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My father and his beloved dog Cubby on leave from the US Navy

My father and his beloved dog Cubby on leave from the US Navy


When your dog is your 24/7 companion, you need to make sure they

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Sometimes a dog just needs to get outside and run with its own kind. When your dog is sitting by the door and begging for a game of fetch, ...

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In need of a detox? Get 10% off your @SkinnyMeTea '

hi I found my pet feeling happy after eating this https://www.

My stepbrother bought Remy in January, 1995 to be a hunting dog. He hunted until he was 5 when my stepbrother went into the navy.

This automatic ball thrower for dogs, discovered by The Grommet, lets your four-legged friend play fetch without you. To market, to market, to buy a bark ...

Someone likes their new booster seat! Photo by @lusealdog

The marvelous mutts have provided hugs, company and unconditional love to victims, blood donors

She is 17 and still acts like a puppy. My 8 yr old pug mix can barely keep up with her. I rescued her from a kill shelter.

Uli, 6 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix. Unexpected tail: $5,000+ if

Turn a sock into a scarf for your cold little doggy

Cubby the Comfort Dog

Memorial to dogs who have given their lives in the service of our country

Please tell us what you feed your beagle: Boiled chicken, turkey, lamb. chops, chicken liver, beef liver, tuna fish, kibble, barley, ...

If you've got a short-haired dog, they feel the cold just like you do!

Personalized Dog Memorial Picture Frame - Have you a Dog in Heaven

Bruce Alan Dempster

Pit Bull Police Dogs

Win a Brilliant Pad this week

I have had a lot of heartache and tragedies over the past 15 years and he has been the only constant in my life.

Puppy love: A couple in the north Italian town for Pontirolo Novo had hoped for

A firefighter hugs his partner after rescuing a family from a burning house. What HERO'S.

Awesome My Dad took a portrait of our gruff looking, easily frightened, extremely loving Pit Bull.

Congratulation to Jazzie who celebrated her birthday yesterday! We hear she loved her cake, ice cream and her new Subaru collar. Thanks to her mom and dad, ...

There's no place like home by Oliver Barker, usatoday: One of Ron and Kathi Sturgeon's Cavalier King Charles spaniels, Dixie, leaves the dog room which has ...

Brazilian mattress company, Colchão Inteligente Postural, has designed a bed with a small compartment

How cute is that :)

Custom Needle felted Dog sculpture pet memorial from your photographs on Etsy, $149.00

33"Hx56"Lx26"W dog perch, dog window seat, sick dog crib, dog throne, dog chill pad, raised dog bed, dog bed with steps. Made this for my pup out of select ...

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is sitting on grass and she is looking down and forward. Her little ears are flopped over towards the front.

A dog doing his job after a parachute jump.

The anti-vaccination movement has expanded — to include additional species. Many pet owners in Brooklyn are refusing to vaccinate their beloved canines, ...

The Dogs of the. Us Navy ...

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'I love chew': A court ruled in November 2016 that dogs should like

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Despite Moishe being unable to successfully climb the pee pad's steep learning curve, he was able to relieve himself during the journey (thankfully only on ...

The caring canines have so far visited schools, hospitals, first responders and a candlelit

Pit bull service dogs being banned on Delta

He's in great physical shape (although his eyes are getting cloudy)and loves to play beagle games with the girls.

Madison, 04/94-12/10/07

Cats may be the kings of the Internet, but a museum dedicated to dogs will be opening in Massachusetts. It will feature a private collection of dog inspired ...

Nugget, 11/11/90-7/24/00

Sony Corp is going to try again with its robotic dog AIBO after more than a decade. AIBO is billed as a pet that behaves like ...

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Infographic on how Dogs on Deployment works to help military families. Designed and illustrated by

0 A | november 15-22, 2006 | SEVEN DAYS

Lucy was born on 11/11/2001 and we got her from a breeder when she was oldenough to leave her mother. She is my 2nd beagle. I had one as a child, ...

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Veterinarian Fails

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Her particular area of interest is Japanese cuisine. Visit zenbutours.com for more information.

Please tell us what you feed your beagle: Bonzo meats and nibbles. We brought Parker from Calgary, Canada to Dordrecht in Holland ...

Somewhere in this puppy pile is Leo, at 4 weeks old.

This is Leo.


Jus' like ol' Rhymin' Simon says, “Detroit, Detroit got a hell of a hockey team.” In honor of whom, today's post will use a sports metaphor. Our dog trainer ...

Best of all, the team at Hide and Seek kids offer both Afterpay and Zip Money PLUS a really budget friendly layby service!

Nugget, 09/13/89-04/13/00

No blood on his paw. But the blood coming from the eye continues to be fresh.

Due to a diet packed with far too many treats, the six-year-

Hide and Seek Kids cubby The Millie

Patty Boy, the river dog

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

This children's cubby house located on Sydney's northern beaches has been listed on the market for

Please tell us what you feed your beagle: Science Diet This beagle is mightily loved by my two daughters. She was the runt of the litter when we picked her ...

“Zeus”, who'd recently undergone brain surgery and couldn't be left alone, attended the wedding with his dad, who happens to be a heart surgeon.

Home Sweet Home: WIN the Cutest Cubby on the Block from Hide and Seek Kids

Surfing Service Dog giving her mistress the freedom of the waves.

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

I then proceeded to my last destination, Beaver, a small town a bit past the most northward point of the Ohio. It turns here and heads south west to ...

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The 37-year-old has added even more updates to her

How a slave-girl helped stop a war and assist Tan Hadron to find his true love or. Behind the scenes of A Fighting Man of Mars By Rick Johnson

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Hide and Seek Kids cubby Millie with optional side garage


Trevor Norman built the 2.9m-high cubby house in a plum tree in his

You know that 'Ole Miss changed their official mascot from Colonel Reb (looking like Colonel Sanders) to the Rebel Black Bear ...


Just to give you an idea before I sign off, here's a more recent picture of my baby Enzo, and his father side by side. His father is 125lbs and his mother ...

Hetzner started the group in 2008 and has since deployed his 130 dogs to the likes

For the first month or so and before we actually moved in, Mom and Dad used to bring me over to the house in the evenings. They still didn't trust me to ...