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My first attempt at wood burning Sakura Japanese Cherry t

My first attempt at wood burning Sakura Japanese Cherry t


My first attempt at wood burning. Sakura ( Japanese Cherry) blossoms on cherry wood

Cherry blossoms in the Miyagi prefecture - Credit: AP

Invasive beetle threatens Japan's beloved cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms in Tokyo - Credit: AP

Cherry blossoms in water colour as a tattoo! If I ever decide to get one, this is what I would get, minus the entire tree.

Attned the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

Cherry Blossom in Kyoto #Japan #sakura

Japanese cherry tree

... departing March 25, to coincide with the cherry blossoms. It costs £5,995 per person, including international flights, airport transfers, bullet trains, ...

Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms by karmaela on deviantART - ClipArt Best - ClipArt Best


Like so many plants in Nagano, sakura is very pretty to the senses, including taste. The mother made sakura-no-shiozuke, salting the blossoms to preserve ...

It's actually long past the sakura season now, here in Japan. There are ajisai (hydrangea) popping up everywhere, blues and violets and deep magenta soaking ...

A post on spring edibles to come.

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Cherry blossoms in Washington D.C.

Prunus - Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata) in bloom

From as early as the eighth century, elite imperial courtiers paused to appreciate the delicate pink cherry blossoms known as sakura - kazuya asizawa - ...


Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms. The tree (Yaezakura variety) in front of the house was in full bloom by early May.

watercolor blowing art cherry blossom - Google Search


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Chris Dwyer

Cherry blossom

Realistic sakura blossom - Japanese cherry tree isolated on white background - stock vector

PHOTO OF THE DAY 13 apr 2012 @tee_gf - @photooftheday- #webstagram. Cherry Blossoms In JapanSpring ...

The blossoms also, quite literally, symbolise new beginnings, with April 1 being the first day of both the financial and academic year in Japan.

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Wood burning idea

Cherry blossoms by a river in Japan - Credit: AP

Everything you need to know about seeing cherry... — Yahoo Travel Inspirations

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Cherry blossoms at the Tokyo Imperial Palace

I'll schedule this post for Monday, the day I return to the UK at the end of my stay in Japan. This is it; I've had plenty of ideas for things to ...

A cherry blossom-lined slope car track in Funaoka Castle Park in Sendai - Credit: AP

A hung wooden mask and Wisteria at Asakakunitsuko Shrine, just off the main Sakura dori

Takizakura, mother cherry tree of Miharu.

Sawwhet owl woodburning by Jarid Mansfield

There's even a term for viewing the cherry blossoms at night, yozakura. Hanami and yozakura both involve sitting under the sakura with a picnic and sake.

Japanese trees

Hanami - Hanami picnics in the front of Himeji Castle, 2005


Cherry blossoms in Owensboro, Kentucky


Alright, enough complaining about my sucky life. Let's get down to business. The good news is that I've managed to complete some chapters of When the Sun ...

9GreenBox - Japanese Cherry Blossom Flowering Bonsai Seed Kit- Gift - Complete Kit to Grow


Sakura Season: Hanami in Japan ...

History of the Cherry Trees - Cherry Blossom Festival (U.S. National Park Service)

Spring for Japan means Cherry Blossom. Known as Sakura in Japanese, Cherry Trees blossoms during spring every year in Japan, and during this time many ...

Sakura Season: Hanami in Japan Sakura Season: Hanami in Japan ...

However, the sakuras bloom for only a very short period of time. In the Tokyo region, they typically blossom at the end of March and reach their full bloom ...

IMG_3120 ...

We were in Japan for other reasons (Nagano Marathon), but lucked out and caught the cherry blossoms (Sakura), about a week before their peak in this part of ...

Sakura Quest is the most recent series from studio P.A. Works' “earnest girls working earnestly” genre that it started back in 2011 with Hanasaku Iroha.

For centuries cherry-blossom or sakura has lived in the hearts of and ignited the spirit of the Japanese people. They wait for this time of year as the ...

Hirosaki Castle hides behind a weeping cherry blossom tree

Al Fresco Dining In The Shade of Sakura at Canal Cafe Tokyo – Travel With Nano B.

Sakura Season: Hanami in Japan

Nozawa Onsen Fire Festival in Nagano

More ...

Cherry blossom in the Praça do Japão (Japan Square), Curitiba, Brazil


Prunus serrulata - Japanese cherry Prunus serrulata

White cherry blossoms (sakura)

I wrote on Tuesday about the storm that came through. It was the worst storm for decades, bringing typhoon-strength winds to western Honshu.

Also enshrined at Otoyo-jinja is Emperor Ojin, the 15th Emperor of Japan. Though he falls into the category of 'legendary Emperors' meaning he was ...

Along the walk

Do you remember what this tree symbolizes in Japan.?Like so many things, you seemed to have forgotten. Well let me help you remember what it means in your ...

Cherry trees along Abukuma River last year

I made the pilgrimage (train ride and about 1,000 stairs) to Chureito Pagoda, which mostly validated the entire Fuji detour.

Cherry trees Philosopher's Walk.Kyoto

Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival 2018

This concept is known as `mono no aware`, lit. the pathos of things, and can be thought of as the Japanese term used to describe impermanence.

I did bring a journal and jotted down a few thoughts/experiences that I'll transcribe here but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

this Sunday afternoon was spent flower and people watching. Nothing better than the one great

It does not take much convincing to get the Japanese to go in search of that perfect flower viewing (hanami) experience. Whereas in the rest of the world ...

9GreenBox - Japanese Cherry Blossom Flowering Bonsai Seed Kit- Gift - Complete Kit to Grow Japanese Cherry Blossom Flowering Bonsai from Seed: Amazon.ca: ...

Spring, of course, is renowned for the Sakura (cherry blossom), but prior to that eventuality, which casts the Japanese under ...

History of the Cherry Trees - Cherry Blossom Festival (U.S. National Park Service)

Sakura at Odawara Castle Sakura at Hikone Castle

Cherry blossoms at the Pittock Mansion in Oregon

“The Sakura Strategy”

Yachounomori Garden, Tatebayashi, Gunma, Japan

Gardens by the Bay Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 ...

Bearing in mind the fickle nature of cherry blossoms, it's worth keeping any eye on official forecasts - Credit: AP

Sakura at Odawara Castle ...

The Golden Pavilion is a Zen temple of the Rinzai School; however, it has a rather dark story hidden in its history. Back in 1950, a monk burned the ...

I spent Sunday in Odawara with Nori and Emi and their family. The sun was shining, the sky was blue – but the sakura still wasn't out.


This was also thanks to the shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune that planted areas of cherry blossom trees all over Japan.

The cherry blossom tree, or sakura, holds special significance in Japanese culture. They bloom for only a week or two in the springtime and the lack of any ...

I have to include sakura here since I live in Japan. There are different kinds of cherry blossoms, ranging from fuchsia to white colored flowers.

For those tiring of the sakura talk, you may now all breath a sigh of relief as cherry blossom ...