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NEW AKT poster from Novus Pathways amp key molecular targets

NEW AKT poster from Novus Pathways amp key molecular targets


NFKB Signaling Pathway

TGF Beta Signaling Pathway

NEW #AKT poster from Novus! Pathways & key #molecular targets for PI3K-

Hedgehog Signaling Pathway

MAPK and P13K-AKT. PathwaysPathsWalking Paths

PI3K-akt pathway - Google Search

Fluorescent Labels. PathwaysPathsWalking Paths

Inhibition of Innate Immune Responses Is Key to Pathogenesis by Arenaviruses #Arenaviridae #Arenavirus #

Pathway Central: HGF

Retinoic Acid, a lipophilic molecule and a metabolite of Vitamin-A (all-

Apoptosis poster

EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a small 53 amino acid residue protein that is

Pathway Central: Signaling in Gap Junction

Car-t cell immunotherapy poster

Pathway Central: Activation of cAMP-Dependent PKA

HIPPO Signaling Pathway

Stem Cell Differentiation Pathway


TH1 Pathway (Cellular Immune Response)

Here are some of my diagrams illustrating signaling pathways crosstalk. Enjoy!

Pathway Central: NFAT and cardiac hypertrophy

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Simple Western lane view shows lysates of MCF‑7 human breast cancer cell line untreated

autophagy pathway

Akt Signaling Pathway

Western Blot: G6PC Antibody [NBP1-80533] - Sample Tissue: Mouse Lung

CAR-T Cell

Western blot shows lysates of NIH‑3T3 mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line untreated (-

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Western blot shows lysates of Jurkat human acute T cell leukemia cell line, MCF‑

BRAF Inhibition Decreases Cellular Glucose Uptake in Melanoma in Association with Reduction in Cell Volume | Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

PHD3 Controls Lung Cancer Metastasis and Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors through TGFα | Cancer Research

review image

Flow (Intracellular): ABCG1 Antibody [NB400-132] - RAW 246.7 cells

Flow (Cell Surface): ABCA1 Antibody [NB400-105] - RAW 246.7

Western Blot: Mre11 Antibody [NB100-142] - Analysis of Mre11 on 50

Mouse Platelet Ral GTPases Control P-Selectin Surface Expression, Regulating Platelet–Leukocyte InteractionHighlights | Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, ...

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... a c-Src/Abl Kinase Inhibitor, Alone or in Combination with Chemotherapeutic Agents in Gastric Cancer | Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

Flow (Intracellular): Complement C3 Antibody (11H9) [NB200-540]

Glioma‐derived cancer stem cells are hypersensitive to proteasomal inhibition | EMBO Reports

Western Blot: VEGF Antibody (VG1) [NB100-664] - HUVEC and

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Western Blot: Survivin Antibody [NB500-201] - Analysis shows lysates of human

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SIK2 Is Critical in the Regulation of Lipid Homeostasis and Adipogenesis In Vivo | Diabetes

Transforming Growth Factor-β–Induced Cross Talk Between p53 and a MicroRNA in the Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy | Diabetes

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Synergy between rapamycin and FLT3 ligand enhances plasmacytoid dendritic cell–dependent induction of CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ Treg | Blood Journal

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Epidermal Growth Factor–like Domain 7 Predicts Response to First-Line Chemotherapy and Bevacizumab in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer | Molecular ...

Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) was induced in the A549 human lung carcinoma cell

Anthony's award winning poster from the 2015 International Society for Tryptophan Research meeting highlights our pre-clinical glioblastoma models.

Fig. 3 Inhibition effect of YAF in vivo. a Tumor weight change was determined

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Western Blot: HIF-1 alpha Antibody [NB100-479] - Analysis in

Ijms 18 01343 g006 550

Western Blot: HIF-1 alpha Antibody [NB100-134] - Analysis of

Fig. 1. The Notch1 receptor intracellular domain is highly elevated in advanced human prostate

Transcriptome analyses of mouse and human mammary cell subpopulations reveal multiple conserved genes and pathways. Breast Cancer Res. 12, R21 (2010).

Cell Cycle & DNA Damage Repair


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Table 1. The antibodies used in this study.

Western Blot: Survivin Antibody [NB500-201] - Whole cell extracts were prepared

autophagy guide

AKT [p Ser473] Antibody (545007) - Pan Specific (MAB887): Novus Biologicals

Cancer Metabolism Poster

Western Blot: Rad51C Antibody (2H11/6) [NB100-177] -

Regulation of HIF1α under Hypoxia by APE1/Ref-1 Impacts CA9 Expression: Dual Targeting in Patient-Derived 3D Pancreatic Cancer Models | Molecular Cancer ...

(a) Representative western blot (top) and quantification (bottom) for the expression of key proteins involved in MAPK signaling in the liver of Cflar-Flox ...

Western Blot: HIF-1 alpha Antibody (H1alpha67) [NB100-105]

Inhibiting ACAT1/SOAT1 in Microglia Stimulates Autophagy-Mediated Lysosomal Proteolysis and Increases Aβ1–42 Clearance | Journal of Neuroscience

AMPK Signaling Pathway

Flow Cytometry: TLR9 Antibody (26C593.2) [NBP2-24729] -

Nuclear translocation of AMPK-α1 potentiates striatal neurodegeneration in Huntington's disease | JCB

Western Blot: HIF-1 alpha Antibody [NB100-449] - HIF-

(12) Finley LW, Carracedo A, Lee J, Souza A, Egia A, Zhang J et al. SIRT3 opposes reprogramming of cancer cell metabolism through HIF1alpha destabilization.

(6.) McDonald, O. G., Maitra, A. & Hruban, R. H. Human correlates of provocative questions in pancreatic pathology. Adv. Anat. Pathol. 19, 351-362 (2012).

Hypoxia Selectively Enhances Integrin α5β1 Receptor Expression in Breast Cancer to Promote Metastasis | Molecular Cancer Research

TRPC6 Regulates CXCR2-Mediated Chemotaxis of Murine Neutrophils | The Journal of Immunology

Follow our employees on social media with #BioTechneMarches throughout the weekend for scenes from around the world.

IL2 Inducible T-cell Kinase, a Novel Therapeutic Target in Melanoma | Clinical Cancer Research

Ingenuity canonical pathways affected by DPM-upregulated miRNAs. The putative targets

Mode of action and pharmacogenomic biomarkers for exceptional responders to didemnin B | Nature Chemical Biology

Visualize gene expression and splice junctions at the single-cell level using the RNAscope® and BaseScope™ in situ hybridization assays

A Macrophage-Dominant PI3K Isoform Controls Hypoxia-Induced HIF1α and HIF2α Stability and Tumor Growth, Angiogenesis, and Metastasis | Molecular Cancer ...

autophagy pathway

STAT3-mediated transcription of Bcl-2, Mcl-1 and c-IAP2 prevents apoptosis in polyamine-depleted cells | Biochemical Journal

PiColorLock Gold Colorimetric Assay Kit [303-0125] - Universal assay for inorganic phosphate

... Hi-Res ...

Angiogenesis in Cancer

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Figure 4 - PLoS One. 2014 Jul 15;9(7):e102003

Autophagy is defective in collagen VI muscular dystrophies, and its reactivation rescues myofiber degeneration | Nature Medicine