishige Sayumi's graduation concert to live broadcast overseas


Haruka Kudo to Graduate from Morning Musume.'17 and Hello! Project


... graduation from the group will take place this fall. We wish her well in her music career, and hope that she continues releasing awesome photo books, ...

2) Michishige Sayumi ❤. she's ...


the arena went dark and an intro video showing Michishige sitting on a couch reading a book and being joined by the other members who appeared onscreen one ...

Let's express our feelings of gratitude to. Michishige Sayumi

Image Image

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2009 Aki ~Nine Smile~ | Hello! Project Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Even ...

Sayumi Michishige 道重 さゆみ. MTV VMAJ 2014 014 道重さゆみ.jpg

Another lovely bikini there and the back view is approaching Ai-chan standards. Damn. Sayumi can still hit me right there.

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Meanwhile, Michishige Sayumi ...

First in 2 Weeks!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi shows of her new pink apron

Sayumi also has very beautiful eyes in addition to her body!

Michishige Sayumi-433477

I didn't really like her at first, but now she became a member that I truly respect. I definetely wish her to succeed in everything she wants to do after ...

When Nakazawa commented on how cute she was Michishige replied that she had been saving up all her cuteness just for that day.

SayuBook – Hair Arrange 2 of 3 (Ponytail Style)

Goto Maki, May 2018



Now you better not screw up, Mizuki, you're my last resort!

As most of us have known by now, Sayumi Michishige has decided to graduate from Morning Musume and Hello! Project by the end of their fall concert.

The ...


And Momochii, well she is the idols of idols. She is in the same range as Michishige Sayumi if you ask me. Momo has been active for 15 years, ...

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Michishige Sayumi to graduate from Morning Musume.'14 & Hello! Project this fall

Oh right, I found out this girl's graduating from Flower. Pity. She has a nice voice!