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New trending GIF on Giphy August 11 2017 at 0528PM t

New trending GIF on Giphy August 11 2017 at 0528PM t


where is the lie?

Peridot looks like lemon grabs from adventure time XD

Rose 'bout to drop some sick beats, I bet Pearl would beatbox.

lol I love peri this is honestly so funny cuz I thought peridot was this huge threat at first and now,now she's just a little sweet kitten


The fandom is real Steven Universe

*raises hand proudly like a boss*


ECMWF and GFS show nuttin' in the ATL/CAR/GOM for 2 weeks?! Then a big fat hurricane starts heading North through the Yucatan channel.

Omg no bad jasper

Gotta get a beautiful face ready for a fight

With High TCHP, still in a lot of the Basin, October can wreak Havoc as many a past year show us easily.

No computer models come near the Bahamas with Philippe:

Or you just don't want it because you are trash and don't deserve love

This situation will likely last well into next week, and will discourage formation of new tropical storms. The MJO is a 30-60 day cycle of thunderstorm ...

It wasn't the frog that caught Sapphire's attention.

Ophelia seems to be moving more East now.

Good Evening. Ophelia's a hurricane now? That was fast.

This only supports the fact that Rose served Pink Diamond, arms proved by recent episodes. But this also implies that our Pearl didn't belong to Rose, ...

Your # of comments...it's.... OVER 9000!!! lol Anyways, Ophelia's "eye" disappeared.

Figure 2. True-color MODIS image of Typhoon Nesat over the South China Sea taken at 1:35 pm local time September 28, 2011. At the time, Nesat was a Category ...

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Ophelia strengthening; Typhoon Nalgae a new threat to the Philippines | Category 6™

On November 8, 2008, Hurricane Paloma ballooned into an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 230 kilometers per hour (145 miles ...

The crystal gems fusions