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Migaloo one of only two known all white humpback whales

Migaloo one of only two known all white humpback whales


migaloo, one of only two known all white humpback whales, was photographed off the

These are several shots of Migaloo (one of only two known albino humpback whales)

Migaloo-page 2-2015-5-28

A white humpback whale known as Migaloo, photographed in 2003. Image via Qld Environmental

Photographer Ray Alley said hr had waited 14 years to even see Migaloo, let alone

Amazing Rare Sighting Of Famous White Humpback Whale Migaloo Off Australia's East Coast - Storytrender

Very rare white humpback whale spotted off Australia

Migaloo arrives on the Gold Coast, Australia

A rare appearance of Migaloo - the white humpback whale

Infamous humpback Migaloo graced Sydney on Thursday afternoon as he migrated south towards Antarctica after mating

Skin discolouration can be seen on Migaloo, the albino whale, as it migrates north

Photo by Jenny Dean

There are concerns Migaloo the humpback whale may be suffering from skin cancer due to his

Migaloo swims by Byron Bay with another whale

Whale's head

Migaloo the white whale spotted with friend off NSW coast | Environment | The Guardian

Migaloo, the Aboriginal word for 'white fella', is the only known all-white humpback whale in the world. Photo: Marc McCormack ~ Veolia Environnement ...

Rare White Whale Migaloo Spotted

Striking all-white humpback whale spotted off Australia's coast - YouTube

A Western Australian whale watching group spotted the whitest whale (pictured) ever at the

Migaloo, the famous all-white massive humpback whale, has surfaced just off the

Migaloo, National Geographic, Australia, Sydney, leucism, albino, humpback whale,

#Migaloo Loved visiting the #GoldCoast #Queensland He was jumping for Joy. #thisisqueensland @LadyElliotGBR here I come then onto #Cairnspic.twitter.com/ ...

Extremely Rare White Whale Spotted Off Coast of New Zealand | The Weather Channel

Migaloo jr being born-2015-5-28

Migaloo the albino humpback whale swims up to a tour boat near Australia's Green Island. Screenshot: Storyful

Migaloo the humpback whale


Migaloo the Whale

A humpback whale whose skin is white as porcelain, was spotted off the coast of eastern Australia from some amateur enthusiasts who believe that they have ...

Migaloo, a rare albino whale, has been spotted off the coast of Australia.

The white humpback whale (pictured) was spotted off the coast of Flinders Bay in

Rare white whale - believed to be the whale known as Migaloo - making its way

Mr Parry said getting the amazing photos helped him to feel more connected to the ocean

GUESS WHO'S ON THE WAY: The white whale Migaloo is expected off the Sunshine Coast

Migaloo, an albino humpback whale. Image credit: Northern Territory Government.

Migaloo Portrait Marcmcormnews 2015 05 28

... I'm here: Migaloo breaks the surface off the Port Macquarie coast on Saturday

These photographs could be the only pictures ever taken of Migaloo underwater

Whales are all white!

A rare albino southern right whale calf surfaces at West Australia's Flinder&

Migaloo arrives on the Gold Coast, Australia

Oreo (pictured) was spotted just days after the first sighting of Migaloo for the

WHITE WAVE: File picture of Migaloo. The white whale was spotted near Green Island

Migaloo arrives on the Gold Coast, Australia

"Migaloo" the white humpback may have fathered two albino calves | Whales and Dolphins | Earth Touch News

White whale hump above the water

Drone captures humpback whale mother & calf

Migaloo arrives on the Gold Coast, Australia

Rare white whale spotted in Australian waters this past Tuesday

Migaloo and a companion in 2005. (White Whale Research Center)

Every year the humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to the tropical coastal waters of western and eastern Australia and Fiji, at least 1200 humpback ...

White humpback whale

White whale tail above the water

Special moment captured: Two humpbacks breach together off the coast of Port Macquarie. People

Copyright The White Whale Research Centre

PHOTO: A white humpback whale with a normal black humpback whale on July 5,

Migaloo makes a big splash in Port Macquarie | video, photos ...

Migaloo the white whale sails past our coast

Migaloo where are you?! Albino whale elusive in rough seas

migaloo There's a great white whale ...

migaloo sighting. White whale ...

An albino killer whale nicknamed Iceberg, the only all-white, adult killer whale

Migaloo spotted off the Gold Coast today. Picture: Sea World Whale Watch

White Whale - possibly Migaloo August 2013

Extremely Rare Striking All-White Humpback Whale Spotted Off Australian Coast

Photo of humpback in profile with most of its body out of the water, with

Migaloo Tail. Copyright Dan Burns - Southern Cross University Whale Research Centre

A white whale has been spotted in waters off the Gold Coast

White whale Migaloo spotted off Australia's Gold Coast – video | Environment | The Guardian


MOBY YES, MOBY NO: An all-white humpback whale calf spotted making a splash in the Whitsundays, inset top and main, may be related to the famous Migaloo, ...

Migaloo was captured by Spirit of Gold Coast Whale Watching on July 11. 1 of 8. Famous white ...

A file photo Migaloo off Byron Bay. Rob Dalton/Getty Images. Migaloo, a humpback whale ...

White Whale Migaloo make will return to Queensland this

Famous white whale Migaloo splashes in Gold Coast waters today. Photo: Sea World Whale Watch

In search of Migaloo with the Gold Coast Adventures boat off the Gold Coast. Photo: David Clark. “

Amazing Sighting Of Rare White Whale

Migaloo the white whale. Pic by Richard Gosling

Albino humpback whale II

2016 first sighting of Port Stephens 22nd July


The Migaloo mystery: Confusion over rare white whale spotted near Australia

Photo of several whales each with only its head visible above the surface

A rare sighting of Migaloo, the famous white whale off Sydney (21/9

Land of the giants ... a whale breaches off the coast of Ballina,

Drone films rainbow-blowing humpback whale in California

Whale breaching

Humpback whale tangled 2015-07-13

White whale spotted off Australia's Gold Coast – but is it Migaloo?

MIGALOO SIGHTINGS by Spirit Vessel (White Fella' in the Aboriginal Language)