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OG 1960 Nash Metropolitan Wagon Prototype ref 39AMH60598

OG 1960 Nash Metropolitan Wagon Prototype ref 39AMH60598


REVISED AND EXPANDED – The Nash Metropolitan was one of the smallest cars ever sold in America, and certainly one of the cutest. Read the story behind the ...

1957 Nash Metropolitan Blue and White

Nash Metropolitan

Nash Metropolitan is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Full List of British

1957 Nash Metropolitan convertible

pictures of Nash cars

classic cars rotting | 1951 Nash Statesman Airflyte (4 of 4) | Flickr -

1960 Rambler American Custom wagon

1960 Edsel Comet Prototype ...

1955 chrysler station wagon | next show car took a different twist — it was a

American Motors - Nash Metropolitan


1960 Dodge Seneca 2-door Police Car

14 | 29

From 1958 to 1960 the Star Sapphire was Armstrong Siddeley's final car, and 73 of

1976 Lancia Scorpion


Concepts and prototypes : three-door Maestros

Blown 1957 Nash Metropolitan

1948 Tucker 48 The name "Torpedo" had been used on the earlier two-door Tucker concept, but the name was changed to for the limited production Tucker sedan.


Austin Metro prototype engineering drawings

1960 Desoto Diplomat Wagon

... 1989-mg-metro-arp

Ever wondered what all those ADO, YDO and LC numbers mean when we're discussing the history of BMC, BL and Rover cars? Worry not, because our exhaustive ...

Beautiful ...

Concepts and prototypes : ADO88 supermini (1974-77)

Photographed at the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon around the time of its opening in 1993

Action shot of a 1981 Metro 1.3S in Primula Yellow.

1954 Nash Airflyte


1913 Rambler five-passenger touring car

Pert looks and a low list price didn't result in stellar sales, but

This version of LC10 appears to have Spen King's fingerprints all over it. Even before

Concepts and prototypes : Leyland ADO74 (1972-74)

Studebaker: The Complete History (Hardcover) Studebaker began business as a builder of covered wagons. By 1921 they were the number four automaker in the ...

Accident in design: the 100-inch Station Wagon prototype was built up under the

This version managed to maintain the five-door layout of the others, but with the extra dimension of genuine style.

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph-Morris TM1 (1975)

Prototypes : Rolls-Royce/Bentley collaboration with BMC

This European Metro GS shows how Rover excelled at the art of the silk purse.

From 1974 to '78: a process of simplification

1948 also saw the introduction of the company's first and only hit -the all steel station wagon.

Concepts and prototypes : Austin AR6 (1983-1987)

Concepts and prototypes : Rover Metro SP (1991)

Metros of all shapes and sizes are welcome in the Metro Owners Club.

... Audi R8C ...

Auction Watch : Frazer-Tickford Metro

Following the expanded Herald's failure to impress management, Michelotti was asked to produce a developed

News : MG EX234 prototype comes up for sale

Different frontal treatments were investigated for ADO67 - the left-hand option was abandoned infavour

Metro becomes the 100 series: very little changed from the 1990 Metro apart from a

Concepts and prototypes : Vauxhall Equus

Fancy a K-Series Rover Metro or 100? Here's what to look out for…

Unsung Heroes : MG Metro 1300

One of the first 'Orange Box' prototypes from 1957. (Picture: Ian Nicholls)

Concepts and prototypes : Morris Marina

Here we can compare the original mock-up of the 9X design, as built

Modified Metros : Metro Monaco (nee Cooper)

A 1987 Flxible Metro-B, owned by WMATA Metrobus, parked in Washington, D.C.

The first quick fix for BMC's German Patient would be a Bremen-built version of the widely admired ADO16, with styling differentiation following the pattern ...

Sarah Jane's Metro

Concepts and prototypes : LM11 saloon and LM11E estate

FOLLOWING the introduction of the HE version of Jaguar's V12 engine in the early 1980s, sales of the XJS were riding high, in relative terms at least.

As far as Austin Rover and its parent company BL were concerned, 1981 had marked a sea change in the attitudes of company executives and dealer principals ...

In-house designs : The Vanden Plas proposals

History : BMC/BL/Rover Timeline - 1952 to 2005

Concepts and prototypes : Vauxhall Scamp

OK, calling this camper conversion a coachbuilt Mini might be a bit of a stretch, but it certainly attracted plenty of press in the mid-1960s.

ECV3 prototype

Great American Woodies and Wagons by Don Narus

Interestingly for a prototype of this nature that they haven't gone for a carry

Concepts and prototypes : Rover SD1 estate

MG PR prototype - this became the F we know and love

Car of the Month : October 2010

The Metro is the perfect example of what the post-BLMC British motor industry did so well: create a perfectly good car on limited resources, from carry-over ...

... prototype was produced in 1969 A rear view, but is it the same car? Note the E-type

Connections : Reliant

In-house designs : ECV3 Prototype

BMC/BL/Rover timeline - 1952-2005 - Harold Musgrove demonstrates the Austin Harold Musgrove demonstrates the Austin Metro ...

LAT Plate L3936 A Morris Minor Prototype UD2268 ed ws

Rover 800 Interior drawings & prototypes

25 years of the Rover Metro

The mechnical make-up of the car was also interesting, in that it used

... seven years before the introduction of the very similar-looking Citroën CX, and nine before the Rover SD1 and Lancia Gamma Berlina, the styling of this ...

... 1946-fraser-nash-bristol-400-ad ...