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Mind blown Tape measure features you may not have known existed

Mind blown Tape measure features you may not have known existed


Mind blown: Tape measure features you may not have known existed!

I've spent half my life working in the construction industry and I still learned a thing or two from Make's 5 Cool Things You May Not Know About Your Tape ...

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... Never Need a Tape Measure Again, witht the Rollbe Rolling Ruler ...

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Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

Music Business Feature Meme

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With that in mind, here's the information you may wish to feature on your home page.

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Photo: Uber provides a good case study of how governments, regulation and the free market intersect. (ABC News: Garth Caird)

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

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"There is no simple, harmless pastime that can't be ruined by some guy with a tape measure." Ben Blatt spent three hours in a Barnes & Noble going through ...

However, you must remember that you have never seen your orig- 29; 29.

On occasion, towns do not have a survey of your property, or they will ask you to obtain a more updated survey. In this case, you will have to hire a ...

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Tangier Cinemathèque de Tanger: Grand Opening May 29, 2006

Pathways to Philosophy - Ask a Philosopher: Questions and Answers 49 (2nd series)

Skite CD (Waxy Monkey) The 'Berts (as they were affectionately known) existed for a decade between 1972-82, but it is their two EP's 'Snuff Rock' and 'Heads ...

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microsoft sql server

That fear is not relieved by cigarettes but; 9.

4. 40 Translations of WordPress

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Photograph showing the wall of a sand blow crater near Vigakot. The

Eco friendly Toilet

Black holes do not exist where space and time do not exist, says new theory

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A lot of people think the hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen is there

High Spirits has got to be the most joyful heavy metal band in existence. Chris Black's exuberant vocals and upbeat lyrics are a treasure in and of ...

... 32. 32 I would never have ...

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Never Need a Tape Measure Again, witht the Rollbe Rolling Ruler ...

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Granted, someone will have to push the button. Not to mention help me on and off the toilet. But hey, who wouldn't want to pamper themselves with a gentle, ...

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This is the tenth article in a series that reviews news coverage of the 2016 general election, explores how Donald Trump won and why his chances were ...

In case you also didn't know it matters what side of the roll faces you, prepare to have your mind blown…

Lenovo ThinkPad T series - Lenovo commenced the year by disclosing another scope of more slender and lighter ThinkPad gadgets to be launched not far from ...

10. And the hole on your pasta spoon?

Credit: Pixabay.

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... Never Need a Tape Measure Again, witht the Rollbe Rolling Ruler ...

Red is passion. Red is anger. Red is hurt. For A Tribe Called Red, an indigenous DJ collective excelling at a time when sports teams still cling to racist ...

GNU Linux: here is where the console rules, today we are going to see a very quick description of some of them. (Some may need to be installed via apt-get, ...

Okay, maybe this is just a thing, never mind, let me click on another one: You are met ...

... could get huge, sell thousands of albums and make tours as a living. This is when you loose the creativity and the “magic” touch on your music I think.

Did You Know?


... you'll be a wizard with your ...

Zedillo, has indicated that "the enemy was at home" and that he. As at the beginning of the 20th century in the north of the did not trust his own police.

It proves things are going downhill rapidly and predicts an even bleaker future. Promoting that this is what people have to look forward to on OT VIII. Sad.


... centers on the idea of having ...

CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: Don't Try The Feedback Loop from Hell The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck So Mark, What the Fuck Is the Point of This Book Anyway?

“SimpliSafe offers wireless, plug-and-play security for urban dwellers—increasingly being used in the era of disappearing land lines.”

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“Did you see the date? I just wrote it on your chart.” You know what date it is because you joked about it that morning. It is Friday the 13th.

Bennet Omalu, Concussions, and the NFL: How One Doctor Changed Football Forever | GQ

Upon their arrival, the staff all make a run for it, so the kids have to produce that week's Beano. Smiffy is appointed as editor, ...

How do you feel when you get to know that your music has helped and still helps people ...

Lil Big Pac is a poignant release. At 19, Kodak Black is not like typical teenage rappers who try to align themselves with rockstar personalities and pile ...

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Yet, having said that, I must admit that there is something intriguing in all of this. Consider for example the following.

Shiny, New Features to Enhance Your LinkedIn Experience

Another issue regarding the lunar missions was that the re-entry to Earth on return from the Moon was a maneuver virtually never attempted before.

That mind blowing statistic was revealed by Rian Hunter, a Dropbox Engineer, in his presentation How Dropbox Did It ...


Foldable tablets - Tablets are the new PC's. Another talk that has a considerable measure of the footing is that 2018 will be the time of tablets with ...

BRU has a lot of custom metadata fields specifically for media businesses. You can automatically populate fields like these from pre-set database files.

It is also likely its current console, the Wii U, is not powerful enough to satisfactorily let Nintendo in on the action, which was not anticipated during ...