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Nieves Fernandez 1906 Nieves Fernandez filipina One of

Nieves Fernandez 1906 Nieves Fernandez filipina One of


Captain Nieves Fernandez shows to an American soldier how she used her long knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during occupation, 1944.

UPDATE 2: Here's another picture, from Wikipedia. I'm trying verify that it's her. Seems to be younger than in the 1944 picture.

A child soldier stands over a blindfolded soldier.Angkor Chey, Cambodia. 1973

A U.S. soldier offers his hand to a woman leaving a cave where she had hidden

The Brassiere: An Uplifting History

Cambodian soldier takes stick to Vietnamese. Centuries of hatred lead to brutality. July 15 1970. - A.P. WIREPHOTO

O melhor conteúdo com novas tecnologias, novidades, informações, os melhores vídeos. E

An American soldier cradles a wounded Japanese boy and shelters him from the rain in an airplane cockpit during the Battle of Saipan while waiting to ...

Nazaria Lagos

The initial list of Filipina bets included Josefina Ocampo, Purita Villanueva, ...

Two Imaginary Girls

Born to a landed family in Cabuyao, Laguna, Algabre joined the Sakdal (“accuse” in Tagalog) movement, a grassroots group in the 1930s that pushed for full ...

Japan: “In the earlier periods such as the Heian and Kamakura, there were female members of the samurai class who became prominent or even present on the ...

As a young child growing up in a poor family, Barros would often ask her widowed mother (her father died when she was four months old), why there were so ...


Philippine resistance against Japan - Image: Captain Nieves Fernandez

alupacchino: “@unbottledviolence in Baltimore © anthony lupacchino ”

Alhambra Fire Department, California, 1927

Maria Lorena Barros was among the 207 revolutionary heroes and martyrs honored in the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Wall of Remembrance, which lists the names of ...

40 rare snaps from Janis Joplin's childhood you probably…

Josefina Guerrero

Gliceria Villavicencio

Marcela Marcelo + Battle of Pasong Santol

Maria Rosa Luna Henson

Madonna photographed by Eric Kroll backstage at Danceteria,…


Rebecca Rocki

... 14 Amazing Filipina Heroines You Don't Know But Should ...

Iwa Moto

Wedding portrait, California, 1922

(Source: flesh-hierarchy)

That Self-Appendectomy: The story of Dr. Leonid Rogozov who cut… – History

Wendell Fertig - Fertig needed experienced American soldiers to train the Filipino guerrillas.

40 rare snaps from Janis Joplin's childhood you probably haven't seen before.

Enrique Fernández Arbós

"Last Known Veterans of the 1836 #Texas Revolution, 1906" #history #pics #photographypic.twitter.com/77pqV6Sjwb

Filipino guerrillas under the command of Captain Jesus Olmedo come out to meet Major General A.V. Arnold at U.S. Army 7th Division headquarters for a ...

Pascual H. Poblete - Image: Pascual poblete PG

What is Aurora?

Japanese Infantry 1/32 Glencoe

Of the two women who signed their names on our marriage certificate, Nieves B. Epistola is especially missed during the month of July.

名媛絵端書双六 梶田半古 1906年


Nieva Erana, a popular Escolarina student, is credited in extant Carnival photos as the other Miss Mindanao, together with Adela Planas.

Philippine Constabulary - Two Constables posing for a photo in the New York Tribune' in

MARIANO N CASTAÑEDA AFP Medal of Valor recipient.jpg

Chinese in the Philippines: Problems & Perspectives, vol. 5

1 Abad, Cernick S 2 Abad, Rino E 3 Abagat, Hazel V 4 Abalos, Dowelson M 5 Aban, Richard Bobot F 6 Abapo, Lovely S 7 Abarca, Rodvick J

7 Amazing Pinoy Trivia Guaranteed To Make You Say 'WOW!'

Manuel A. Torres

Perfecto V. Fernandez - Fernandez in San Fabian, Pangasinan

Pacífica Fernández

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Soon, the said mother realizes that this is the dire consequence of one irreversible mistake she committed in the past. Starring Kris Bernal, Mark Herras, ...

the Philippines' first komiks strip inside the pages of Telembang.

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Institute of Southeast Asian Studies - Image: ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute

List Of September 2015 Licensure Examination for Teachers Passers (Letter D)

Teresa de Jesus de los Andes (Juana Fernández Solar) (1900–1920)

Cocker Spaniel - Image: Gessa d'Aran Copo de Nieve arancio roano prop.

Andrea Fabra Fernández - Image: Andrea Fabra (detalle)

Filipino name

Jose L. de Ocampo

Governor General of the Philippine Islands (1906-1909) fully supported the idea of a Carnival. Capt. Langhorne asked the Philippine Assembly for a P50,000 ...

Eula Valdez

Presidential Proclamation no. 1906 s. 2009 declares

A French soldier, dressed as Santa, distributes parcels from home. 1939

Communism in the Philippines - Isabelo de los Reyes, ilustrado, and considered to be

20 Remarkable Colorized Photos Will Let You Relive Philippine History

Survivor ...

Richard Staats, commanding general of the 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary

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Luciano Herrera never backed away from a fight. He was a tough man from a tough place—northern New Mexico. When the U.S. Army entered New Mexico in 1846, ...

BulSU fetes Bulacan journalists

Linggo ng Kasuotang Filipino

Margarita Cedeño de Fernández

Miss Philippines Earth - Image: Karla Henry

César Fernández García - Image: Foto de César Fernández García

Mariano Gómez - Image: PH nhi mariano gomez

Narcisa de León - Mila del Sol rose to stardom after being cast by Doña Sisang

LIST OF PASSERS: May 2018 CE Board Exam Results

Richard Staats, commanding general of the 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary

Federico Fernández Cavada

June 2016 Nurse Licensure Examination results - Anung Bago? What is New? What are the Latest?