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Mogo the Living Planet The biggest Green Lantern ever known Will

Mogo the Living Planet The biggest Green Lantern ever known Will


Mogo the Living Planet. The biggest Green Lantern ever known. Will change his climate

Mogo (Injustice: The Regime)

Hero Hotel Mogo The Living Planet

Green Lantern. Mogo



Green Lantern!

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Bzzd - Bzzd is a small wasp-like Green Lantern from the planet Apiaton in sector 2261. He is the partner of Mogo, the living planet making.

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Mogo the Living Planet

Mogo screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine · Green Lantern ...

Ego vs Mogo.jpg

Mogo, the Living Planet

Death of Mogo

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps

He's a living planet, and he arranges his foliage to form the Green Lantern symbol. That makes being a planet that much cooler. You want Mogo on your side.

Most people seem to regard Alan Moore's "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" in #188 in 1985 as the first appearance of Mogo... but I think it could very well have ...

Darkseid's son Orion takes the Power Rings of St. Walker's Blue Lantern Corps and Mogo's

Green Lantern Corps

Mogo The Living Planet Green Lantern


... superman kills mogo and ganthet 2 ...

... involved and flicking through this particular issue shows just how magnificent a job Randy Mayor is doing at turning the precise lines of Mahnke and the ...

Green Lantern Corps

You can't have this list without Mogo! He's a planet, who happens to have a Green Lantern ring somewhere on him. Created as a surprise twist ending by Alan ...

Mogo increases his gravity to such a degree that all of the Black Lanterns are pulled down to his surface and absorbed into his core.

Hal Jordan Bottled Light

Green Lantern Ganthet

Jon Stewart can create weapons mirroring their physical counterparts down to the bolts and screws:



John Stewart

Green Lantern

They are both very powerful and both can change their surfaces and atmospheres. But Ego has complete control of himself, down to a molecular level. Mogo ...

Bolphunga Seeks Mogo The Green Lantern

Presence of blue lantern can “supercharge” green lanterns' rings. Their rings are guided by Mogo, the living planet with immense willpower, rivaling - if ...

Best and Brightest: The Top 15 extraterrestrial Green Lanterns

Green Lantern

Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and John Stewart (and Mogo, the Green Lantern planet)

Ego the Living Planet looking at Thor


Green Lantern (Planet) (Earth-One) | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Mogo is a sentient or "living" planet, technically genderless but often casually referred to as male. When it is desired, its affiliation with the Corps is ...

Greatest Green Lanterns

Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #1


View photos. Ego the Living Planet

Harold “Hal” Jordan is arguably the most popular Green Lantern. Not surprising as he has been called “The Greatest Lantern.” A title he took from his good ...

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Greykil (Green Lantern Animated Series)

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner).jpg

Mogo When Mogo Is Allowed To Kill Comicnewbies

Mogo Is A Bad Ass!

But he could just as easily have gone to any of a million real life roadside all-night diners to wallow in self pity. That however would have been too ...

1966's Thor #132 and #133

There's also a Green Lantern named Mogo that's a living planet. On the topic of sentient planet space cops, ...

Why Mogo is a Badass - Geeky Gentlemen: Alan Moore's Green Lantern clip

Meet Kurt Russell's 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' Character Ego, and Comics' Other Living Planets

... A strange rare event

Sodam Yat (New Earth)

... Jordan and The Green Lantern (.

Mogo, the Living Planet ( @planet.mogo )

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 18 page 5

Also, it's not like you keep your ring inside your body Hal

Guy Gardner Rebirth.jpg

Then if u want the strongest, then there is Mogo, the living planet.


Saint Walker

In this preview of next weeks Green Lantern Corps #19 we see that the gatefold

Green Lantern Corps


Mogo is a big giant sentient planet. He (does a planet have a gender?) is capable of transforming his topography to form a giant Lantern symbol.

Second to Last: Hal Jordan, “The Greatest Green Lantern” – Hal is many things, but primary amoung them is that he is a fuck up.


Green Lantern (John Stewart).jpg

Saalak is a four-armed alien from the planet Slyggia and is the guardian of the Book of Oa given to him by the Guardians of the Universe to protect.

As Green Lantern and the not so little green man fly off into the cosmos looking suitably heroic I suppose you are wondering what the takeaways are here.


Green Lantern Corps Edge of Oblivion Vol 1-5 Cover-1 Teaser

Ego the Living Planet Vs Solaris by KeybladeMagicDan ...

10 Lanterns We Want To See In The Green Lantern Corps Movie – WE ARE GEEKS OF COLOR

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Guy Gardner