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Mike Stoker Marco Lopez and Chet Kelly Emergency t

Mike Stoker Marco Lopez and Chet Kelly Emergency t


Members of Station 51 - Captain Stanley, Roy Desoto, Johnny Gage, Chet Kelly

Mike Stoker, Marco Lopez, and Chet Kelly

Unofficial Emergency Station 51 A-Shift

Capt Stanley, Mike Stoker, & Marco Lopez.

Emergency! Marco Lopez, Chet Kelly, Michael Stoker

Johnny Gage, Mike Stoker, Marco Lopez, and Captain Stanley

Marco Lopez, Chet Kelly, and Mike Stoker

Mike Stoker and Marco Lopez

Mike Stoker and Marco Lopez

mike stoker emergency | Mike Stoker (left) and Marco Lopez

Mike Stoker and Marco Lopez

Stoker ♥

Chet Kelly and Mike Stoker

Mike Stoker

Mike Stoker

Mike, Roy, Johnny, Chet, and Marco. Played by Mike Stoker,

The Crew: (clockwise from the left) "Roy DeSoto", "Marco

Mike Stoker, FF · mikest.jpg (74638 bytes)

Roy DeSoto, Johnny Gage, Mike Stoker, Marco Lopez, Chet Kelly, and

Mike Stoker, Ron Pinkard, Tim Donnelly and Marco Lopez

Mike Stoker, Captain Hank Stanley, and Marco Lopez

mike stoker from emergency

Engineer Mike Stoker Fireman Marco Lopez

Mike Stoker of Emergency!

Mike Stoker

And here you'll see actor Tim Donnelly, who played Firefighter Chet Kelly, and retired Firefighter Mike Stoker, who played himself on the show.

Chet Kelly, Mike Stoker, and Marco Lopez | From "Firehouse Quintet"

Marco Lopez-filled out the firefighters assigned to Engine 51. A handsome addition!

TV Show: Emergency Kevin Tighe & Randolph (Randy) Mantooth "Roy & Johnny" THEN AND NOW | Cute 70's tv hunks | Pinterest | Kevin tighe, TVs and Randolph ...

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. haha. this picture is so funny,

Mike. The only one in the cast that was a real firefighter before, during

mike stoker emergency | Emergency! #Captain Stanley #Mike Stoker <---


Hank Stanley and Mike Stoker

Image of marcoserioussit.jpg

mike stoker emergency | Hier einige Bilder.

Captain Stanley, Marco Lopez, and Mike Stoker

By showing you some transcripts of actual bracket rescues, we hope to inform the college basketball tournament-bracket-filling public of how to avoid some ...

Roy DeSoto and Mike Stoker

"Emergency!" Cook's Tour (TV Episode 1972) - IMDb

Engineer Mike Stoker

Marco Lopez. Tim Donelly "Chester B 'Chet' Kelly"

The gang's all here! :)

Marco: Hey, Cap. Chet was in your locker this morning. Cap: Oh, is that right? Here, Chet, why don't you come open my locker for me, huh?

Randolph Mantooth and Mike Stoker

Image from my Facebook page Station 51 Enterprises. Images are copyright @NBC Universal.

Marco Lopez and Tim Donnelly as Marco and Chet

Mike and Chet. Chet KellyKelly MikeEmergency ...

mike stoker emergency | Mike Stoker - Sitcoms Online Photo Galleries


"Firehouse Quintet" (season 6) Original Air Date: March 5, 1977

Mike Stoker


Mike Stoker ♥

Roy, Mike, and Marco

Mike Stoker!-I liked that Emergency! had a real firefighter. It gave

Mike Stoker

Emergency, "Paper Work," Mike Norell and Tim Donnelly

Mike Stoker and Chet Kelly

Mike and Marco

Marco Lopez

Mike Stoker in emergency - YouTube

Robert Fuller "Dr. Kelly Bracket, MD"

Chet Kelly and Mike Stoker

mike stoker emergency | ... mike stoker and jeannie mike stoker and me cathie photos by jeannie

I'm grateful I didn't scream like a little girl!

Charlie "Thanks DeSoto! Keep up the good work of keeping Gage away from the

Mike Stoker

Mike Stoker. See more. image

mike stoker emergency | Thisis a near complete list of Mike Stoker's lines on Emergency!

Sir, you can't leave yet, you're not done with your

Tribute to actor Timothy David "Tim" Donnelly aka "Chet"on Emergency! - YouTube

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Emergency, "Paper Work," Marco Lopez

Cap, Marco, and Mike

The crew of Engine 51 was portrayed by Chet Kelly, Marco Lopez, Mike Stoker, Captain Dick Hammer, later Captain Hank Stanley and Captain John VanOrden.

Oh, you haven't had water in the past 12 hours? Of course

If you look closely you can see that Stoker signed his cast saying 'you got

OH GOD these are so wonderfully god-awful…

image ...

What The 51? — When John's being EXTRA annoying Hot off the.

I haven't been taking many screencaps of the three of them together. D: I need to do that more often.

Ghostly Generation (An Emergency! Fanfiction)

Messin' Around Poster

FF Mike Stoker FF Chet Kelly FF Marco Lopez

Chester "Chet" B. Kelly

Ron Pinkard, "Dr. Mike Morton"

Chet…you're so creepy…

mix5.jpg (50067 bytes)

Mike Norell, "Captain Hank Stanley"

It was the most comfortable for him since his lungs hadn't healed completely and breathing properly ...

Marco! It's Chet's turn to cook today…but you know how he's been using

Keep up the good work, Chet.

"Details" is an episode of Emergency! starring Robert Fuller, Julie London, and Bobby Troup. John talks about settling down after another date goes wrong.

... Mike Stoker Chet Kelly Tim Donnelly · 21 notes · July 20, 2015 · Oh yeah? Well, just who died and made Brice king of the medics?