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Noragami via Tumblr Yato t

Noragami via Tumblr Yato t


yato, noragami, and anime Bild (Beauty World Anime)

noragami, yato, and anime image

Noragami OVA 2 (I totally didn't see that coming) XD

“Mine will always be on my side” -Yato. Noragami 67

noragami, anime, and yato image

Imagen de yato, noragami, and anime

First of all I want to thank the whole noragami fandom

8:04 AM - 5 Sep 2016

銘菓 1EIE human hair color snapshot anime black hair mangaka

Happy Yato for the soul.


yato & hiyori

'Yato Noragami' T-Shirt by Zetsune

(top to bottom) Kaori Miyazono (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso), Yato (Noragami), Hotaro Oreki (Hyouka), Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)


anime lockscreen on Twitter: "Noragami - lockscreen - wallpaper - hiyori - yato - yukine - anime - manga - tumblr credits (natsvme)… "

noragami, anime, stray god, yato

Couldn't resist <3

Anime: Noragami

asbehsam: “ “G o d o f C a l a m i t y F o r t u n e ” Yato ...

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YATO/HIYORI by INstockee ...

Loved Yato's reaction ...

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Noragami Ova Yato and Bishamon Indirect kiss

eriboook: “ hiyorin 💜 picture edited on 16/11/2017 Don't




Yato wants to see Sakura? Whaaa???)

Noragami yato with young yato

original nora noragami hiiro noragami nora 緋 野良 螭 零姫 筒弥 疫 Mizuchi recolor


Some photos from our Noragami set and the screencaps we used as reference! Our reenactments

Noragami Quotes

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It reminds me of the early days of Bleach. You see the relationships contains layers upon layers of parallels and foils. The primary one I want to talk ...

#yato ...

Yato's father is a child abuser, plain and simple, and to me, at its heart, [I]Noragami[/I] is a manga about child abuse and its resounding impacts on the ...


Noragami Hentai T shirts kawaii Japanese Anime t shirt Manga Shirt Cute Cartoon Yato Yukine Cosplay shirts-in T-Shirts from Women's Clothing & Accessories ...

Yato, still like a cat, ...

…YOU CAN'T REALLY DIE TWICE YUKINE! GET UP!….do you think i should get an agent?

noragami yato and yukine funny moments

noragami ep 12


calamitouscyan: “ funimation: “Noragami Aragoto comes out in a few days! Meet

mayorofcanayatown: “ Noragami text post meme because I hadn't seen anyone do one yet.

Some photos from our Noragami set and the screencaps we used as reference! Our reenactments


zunqrt: “I've learned so much watching this anime! ”

noragami 0103


Yatogami by avodkabottle ...

noragami11. Noragami ...

hetalianstella wallpaper possibly with a parasol and a sign called Yato and Hiyori ~ Noragami

h0llyw0lly: “ “Sorry about that…!” Have I mentioned that the latest

_ _ _ _ _ (that's actually an edit) #noragami #

[Spoilers] Noragami Aragoto - Episode 3 [Discussion] : anime

Independent RP/Ask Blog for Hiyori Iki of Noragami; {tracked tag: hiyorinoragami} OC and multi series friendly; [this blog contains spoilers.


yato, noragami, and anime image

You can imagine the stress Yato goes through while this is happening, but Yukine is saved after he realizes how much Yato cares about him.

Page numbers are based on those in the original zip file, not manga sharing sites, as multi-page spreads throw off their numbering:

calamitouscyan: “ funimation: “Noragami Aragoto comes out in a few days! Meet

However, she left her bracelet with Mayu; but before Mayu can rush to take it back to her, both Tenjin and Yato ...


[XHTWCY] New Noragami Aragoto YATO T-shirt Japan Anime Costume Breathable cotton T

noragami nora noragami nora noragami nora bishamon bishamon noragami noragami bishamon kofuku noragami noragami kofuku kofuku

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a goddess and her shinki by taylor-tot124 ...


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Baes - Credit : say0ran-arts on tumblr -yato #noragami #hiyori #

May our fates intertwine... : Noragami Aragoto EP12 || Hiyori Saves Yato ↳.

June 1st 155 notes VIA SOURCE reblog?


Spoiler monochrome manga caps yato noragami from chpt 38; spoiler questions off anon plz

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Yato who was about to complain, saw Tenjin's serious expression, as he said he can only asked Yato to grant it. There has been an old lady that

Noragami: teaching us that even gods made bad fashion choices in the '80s.

Her tail is often wrapped around Yato.

Katzyrine on Twitter: "Sketch/drawing - Yato ©Noragami of Adachi Toka Art by me. #yato #noragami #fanart #adachi #toka http://t.co/LFWaW8bAkH"

emotions without words — The Parallels between Yukine, Yato, and.

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Yato | via Tumblr