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Nicole Delian has a rare condition called KleineLevin Syndrome or

Nicole Delian has a rare condition called KleineLevin Syndrome or


Nicole Delian has a rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome or "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Nicole Delien, Real-life Sleeping Beauty, Slept 64 Days In A Row (VIDEO) | HuffPost

Kleine-Levin, or Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

The real-life Sleeping Beauty: US teen who can sleep for up to two. Nicole Delian once slept through Christmas and ...

Nicole Delian ...

Alanna Wong & Dr. Watson's Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) Interview

Teenager with rare disorder regularly sleeps for 10 day at a time

Girl Slept For 64 Days: Suffers From Kleine–Levin Syndrome

Woman, 23, sleeps for 59 DAYS because of 'Sleeping Beauty' disorder that causes her to fall into a trances for weeks on end | Health articles

Kleine-Levin Syndrome : A Rare Sleeping Disorder

Sarah Beal, 43, from Arley, Warwickshire, suffers from a rare skin condition called dermatographia, a type of urticaria (allergic skin rash) in which itchy ...

High school gymnast shines in competition despite rare neurological disorder

Nicole Delien Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Kleine-Levin Syndrome KLS also known as sleeping beauty syndrome is a rare neurological disorder. KLS affects roughly 1000 known patients worldwide.

Nicole Delien slept 64 days due to Kleine-Levin syndrome

Kleine Levin Syndrome

Waking up to reality - Kleine Levin syndrome

'Sleeping beauty' suffers from rare brain disorder that makes her sleep for up to. '

Nicole Delian has a rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome or "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" that makes her sleep 18 to 19 hours a day. Kleine-Lev…

Nicole Delian has a rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome or "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" that makes her sleep 18 to 19 hours a day. Kleine-Lev…

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Klein-Levin Hibernation Disorder is a rare disease that affects adolescents. Causes are unknown, however symptoms cause patients to lose portions of their ...

Kleine-Levin Syndrome typically begins in adolescence, but Stacey Maltz started having episodes at

Acting Out Dreams Linked to Dementia - YouTube

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KLS - Come back soon..poem written by a sister

Table Frequency of symptoms during episodes of Kleine-Levin

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome is a sickness that causes people to sleep for up to 10 days

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Rare Disease day

If you are a friend, family member, medical professional, or want to learn more about the KLS struggle, get a KLS Guidebook!

We need your support to find a cure! The Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS

Girl Line Drawing ART PRINT - GIRL art, Woman Drawing, Teen, Tween,

KLS - accurate diagnosis

KLS - Keep Living Strong

Kleine-Levin syndrome is one of the rarest sleep disorders. Also known as sleeping

Kleine Levin Syndrome

KLS Foundation Leaflet 2014

23 best KLS: Kleine-Levin Syndrome images on Pinterest | Helping hands, Sleep and Chronic illness

Find this Pin and more on Marriage by jdw311.

Sleeping beauty: Teenager has slumbered through Christmas, birthdays, school exams and even a date

If you've ever drifted off to sleep or just woken up from sleep but

2014 Kleine-Levin Syndrome Calendar - help raise awareness and with research

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Kleine Levin or Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Nicole slept for 64 days missing Thanksgiving, Christmas

Bloody strange: Meet the man who BLEEDS often FROM HIS EYES (Viewer Discretion)

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Table 2: Treatments used in patients with Kleine- Levin syndrome and reported effects[


18 best Kleine Levin images on Pinterest | Wellness, Sleep and Cool stuff

A New Device is Helping Sleep Apnea Patients WATCH VIDEO: https://www

Keep Living Strong (KLS) to inspire those struggling with Kleine Levin Syndrome especially my

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The Connection Between REM Sleep Disorder and Alzheimer's

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18 best Kleine Levin images on Pinterest | Wellness, Sleep and Cool stuff

A sign at one of the more than 300 hot springs feeding into Nevada's Lake Mead warns that this water is known to host Naegleria fowleri amoebas.

The Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) Hats are an easy and fun way to spread awareness and remember those who are suffering from KLS.

Restless Sleep Disorder Linked To Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

The term covers a range of specific conditions. It is sometimes called Pick's disease or frontal lobe dementia. This factsheet e…

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KLS - teenagers View

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REM sleep behavior disorder, or RBD, is often as tragic and troublesome as it is intriguing. What happens when someone acts out their dreams?

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