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Mysterious PyramidShaped Mountain Found On Ceres AOL

Mysterious PyramidShaped Mountain Found On Ceres AOL


Dwarf planet Ceres

A prominent mountain with bright streaks on its steep slopes. The peak's shape has been

A closer look at those mysterious bright spots. (Credit:


The intriguing bright spots on Ceres lie in a crater named Occator

A top-down view of Ceres' "pyramid" from June 18, 2015

'Pyramid' on Ceres is actually cooler than we thought

Pyramid-shaped mystery in space

Mysterious Object Found On Asteroid Ceres - Danger Imminent?

5 km high 'Pyramid' Mountain found on Ceres After Puzzling White Spots - YouTube

From afar, Ahuna Mons looked to be pyramid-shaped, but upon closer inspection

Origins of 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Begin to Emerge | Mary magdalene and Truths


Ceres: The planet that wasn't

This mysterious pyramid-shaped mountain in space is actually a gigantic ice volcano

Crazy Alien Tower Discovered On Asteroid Ceres!

Mysterious Haze Found Over Ceres Bright Spots

Size comparison of Vesta, Eros and Ceres. Credit: NASA/JPL

Why is there a 3 Mile High Pyramid on Ceres?

The bright deposits in Occator Crater on Ceres, as imaged by NASA's Dawn spacecraft during its Low Altitude Mapping Orbit (LAMO), at roughly 385 km above ...

NASA probe spots gigantic 'pyramid-shaped' mountain on dwarf planet - 4 MILES high

Occator crater on Ceres and the mysterious bright spots

New maps of Ceres show the dwarf planet's mysterious bright spots and huge, pyramid-shaped mountain in a new light.

Colour up close

Bright Spots On Ceres Aren't Signs Of Alien Civilizations, Studies Say : The Two-Way : NPR


ceres occ crater (1)


August 19, 2015 date on NASA Dawn mission imageat a resolution of 450 feet (

Comparison of HST and Dawn FC images of Ceres taken nearly 11 years apart. Credit

These images are color-coded maps of the dwarf planet Ceres drawn from NASA's Dawn

Comet 67P on 10 December

Nasa scientists in California revealed images from the Dawn spacecraft. One shows a mountain the

Ceres has only one mountain - nick named "The Pyramid"



Bright lights that cannot be explained... a huge pyramid sticking out of nowhere

ceres dwarf planet illustration dawn mission nasa jpl PIA20919


Ceres' up close: Stunning new images reveal three mile high mountain has a strange 'glowing' side - Vid >

A stone formation in Israel called 'Wheel of Giants' that is thought to be years old remains a mystery to scholars but some believe it may have been used as ...

main article image

Earth's 10 Most Mysterious Events

Now orbiting at a near altitude of just 2,700 miles, those big spots remain a mystery (the leading guess is still reflective patches of ice or salts), ...

Comparing the sizes of the dwarf planets

The pyramid-shaped object was found by the paranormal YouTube channel ParanormalCrucible and supposedly shows an artificial object that mimics the Great ...

... Details About Interstellar Space Object | VIDEO

NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks One of the enormous earthwork configurations photographed from space is known as the Ushtogaysky ...

... What caused this strange code-like pattern to form on an Icelandic lake?

Ceres lights #20

A stone formation in Israel called 'Wheel of Giants' that is thought to be 5,000 years old remains a mystery to scholars but some believe it may ha…


A spacecraft found two eerily bright lights on a distant dwarf planet.

Intelligent Life On Ceres? New Evidence Seems to Suggest So

... Weird Grooves On Mars' Moon Phobos Traced to Asteroids


The Pyramid of Ceres (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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Dark Lady on Mars: NASA's Rover spots mysterious being looking out into space from red planet

Puritama Hot Springs, San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta Region, Chile.

An artist's interpretation of the events, captured by Kepler showing a Ceres-like asteroid slowly disintegrating as it orbits a white dwarf star.

England's most notorious serial killer may have been renowned poet Francis Thompson, according to one


STAR GATES: ALALSKA'S DARK PYRAMID?? Alaska's is geologically active and a conical mass

New NASA Research Shows Giant Asteroids Battered Early Earth

Atlantis FOUND? '8.5-mile pyramid' discovered at bottom of the ocean | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

Archaeologists in Peru made a monumental discovery when they found dozens of tombs with up to

Last week, conspiracy theorists said they had found a pyramid on Mars (shown)

Proof of extraterrestrial life - Vegas

Mogok Myanmar by Roland Schlüssel, 280 pages, hardcover, $130 // Available at

Mystery heat spots found in pyramids

Tour Weird Ceres: Bright Spots and a Pyramid-Shaped Mountain

Jan 15, 2017 from the new GOES-16

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Amazing image from New Horizons

“If we manage to find something closer, that would be huge,” says Basnal. “That would tell us what would happen. Their fate – it's a mystery.”

Mind-blowing Pluto has ice mountains and water

July 2015. The latest Big Blue Marble photo.

A pyramid-shaped peak called Matterhorn in the Alps. Credit: Ekaterina Grivet,

sci-universe: “Mars is now known as the planet who lost an ocean's worth of water. According to new results published today, about 4 billion years ago a ...

US-North Korea war imminent?

Moon Series Art - Europa - Astronomy Poster/Canvas - Large Sizes

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NASA satellite image of Mexico City

Somewhere Out There Could Be a Giant New Planet in Our Solar System: So Where

This Antarctic mountain bears a striking resemblance to a pyramid. Credit: Google Maps

İşte Curiosity'nin çektiği diğer Mars fotoğrafları.

New Yamal mummy