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MigmatiteDana1 Georneys AGU Blogosphere The World of

MigmatiteDana1 Georneys AGU Blogosphere The World of


The Village of Beer Jam, Oman

Happy ...

I recently flew from London to Vancouver, and the views as we flew over the northern part of the globe were spectacular. I particularly enjoyed flying over ...

Pleistocene dig site at the West Coast Fossil Park, South Africa.

Mud cracks, with foot for scale, southern Africa, June 2015.

Another coca-cola colored stream.

Mystery Rock #5

Monday Geology Picture: Yellowstone Travertine

To ...

Geology Word of the Week: I is for Ichnite

Geology Word of the Week: M is for Migmatite - Georneys - AGU Blogosphere

One of ...


Boulders Beach #9.

Denali #1.

Beautiful granite bolder.

Gold-bearing garnet sands on Western Beach in Nome, Alaska, Summer 2012.

A geologist taking a good look through a hand lens.

Thursday Geology Picture: Sandstone Statues in the Petra Siq

A ...

Chromitite ...

Geology Word of the Week: Y is for Yardang

Beautiful Noordhoek Beach, February 2014.

Geology Word of the Week: G is for Glomeroporphyritic

Mother ...

Nome ...

A turtle ...

Blast from the Past: Carbon Cycle Story

A Christmas Rock: Island Time!

Several old maps of Africa on display. I love when maps are used as decoration

My ...

Protected by large rain ponchos.

Cape Fold Belt #4.

Pieter Both Mountain viewed from another angle.

The ...

Accretionary Wedge #39: Geochemist Barbie

Geology Word of the Week: I is for Inselberg

A closer view of ...

Geology Word of the Week: P is for Pleochroism - Georneys - AGU Blogosphere

Note the lowness of the temperature dial. I had it set to 125 deg C, well below the melting point of teflon plastic.

Some trilobite and other fossils.

E5 – Journey to the Center of the Ice

Accretionary Wedge #39: Dress Barbie Like a Geologist for Halloween

Dendrite-decorated display tiles.

Ravensburger The Earth - 540 Piece Puzzleball. Picture from Amazon.com.

Amsterdam ...

Picture from http://www.doubleedge.co.za

A ...

A ...

Vesicular basalt, Indian Ocean, Summer 2007.

Accretionary Wedge #39: Geologist Barbie

Geology Word of the Week: Q is for Quarry

The Channel 9 News Team in ...

A student field map made in ...

Iditarod posters.

We had 67 excellent presenters from countries around the world showcasing their hard ...

Chile keeps having earthquakes

Fumarole 3. Yellowstone, Western USA, Fall 2005.

Two gorgeous ancient Egyptian stone jars on display at the British Museum.

The majestic Wollemi Pine — it certainly looks like a tree that grew during the time of the dinosaurs! And it did grow at that time!

young volcanic landscape of mauritius picture 1 this picture shows the dramatically the young volcanic landscape of mauritius georneys agu blogosphere ...

My apologies that I've been very quiet here on Georneys recently. My travel and work schedule were extremely hectic during the past month… plus I was ...

Monday Geology Picture: Formica Leo Volcanic Crater

Monday Geology Picture: Listwanite Hills in the Sultanate of Oman - Georneys - AGU Blogosphere

VENTSplume cartoon simple.ai

A close-up view of some conglomerate texture near the arch.

My ...

A sunlight stripe falls on Table Mountain one morning in Cape Town.

Small animal footprint.

Kolmanskop #8.

Dinosaur footprint ...

A Famous Ocean Floor Map - Georneys - AGU Blogosphere

Google map showing the location of

Monday Geology Picture: Fish River Canyon, Namibia - Georneys - AGU Blogosphere

The whole world in a blanket!

A ...

The view from the cave entrance, blocked by mist

Sevilla Rock Art Trail Georneys Agu Blogosphere

Alkaline pool 2, Oman, January 2009.

The ...

At ...

The front of the Rock, Fossil, & Dinosaur Shop, complete with naked (non-feathered) velociraptor.

A view of the Namibian night sky. Picture taken by Jackie Gauntlett in the middle

UB ...

Another ...

Our guide pointing out a picture of Princess Salme and her family.

My thick paperback copy of Diamonds, Gold, and War.


An adorable dassie in Hermanus, South Africa.

Sandstone with cro

Landslides in Art Part 5

Chris ...

USGS releases updated volcanic hazards poster

Landslide sizes (numbers killed) around the world