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Mules are generally known to have fertility problem How often do

Mules are generally known to have fertility problem How often do



Miniature Mule

Mules are generally known to have fertility problem. How often do mules give birth to a healthy offspring? very rarely! Mules are considered infertile, ...

... watches in 2007 as the mule foal nuzzles its mother, Kate, a “molly” that gave to “miracle” offspring. Genetic tests confirmed that the foal is Kate's.

Learn About Canal Mules

Mule What is a Mule with pictures

Mules come in a variety of colors and sizes; these mules had a draft horse mare for a mother

A spotted mule

Mules can't reproduce. Here's the biological explanation why. | Belleville News-Democrat

Missouri Mules

Mules were developed to provide a strong, placid animal for packing, riding and driving. Breeding a female horse to a male donkey creates a mule, ...

Miniature Donkeys. Miniature Mule

Standard Mule

What is a MULE? 2nd version

Mule's foal fools genetics with “impossible” birth

A mule is the offspring of a male donkey (jack) and a female horse (mare).[1][2] Horses and donkeys are different species, with different numbers of ...


This mule is being shown by her young rider with a little help from dad. Mules come in all sizes, from pony to draft sized. Image: K. Blocksdorf

But mules hardly have babies of their own. They are considered mostly sterile because they can't make sperm or eggs. They have trouble ...

... 15 acre farm in Arvada where they have lived for 43 years. He is pictured with some horses that he boards on his property. PHOTO BY HELEN H. RICHARDSON

LOOK What Happens When A Zebra Mates With A Donkey


[Fertile mule and mare with young mule]

How much weight can my mule or donkey carry?


Postzygotic Reproductive Barriers: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

With a domestic horse, make mention that the animal has a good temperament, or is from "good lines" that are known for being easy to train.

The five big cats of the Panthera genus — leopards, tigers, snow leopards, lions and jaguars (as represented from left to right in the figure) — interbred ...

A Donkey is standing in hay and it is looking forward and eating the hay.

Sadly, barn and stable fires often result in the death of animals - particularly horses, who are prone to panic.

American Mule Association

Decreased Blood Flow to the Uterus Might Contribute to Mare Infertility

The Mule Part 1

If you're considering having a baby, you probably have wondered how long it

Allopolyploid: Definition, Speciation & Example - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

mule breeding

That'll do.

mules pulling canal boat

In South America, what is the typical reason for breeding guinea pigs? Food!

Is A Mule A Donkey? Another Question II

Their Elkmont owners use baby monitors in hopes of hearing when one of their miniature donkeys is ...


Which mammal is venomous and dangerous to humans? platypus.

Are Mules Ever Fertile?

Having different numbers of chromosomes isn't enough to produce the problem; there are people who have an extra chromosome but can still have children ...


How to Make a Mule

Like all mules, Zebroids are generally infertile, although very low fertility is recorded in some Zebroid females. Darwin makes mention of a 'triple hybrid' ...

Which animal has three hearts? cuttlefish! Cuttlefish is a Cephalopod. Cephalopods are characterized

In all actuality, Molly Mules are fertile and will go into regular heats; some times they may need hormone injections if this becomes too regular.

American Mule Association

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Can A Mule Gave Birth?

A horse (left) and a mule (right). Click to enlarge.

Mule. Getty/Frank Pedrick

Draft Mule

How Old Do Mules Get?

The donkey's bray is unique and the sound travels for very long distances.

Four saddle mules picketed at Indian Garden in the Grand Canyon. This image doesn't give a good view of their size - the three larger mules are "Missouri ...

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Normally the colouring is evenly distributed, with the animal being a dusty sort of brown with prominent black stripes.

Can Mules Have Foals? Silly Question

Cutest mule-foal I have ever seen!

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La Mule Poitevine, born of the Poitevin Mulassier and Baudet de Poitou (see end

A 3-week-old donkey. A jenny is normally ...

i haven't really understood how donkey spotting is skrewed (or whatever it's called) in mules.

Donkeys near Aix en Provence, Provence, France

A pair of knitted baby booties

Marwari Mule {NOOOO} This is actually a breed of donkey from Brazil called the Péga. They are often crossed with horses to created gaited mules.

Is A Mule An Equine? Another Question II

The African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) is an allotetraploid, likely as

American Mule Association

Are Mules Ever Fertile? Silly Question

Walter Nunn and “LeMoan” participating in a cow working class at Bishop Mule Days in Bishop, California

A mule is the infertile offspring of a horse and a donkey--an example of the gray area regarding interbreeding in the most common definition of a species.

Can Mules Run As Fast As Horses? Another Question II

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A news story about a rare fertile mule (from the front page of the January 26, 1921 issue of the Grand Forks Herald). An additional news story about the ...

If you would like your questions answered or to be referred to people who can help you contact The American Donkey and Mule Society, PO Box 1210, ...

Exmoor Horn ewes with Mule lamb on lower slopes of the native heath (pedigree registered

How Old Do Mules Get? Silly Question

Genetic Mutation Behind Albino Donkeys Pinpointed

16. Reduced hybrid fertility ...