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No veo tal crisis Realidad t Humor Satirical cartoons

No veo tal crisis Realidad t Humor Satirical cartoons


No veo tal crisis... Orlando BloomSatirical CartoonsX21Political ...


EVERYTHING about this bitch is a damn lie.she couldn't tell the truth if it slapped her in the face!

Aumento del consumo

Funny pictures about I'm considering a career in organized crime. Oh, and cool pics about I'm considering a career in organized crime.

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Cartoon Politics

Remember Trump likes the poorly educated! Dump Don the Con Treasonous Trump

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Rhetorical Soup

17 Ilustraciones que muestran nuestra triste realidad.

HUMOR INDIGNADO 99% | pensando | Pinterest | Humor, Illustrations and Satirical illustrations

Las ideas no mueren

They're distracting us man!

We have a beautiful country, "no" to the Nica Act.

Minister of General Affairs, Minister of Affairs of Little Importance, Minister-Adviser for Vegetable Buying, for a total of twenty-something presidential ...

Why do they insist that accidents are only a matter of education?

1971-09 - Né armi né barbe, ma trappole: ecco la via cilena. Manifesto della Sociedad Chilena de Defensa de la TRADICION, FAMILIA Y PROPIEDAD / Come ...

Nicaragua - one year for securing our victories, 2017

In the Carnaval of the "Poets"

More dead in highway accidents, crimes and violence in the country "

Fear of the Executioners

Isso só pra construir uma usina hidroelétrica. Não! Eu disse assim, na lata: "Ninguém vai atrapalhar o amor dos bagres!" Os bichinhos também são filhos de ...

Buenos Aires 1932

Medals of crime "

"We can't permit silence to become an accomplice to bad practices." - Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS

Succession on the march "

The Vesper

Federalism: Not a United States of Europe, please! | VoxEurop.eu: European news, cartoons and press reviews


Y viva la España

A quarta edição da revista do colectivo ROAR foi recentemente publicada. Dedicada ao crescente reforço do autoritarismo exercido pelo Estado, ...

It's not as good compared to the art in-game i hardly started drawing around 6-8 months T_T and annoyingly using a mouse still hope you like this fanart i ...


Will of the People

Be careful not to skip over the guys you don't know so well, or the ones who are kind of non-descript. Middle-aged in blue jeans: may your heart be flooded ...

[7]” The role of irony in the new left movements of 1977 is seen as critical since it marked a break with the '68 generation and the humorless political ...

dushman. "

Monument to the state of rights and the laws in Nicaragua


From my point of view, the consequences will be felt in the field of politics, philosophy and moral values, and we are not going to start seeing them ...

... readily ossified by commercial pressures, the cult of star singer and so on. Above all, he has done this through music that is distinctively his own and ...

Third world attack Vol 2 (2015)

(-por Diogo Moreira, 365forte, 26/6/2015)

Reflex, 1948. Constant Nieuwenhuys Manifesto

High Court ruling, the end of the Malaysian Solution?

Taberna Mylaensis: Chianciunu l'occhi mei. From the album Allah Muntagna (1996).

panamá PPapers

Taberna Mylaensis: Chianciunu l'occhi mei. From the album Allah Muntagna (1996).

Norman Rockwell - Stamp US 1960 4c Boy Scouts of America

Lehman WSJ essay photo by Yao Xiao

greekborder2 atlantis greekborder2


Taberna Mylaensis: Chianciunu l'occhi mei. From the album Allah Muntagna (1996).

DNF (seriously anyone who manages to finish this book deserves an award).

Exemplo: em 1994, FHC recebe de Itamar Franco um país com U$ 40 bilhões de reservas econômicas e uma dívida externa de aproximados U$ 145 bilhões.

by James Harvey

(5) – In popular usage in Cuba, a Jew was often called a “Polaco” (Pole, Polish). “Just as the Spaniards here are called 'gallegos', all Jews, regardless of ...

Taberna Mylaensis: Barbablu. Switch it on and the tale begins.

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It took corporate America a while to warm to Donald Trump. Some of his positions, especially on trade, horrified business leaders. Many of them favoured Ted ...

... ficar muito chato a futura presidente da república comparecendo no Congresso com 20 vasinhos de flor de bailarina que comprou pelo cartão corporativo.

[NOTE: This map was submitted to be printed with my article on TEXAS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY 1776 in the July 4, 2017, issue of the Corpus Christi ...

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A free-standing three-panel mural by Scott Gibbons stands along Broadway at Bolinas Road in Fairfax, Calif. on Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016.


“In the past our politicians offered us dreams of a better world. Now they. “

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Anonymous: The COUP Against Trump Just Got EXPOSED by US Courts – YouTube

Next, our good friends at Arte Público Press, which bills itself as the nation's largest and most established publisher of contemporary and recovery ...

It is no secret that wealth buys power, and that is exactly what we are seeing today. Unfortunately, with wealth and ...

Era de temer o pior, com a Comissão Europeia a querer à viva força fazer aprovar por mais 15 (!) anos o uso do glifosato, essa controversa substância que a ...

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