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Miniature 2m3 Simurg t Miniatures

Miniature 2m3 Simurg t Miniatures



Simurgh , Persian also spelled simorgh, simurg, simoorg or simourv, is a benevolent, mythical flying creature. It is sometimes equated with other ...

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Simurgh on Pinterest | Iran, Persian and Phoenix

Zal and Simurg

Miniature from a copy of Firdawsi's Shah-nama. “Isfandiyar's Fifth Ordeal; He Must Slay the Simurgh” Iran, Tabriz; between 1520 and 1535 Miniature: × 23 cm ...

Kazvini, Acaibul Mahlukat Garaibul Mevcudat eserinde Simurg - A simurgh ('anqa',

The Bird Simurgh Takes the White-Haired Zal to Her Nest in the Mountains (From the Shahnama)

Simurg, Mamak Azarmgin | 12 Simurg | Pinterest | Persian, Islamic and Miniatures

Phoenix,66cm x 136cm(26〃 x 53〃),2734016-z

Simurg, Acayibü'l Mahlukat, British Library, Londra

Saturn with several attributes, including a dragon, a simurgh, and jugs


Simurgh and Zal

Johnson Album 38, fol.51r: Prince Gauhar rescued by the Simurgh, by

Manafi' al-Hayawan or "The Benefits of Animals" by Ibn Bakhtishu' - The Simurgh

سیمرغ 1390 محمود فرشچیان El Simurg 2011 Obras maestras de la miniatura persa Artista Profesor Mahmud

Simurg'un Zal'ı Babası Sam'e getirmesi. Mohammed Bahrami

Phoenix, Dragon, Miniatures, Drake, Miniature, Minis

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“El Simurg” Obras maestras de la miniatura persa; Artista Profesor Mahmud Farshchian. “

Simurg, İlknur Güçlü

The originally Persian mythical bird Simurgh holding fast nine elephants symbolizing lower constituents of the partial self.

Zal intercède auprès du Simurgh pour qu'il sauve son fils Rustam

simurg. سپیده سحر نقاش :مجيد مهرگان dawn Painter : Mehregan Majid DAYBREAK

The Phoenix Bird Farshchian Style Miniature Painting by Persian Art





Basawan - The Flight of the Simurgh. 1590.

Isfandiyar Kills the Simurgh.

Hand Painted Indian Miniature Kangra by WonderfulMiniatures

Original Painting, Krishna Birthday, River Yamuna, India, Miniature Traditional

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minyatur_t_27. MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Barbaros Hayrettin Paşanın sancak gemisi detay. MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Hz. Hasan ve Hz. Hüseyin. MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Toshiyuki Enoki creates subtle work with elements of traditional Japanese painting and contemporary illustration. Opting for a soft color palette, ...




Mywork miniature painting Derviş · MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Ragini BhairaviConsort of Raga Bhairava by eSHEShakti on Etsy · MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Le Cantique des oiseaux d'`Attar : les belles lettres persanes.

bd, simurg

Bülent Yaşar

Eserin Adı: Anne Çocuk Sevgisi (Özgün Tasarım) Eser Sahibi: Emel Say Eser · AnneMiniaturesMiniatureMinis

El Simorgh Miniatura de Ostad Hosein Behzad Colección privada Paris -217

Phoenix Tattoo flash

Kết quả hình ảnh

The last feather of Simourgh

dragon and simurg

minyatur_t_28 · MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Miniature · Birds · simurg


Zal flying on Simurgh bird iran

Behzad's Advice of the Ascetic (c. 1500-1550). As in Western

The fabled simurgh (17th century shahnama).

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simurgh // tattoo idea

Peter Szasz - Rustam Captures Rakhsh

minyatur_t_21 · MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Find this Pin and more on Miniatures by melodyjewell.

Simurg, Mamak Azarmgin

Sandpipers on their nest while the simurgh leads an army of birds to their rescue.

Картинки по запросу персидские миниатюры | иллюстрейшн | Pinterest | Miniatures and Illustrations

Barbaros Hayrettin Paşanın sancak gemisi detay

Epic Iranian tale gets an intimate upgrade - in pictures

Melike Nur Güçlü · PhoenixMiniature

The Hoopoe tells the birds about the Simurgh. From a manuscript of Attar (?

Sultanahmet camii detay. MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

Persian Miniatures on Tumblr

"Isfandiyar's Fifth Course: He Slays the Simurgh", Folio from a Shahnama (


Central Asia, 15th Century, Persian, Miniatures, Tiles, Tapestries, Frame, Persian People, Persian Cats

A Polo Game: The Dervish and the Shah on the Polo Field - Folio from


612 best miniatures images on Pinterest | Islamic art, Indian paintings and Miniature paintings

Abduction of Zal by the Simurgh also known as "The Simurgh taking Zal to its nest on Mount Demavend" Unknown artist, Sarai Albums, Tabriz (Persia) Miniature ...

Indian miniature painting

"The Anecdote of the Man Who Fell Into the Water" 15th century Persian miniature

Minyatür çalışması. PersianMotifsMiniaturesPersian PeoplePersian Cats MiniatureMinis

Simurg, Ulker Erke

The Book of Pigeons, by Valih Musavi (1788), The British Library Board

The Simorgh Heals Rakhsh (Abu'l Qasim Firdausi CE Persian): Shahnama ("Book of Kings") CE Islamic Safavid Miniature Painting, Shiraz, Iran, ...

Youth & Dervish in Conversation (ca.1590 CE Safavid Miniature Painting, Persia)

102MiNYATud7e.JPG (800×600)

Diğer isimleri Phoenix, Simurg ve Kaknus olarak bilinmektedir. Anka kuşunun özelliği göz yaşlarının şifalı

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Marmara'nı n Kuleleri. MiniaturesMiniatureMinis

simorgh miniatur

Turkish Motifs

Persian Miniature c 1600.

Turkish Art, Miniature Paintings, Islamic Art, Illuminated Manuscript, Miniatures, Dragons, Pintura, Train Your Dragon, Kite

Seven Paintings of Figures in Landscapes painting: early 17th c. calligraphy: 1587 Opaque

'Attack against the fort of Urganj', illustration of the Persian book Zafarnama written

The Simurgh, King of the Birds by Mandy Renard

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Angel, Persian miniature (1555) Is it just me, or does it look like the angel has watermelon wings? o.O