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Mon El Iris and Vibe Save Barry and Kara The Flash 3x17 Duet

Mon El Iris and Vibe Save Barry and Kara The Flash 3x17 Duet


Mon El Iris and Vibe Save Barry and Kara The Flash 3x17 Duet Musical Crossover

Mon El, Iris and Vibe Save Barry and Kara | The Flash 3x17 Duet Musical Crossover

Mon El, Iris and Vibe Save Barry and Kara | The Flash 3x17 Duet Musical Crossover - YouTube

Flash 3x17 Cisco vibe Mon El & Iris to Kara, berry

#TheFlash 3x17 "Duet" - Mon-El, Iris, Barry and Kara

Iris and Mon-El Save Barry and Kara | The Flash 3x17 Musical Crossover

Barry and Kara seeing (Not) Iris and (Not) Mon-El being all lovey-dovey is just classic. The "Oh no (s)he DI'INT" looks crack me up.

“[flash Barry approves ✅ I love his reaction face to their banter. It's awesome, Karamel have…”

Barry/Iris AND Kara/Mon-El? Barry & Kara teaming up AND Iris & Mon-El teaming up? To save their physically-tough-but-emotionally-vulnerable loves? The Flash

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#TheFlash 3x16 "Into the Speed Force" - Barry and Iris

Flash/Supergirl Musical crossover episode - Music Meister, Iris and Mon-El

expression in this scene was too good to resist. |TV Shows||#CW||#Supergirl 2x09||Supergirl funny||Kara x Mon-El funny||#Karamel edit||DCTV|

Ok. The Kara/Mon-El Couch Scene just might be my favorite "

Barry knows what's up. Love how he grasps the Kara/Mon-El situation quickly, & how he reacts to Kara's denial the way he reacted to Felicity's "I don't like ...

Supergirl, kara danvers, Karamel, Mon- El.. I love how Mon- El is always there for her

Mon-El watching Kara leave is always super (no pun intended) cute.

Everyone's invited to Barry's Congratulations party for FINALLY realizing that he can't

Mon-El makes Kara happy, I'm happy too. you deserve this Kara ❤️

I'm going to warm up" - Mon-El and Kara - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

The Flash 3x17

"My name's Mon-El. I'm Kara's 'friend'" - Mon-El, Barry, Cisco and HR #TheFlash (by IABT)

Mon-El's dumb lil' grin after Kara kisses him (and that was NOT a quick peck, y'all!) is so darn cute. :D And I love seeing Kara happy.

"Mike of the interns" - Mon-El, Lena and Kara #Supergirl ((Hehehe!))

The Flash - Supergirl - Crossover.jpg

Clearly Mon-ew still isn't learning about anything from the correct people

Kara and Mon-El. This scene is basically why I'm giving Supergirl


Winn and Mon-El sure had a fun night out on the new Supergirl episode

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#TheFlash 3x17 "Duet" - Barry and Kara

Barry Allen and Kara Zor-el

The Flash - Supergirl Musical Crossover Sneak Peek - 3x17 “Duet”

Kara and Mon-El he is so cute! At first I was totally shipping Kara and Barry but I've warmed up to Mon-El ((This was the funniest ...

One of my favorite Kara/Mon-El moments so far. I love that their dynamic is somewhere between kids insulting each other and adults flirting.

"Strong as Kara?" - Mon-El and Winn #Supergirl. "

CWDC Parallels

Barry finally did it. He finally changed the future, saving his best … #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Do Barry/Kara jealous moments go in the couples category? B/c TECHNICALLY, this scene's all about my two fav couples on TV right now, so.

Instagram ...

I hope you're bringing more to the table than just quick reflexes" - Lucy, Barry and Kara I am pretty sure that's a arrow reference to Thea 🤔

"Mon-El took me to happy hour! He knows how to drink drinks" - Kara and Winn #Supergirl. "

The Flash - Episode 3x17: Duet Promo #1 Musical Crossover with Supergirl

The Flash and Supergirl Barry Allen Kara Danvers Grant Gustin Melissa Benoist

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE how it was true love's kiss that saved Barry and Kara! (

karamel and westallen parallel in the season finale of supergirl and the flash! so emotional. barry and mon-el having to leave their women :( and then y'all ...

#TheFlash 3x17 "Duet" - "So the lesson was..."

Wally, Martian Manhunter, Vibe Vs Music Meister Scene - The Flash S03E17 HD


SUPERGIRL Q: Are you expect to see Mon-El in his #superhero costume

"Ever since Caitlin got powers, I've had vibes of us fighting in a forest" - Cisco and Barry #TheFlash. "

My lil' DC/CW babies When I say Kara and Mon-El remind me of Barry and Iris, I'm not kidding. These four have a level of mingled sweetness/hotness & humor ...

"You're just really handsome" - Iris and Barry #TheFlash. "

"I have to say I'm not impressed by your more famous cousin" - Kara and Barry, singing

Let me just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Barry and Iris (whatever the future holds) are finally here. Westallen kisses have always been elusive ...

No matter the earth, Barry is always a gentleman.

Supergirl and Mon-El


"If something happens, I need you to hear this: I, Iris Ann West, take you, Bartholomew Henry Allen, to be my lawfully wedded husband" - Iris West's video ...

Kara and Mon-El Supergirl

"What a complete and utter coincidence" - Lena, Kara, Mon-El and Jack #Supergirl (by iabt)

Karel(eu acho q eh isso😂) Kara Zoel & Mon-El.

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Kara Danvers, Barry Allen and Winn Schott. Supergirl 1x18. "Yeah I still

Kara and Mon-el//just watched the season finale and this just made

The Flash - Felicity and Barry Caitlyn's face :'( there will be Barry <3 Caitlyn!!!)

Please don't let anything happen to iris...please please

"This better be the right place" - Cisco, Barry and Kara

Flash S03E017 Barry and Kara meet the Music Meister

The Flash review, 3x17, S3 Ep 17, Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist,

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW. The Flash

"Because I'm in distress" - Mon-El and Kara #Supergirl. "

Kara and Mon El photo collage time! There were just too many awesome/funny

Oh, bless Kara Zor-el (Danvers), bless her

He is so excited!

Oh, I'm sorry, Kara, what was that? Did you just realize you have a tendency to be a bit self-righteous and judgemental, especially when Mon-El is involved?

Awww they're so cute I love Chris Wood as Mon-El aka Mike he's so cute and funny and hot and ahhh I love him with glasses and I ship them so hard ...

The Flash 3x17 - Musical crossover with Supergirl

Frost and Flash "Barry, don't let Caitlin die" #flashfrost #

"To Barry and Iris. To us" #Westllen #TheFlash #Season3 #

The kissing and cuddling was cute, but this is why I love Kara and Mon-El together. Mon-El matches Kara in a way no one else can

Okay, I really loved Winn and I used to hope he and Kara would have ended up together one day but. Mon-El is so cute, and the kiss was simply tooooo tender. ...

Kara and Mon-El #Supergirl. "

EP 3-12

The Flash 3x17 - Barry and Kara finds out Iris and Mon El Love in Musical World Full Scene HD[60fps

Felicity, Barry, Kara, Oliver, Ray, Sara, Stein, Jax, HR, Mick, John and Thea #TheFlash. "

Supergirl and Mon-El

All rights reserved; THE FLASH THE FLASH

Deu ruim no Casamento Da Iris com o Barry Crossover Crises on Earth X #Supergirl

"You know, for the fastest man alive, you are the SLOWEST reader" - Iris and Barry #TheFlash. "

#karazorel #karadanvers #monel #karamel #cw #

Kara and Mon-El never fail to entertain me. I love that his character stretches hers in ways no one else has/shakes up her perfect, boring routine, ...

The Flash 3x19 < < No this cannot happen! !! He'll save Iris, I know it

Mon-El " Just be here with me" Kara Cuteness overload

Kara and Mon El

"You don't need to give her you social security number" - Kara and Mon-El

Drunk Barry is the best!!!! PS: I agree ... THERE WAS ENOUGH ROOM ON THE DOOR!

Barry Allen and Iris West || WestAllen

And how Kara doesn't care that Monel still has feelings for his mum even though their like star struck enemies!

This is not gonna happen" - Barry and Iris