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My Chalk Scared Your Student Trump 2016 Funny Stick Figures

My Chalk Scared Your Student Trump 2016 Funny Stick Figures


My Chalk Scared Your Student Trump 2016 Funny Stick Figures #theChalkening Bumper Sticker Auto Decal

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... My Chalk Scared Your Student Trump 2016 Funny Stick How to Remove Exterior Car Stickers Luxury Jeep Wrangler Ocean Wave Hood Vinyl Stickers Full Set How ...

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Trump Sandwich

Jim Wagner, president of the 19th century establishment, wrote Tuesday that the students viewed the scrawling as intimidation, and they voiced 'genuine ...

Memorial to LaVoy Finicum on a Car Causes Wife to be Pulled Over by Cops - Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. "

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When interviewed about how they feel about the Trump chalkings, one student ...

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.28 AM

Gonzaga students use chalk to spread message of love and support

College Students Freak Out Over “Trump” Chalking | Black Men In America.com

Funny Donald Trump Memes. Scary People2016 ...

Attendees watch the esults come in at LTV Studios in Wainscott. KYRIL BROMLEY

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.23 AM

US President Donald Trump walks towards Air Force One to board the plane at Morristown Municipal

Build the Wall UW-L Graffiti. A chalk ...

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.45 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.33 AM

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.18 AM

Several students found the chalkings so offensive that they decided to alert the school's Division of Public Safety and Security. A campus police officer ...

Curb Your Authoritarianism? The 2016 Conventional Wisdom Thread (Elections, Part 6)

... at least twelve campuses experienced panic attacks recently, triggered by seeing “Trump 2016” and “Build The Wall” drawn in chalk on a sidewalk.

Donald Trump quotes about Black people

“Fuck your safe space,” “Build wall,” and “Trump” were scrawled in chalk at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Nov. 8.

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MPs debate Donald Trump ban

Michael Moore on “the biggest 'fuck you' ever recorded in human history” and the righteous anger of the dispossessed American Trump supporter

The Psychology Behind Donald Trump's Unwavering Support | Psychology Today

Has Donald Trump's Election Really Caused a Staggering Increase in Schoolyard Bullying? - Hit & Run : Reason.com

trump chalk 1

An Ohio State University student was arrested and charged with assault after tackling an anti-Trump protester during a demonstration on campus.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.38.58 AM

... are scared shitless about losing this election, which they will and badly. Tonight, the lifelong liar meets the negotiator in a battle many people ...

12:47 pm – Cornel West with a Hillary reference circa 1989:

The greatest gift of Donald Trump's presidency hasn't been to blue-collar voters, the South, and the “economically” insecure. No, it's been his gift to ...

... or disagreement with facts, empirical evidence and well-founded arguements because they oppose or contradict your own existing personal beliefs.'

A student at the New School in New York City on Nov. 12 tweeted a photo of what appears to be a swastika that was drawn on the door of her dorm ...

A man allegedly punched a woman in the face at a restaurant in New York after she expressed disappointment over Trump's victory.

The US president instead attended a rally in Michigan yesterday.

Trump is no fluke, or freak. He's the Republican Party's monstrous creation.

The Monroe's gave me a huge space in the barn to setup my gear. How cool is that!


[WATCH] John Oliver: Donald Trump “Is Not Normal” | Deadline

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"She had succeeded in her primary aim of disrupting Mr Trump's attempts to appear statesmanlike and presidential ...

IMG_20170820_133432 (1)

Several black University of Pennsylvania students received racist and threatening messages on Nov. 11, including invites to a “daily lynching.”

... reasons that go beyond my possible immaturity, but rarely has someone said something about me (or about the teaching profession) that has rung so true.

Trump boasts he's a 'very stable genius' amid questions .

3. Threatening “vigilante” flyers calling for the torture of “university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage” were posted in bathrooms across ...


Reports suggest that up to 100 diplomats are preparing to submit a memo to the State Department criticising Trump's travel ban. White House press secretary ...

Beginning at 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Boston Common filled with people desperate to give and receive love after the election of Donald Trump led many in ...

Why Undercover Trump Supporters Are More Common Than You Think – Return Of Kings

And this:

Ohio governor John Kasich, who was a distant third coming into the vote, has refused to drop out of the race despite Trump's insurmountable lead.

Let's make the world a more humane place

College president has EPIC response to students “afraid” of Trump chalk drawings

Celebrities including Jessica Alba, Mandy Moore, and Rihanna go dark


Cartoon of the legend. 300 students ...

A magazine cover mocks Trump after announcing plans to run. Cover by Daily News.

A “Make America White Again” sign with a swastika was graffitied on a softball dugout wall in a park in Wellsville, New York, on Nov. 9.

Students in the lecture hall go crazy as they realize they now will not have to

It turns out that "equation" is the wrong word, too. My friend, who is a physicist, points this out in his comment to my post. I'm posting his comment hear, ...

Students Create Amazing Chalk Drawings On Classroom Blackboard, And Seeing Teacher Erase Them Will Break Your Heart

Save more for retirement, respect the stock-market bubble and tackle the bucket list

As noted by Cilizza in the Post: “During the course of the campaign, nearly two-thirds of his claims that The Post's fact-checking team looked into were ...

Throwing The Artist Out 2016 digital print. Selection from a series of 50. Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery and Chalk Horse

A fun day in New Philadelphia!

If we look closely at those numbers, Trump has spent 424 out of 744 hours asleep or “non-working” with an additional 25 hours on the golf course!

A teacher told a student that if he threw a ball into a bin from the


Gawker – These dudes have had enough with all the other candidates with their politically correct statements and refusal to publicly call out girls who are ...

"There's a good chance I may have committed some light...treason." | MetaFilter

Currently Rising: Quasi-Dodo the Hunchback of Notre Shame, after Trump curtsied submissively before the Saudi king in his first official act as an American ...

There's nothing we can do, in some stories I hear told about Donald Trump, now that fascism has been loosed upon the world.

JANUARY 26: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waits to be introduced during a campaign event

On a personal level, Trump has "historically relied on Russian money for financing his property deals – a fact admitted by one of his sons, Donald Jr", ...

Curiously, the White House (metonymically speaking) thinks “student debt helps, not harms, the U.S. economy.” That idea reflects the IQ expected of a house.

Throwing The Artist Out 2016 digital print. Selection from a series of 50. Courtesy the artist & Anna Schwartz Gallery and Chalk Horse

Donald Trump Certainly is A Fascinating Case

A swastika, “Sieg Heil 2016,” and the word “Trump” with the T replaced with a swastika were graffitied on the windows of an empty store in South Philly on ...

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Racial slurs and threats, including the n-word, “Go back to Africa,” and “Whites only,” along with pro-Trump slogans were found scrawled in a high school ...

Anti-Trump travel ban protest attracts

Chris Cilizza, in yesterday's Washington Post used the Post's fact-checking department to see how Donald J. Trump has done in his first 33 days in office ...

World policy - Symbol photo with the masks of Donald Trump and the Russian President Vladimir

Reacting to the incident, Kovaleski told the Washington Post: "The sad part is, it didn't in the slightest bit jar or surprise me that Trump would do ...