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No price is too high to save the innocent Constantine Is DEAD

No price is too high to save the innocent Constantine Is DEAD




Matt Ryan as Constantine. Find this Pin and more on Constantine by Grimmsfairytale. No price is too high to save the innocent.

A few thoughts on Constantine's “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1” | occultdetective.com

A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened

John Constantine in Grayson Annual “Who Is Agent - Roge Antonio & Jeromy Cox

Keeping Up with Constantine: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 1” | Writ3r Addiction

John Constantine, Says so, right on the business card your boss took from me


A few thoughts on Constantine's “The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1”

... Arrow Constantine Crossover



Will Simpson interior from Hellblazer 41 beginning of Ennis' run.

It's not ...


CONSTANTINE star Matt Ryan with sharpie in hand during the show's signing in the Warner Bros

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John Constantine

TV Constantine by Greg Staples

Constantine S01E13 Recap: Waiting for the Man

Hellblazer featuring John Constantine by Sean Phillips


The New 52: Futures End #37, Page 4

DC Comics July 2016 Solicitations with Cover Art



John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Comics) with bloody shirt and scalpel

With two games and hundreds of comic issues, the alternate universe of Injustice has given us many casualties. Here are the victims.

Best Shots Reviews: LANDO #1, CONSTANTINE: THE HELLBLAZER #2, SAGA #30, 1872 #1, STARFIRE #2

To protect the innocent from an ancient evil, will Constantine make the ultimate sacrifice?

Courtesy of NBC

Constantine (2013 DC) 1B

Ben Etheridge

Seriously Barry, if even Ray Palmer (who is a freakin Boy Scout) is willing to kill someone for the greater good, you can too, especially a man who killed ...


Secret Agent X Volume 6 Cover

für immer.

John Constantine

Constantine the saint of last resorts. “

John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Comics) orange background Bradstreet


... but not everything about them (i.e. not enough to have sexual relations, especially as Didi). - Death: The High Cost of Living #1-2 & Madame Xanadu #6 ...

It's a nice idea, that Man-Thing is such a risky livewire, that anybody could be his victim--innocent or no, if you get scared by the massive swamp monster, ...


Jason Blood steps in to do the same and begins to summon Etrigan to take his place. Before he can, the Spectre's energies blast the door back, killing both ...

Constantine shows a modified Joker card

Arrow Constantine Saves Sara


Courtesy of NBC

Diana of Themyscira (Prime Earth)

Poison Ivy and Cheshire attack Diana

La Brujeria in Swamp Thing #46 (Moore/Bissette/Totleben)

Claremont's walking a fine line between drama and melodrama here, with Magneto's proclamation of revenge taking the whole thing WAY over the top.

Constantine's appearance in late 2003. Cover art to Hellblazer #189. Art by Tim Bradstreet.

Probably my favourite panel from any comic-book in any genre; Bill Parker & C. C. Beck's Shazam introduces himself to Billy Batson, from "Introducing ...

Constantine - Season 1

Hellblazer Constantine

Hellblazer Fear and Loathing TPB (1997 DC/Vertigo) John Constantine 1B-REP

Rue Britannia, David Kohl, is an authorial analogue not unlike John Constantine. (Written by Kieron Gillen, art by Jamie McKelvie, from Phonogram #1, 2006)

Has amazing eyeshadow.

Death: The High Cost of Living #1-2 & Madame Xanadu #6 & Death: The time of Your Life #2

Constantine The Hellblazer (2015) 1C


#saveconstantine #renewconstantine

Time Travel: -With the aid of the Cosmic Treadmill (sometimes), Barry can time travel (as shown above). -Travels back to the present after absorbing Daniel ...

Sir Timothy Hunter, Tim's destiny, from the cover of issue #74.

Hellblazer Red Sepulchre TPB (2005 DC/Vertigo) John Constantine 1-1ST

-Spirit Wards

John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Comics) by Bradstreet


+Said circles are entirely impenetrable, as The First could not break it +In the New 52 reboot, Superman couldn't pass through it

John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Comics) leaning against a demon wall

Constantine walks under the rain

God Is Dead, Or Seems To Be! Satan Rules, Or Acts As If He Does! On The Debut Of The Golden Age Black Widow in Mystic Comics #2, 1940 (Part 1 of ...

I wonder if we'll get to see Zed transform into a bird, like what happened to Judith in Swamp Thing #48:

Constantine The Hellblazer TPB (2016 DC) 1-1ST

Constantine "The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1" Review: Maybe the Demon Ate Your Baby - TV.com

Justinian's Code of Law and Roman Emperors After Constantine - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Showing that you either go big or go home, Constantine summons Trigon to distract Superman and friends.

Constantin Reliu, 63, was declared dead by his wife after he had been out

Nearly all of TV is going on hiatus for the holidays, when I guess no one is expected to watch TV. But when I'm with my family, that's all we do ...

I mean, seriously, for a bunch of guy's who have been fighting evil 'much longer than we can imagine, they have been far too ...

[ IMG]

John Constantine Hellblazer (DC Comics) smoking near a field of corpses

Figure 464: John Constantine, dripping with faint menace on his first appearance. (Written by Alan Moore, ark by Rick Veitch, from Swamp Thing #37, 1985)

Dillon ...

John Constantine discusses his previous girlfriends and boyfriends.

It turns out that it was mercury poisoning in her inhaler and she got sicker every time she used it. Harris is positive it was Claire who did it.

Heck with Constantine. I'd like to see a Grant Morrison era Doom Patrol. Crazy Jane, The Scissormen, Red Jack, the Brotherhood of Dada (I'd love to see ...

Was Jesus CRUCIFIED, RAISED from the DEAD, and WHY?

Dr. Strange was killed by it, The Punisher just acted like it wasn't anything new and as for Deadpool? Well, it turned Ghost Rider back into Johnny Blaze.

Death: The High Cost of Living #1


Arrow Felicity Dies Death