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Quote on sarcasm ecard: Someone told me I swear too much. That fucker can go fuck himself

#1 Romantic Cards

Asking for Feedback on Your Work Makes You Feel Both Hopeful and Terrified You Know You

Funny College Ecard: | I hope you have just enough fun in college to not



It doesn't feel like Friday but that's what the calender says so we'll go with it. FRIDAY MOTHER FUCKERS!


Someecards dump. Save and send to whomever.

12 couples who were disgustingly affectionate on Facebook.

I have an Introvert Hangover Im totally exhausted from too much human interaction. someecards user

Professor refuses to extend deadline to class in awesome letter about tyranny.

I feel you. "

This girl got an unsolicited d*ck pic so she sent it to his grandma

... Someecards That Will Make Your Other Half Smile ...

You need to be strong. Repeat after me “I will not define myself by the acceptance or rejection of someone else”. You need to be selfish here and take care ...

Sorry you're too old to stay out past 10:00 p.m. on your

2018 Someecards Calendar (Year-In-A-Box): Year-in-A-Box: 0038576709683: Amazon.com: Books

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But before you start, be sure to check out these 35 funniest someecards chosen from their most popular list with a couple of our picks from pinterest!

Found on ...

Romeo and Juliet was not a love story

Big Finish Digital is just starting out but our founders have been doing memorable work for ages. Enjoy these hair-raising digital campaigns from some bald ...

2. “A few pages” never really means just a few pages.

someecards.com - I'm too busy to tell people how busy ...

I am sorry if I made you question your parenting abilities from sunrise to sun down. And if I gave you sleepless nights wondering how much more you could ...

People shared the most embarrassing mistakes they made because of a brain fart. You're not alone.

Until ...

34 Sex Memes That Are So Dirty You're Going To Need To Get Tested

got so much accomplished in my little world today...finished reading The Cave Codes Story that we bought on vacation, rearranged the pictures on the wall in ...

Piers Morgan claimed he embodies the phrase 'manning up.' Twitter laughed in his face. | Someecards Celebrities

Why Do We Procrastinate Doing Our Taxes? Here's 5 Reasons. | Wolf Tax | Tax Attorney

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My pal Ronee at That's A Nice Cookie Cutter has one that you can get here! Another option would be to print one on cardstock.

Dear Chump Lady,

One: You find yourself referring to fictional characters as if they were real. This isn't too bad. But if you complain that you weren't invited to Cole ...

On Being a Stay At Home Parent

Thanks to Erin for putting this on her Facebook wall - it made my day!

You Know You Are Writer When ... you're convinced every word of

Nearly finished work..................oh well

There's so much truth to the quote, “There's no tired like TEACHER TIRED!” Pretty safe to say, I can relate, how 'bout you?

Whether ...

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You're super tired at work because you stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter, and then another. | Signs You're Addicted to Reading | POPSUGAR ...

so proceed as needed. Don't like the idea of not having exact numbers and measurement… tamale making, my family way, is about to get real for you.

Why Does My Dog Take His Own Sweet Time When It Comes To Pooping?

People share the fastest way they've improved their lives that actually worked. | Someecards life

I may have to put in some overtime to not finish what I haven't

Thanks ...

Are You Going to Finish That?

Hi! I'm new here. As Farmer & the Scientist are growing -


My reasoning


Haha, thank you http://www.someecards.com/2011/04/18/completely-insane-resume-that-may-actually-be-better-than-yours for providing me endless humor.

I also created some other ads in Photoshop--simple ones because I had no real photos to work with, so I went with humor. Very easy to create in Photoshop.

So there you have it—T-Ratzilla is still at large, unpunished, and the household is not yet safe. This story has a real Tarantino-esque ending.




While I don't know many details about the case, it was referenced in an very interesting article – What science has to say about who you sleep with and how, ...

Until Friday I'll be up to my elbows in papers, coffee, projects, final essays and deadlines. I'll be back next week when all this craziness is over .

Yeah, you're not a father. So stop tryin to fool people into

Put down the book - what a ridiculous thought.


My current status as visualized through Pinterest:

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I actually think the kids are as excited as I am. See those happy faces? They are holding in the happy dance, I'm sure of it…

Two animated women with gray background and text: We'll be best friends forever. You know too much ...

I ...

But I want to be a published author more than anything in the world; so why am I holding myself back?

When you're bored and decide to DIY some lime off of Pinterest, but it doesn't turn out anything like the picture:

Nope. youre a writer when


Even so, there is definitely something to be said for a well crafted, nicely formatted spreadsheet model for an optimization problem.

7 Reasons Why School SLPs don't like being called “Speech Teachers

So when I said everything happens for a reason, getting thrown out of the house I lived in my entire life was a blessing in disguise.

... seeing him come back into the world as a violent drunk who hates who he's become was a little painful for me, considering his familial history. I so ...


Anyway, this leads me to a dilemma that plagues those of us in middle age (please don't tell me it's just me!) Your doing something….working, cooking, ...

4 ...

So last night I sat down with my oldest daughter to do her math homework (that she told me she finished earlier in the day). Uggh. She is working on the ...

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So I'll see you…never.

So it was changed to “Request funds”(see Fig. 7). As usability expert Jared Spool would say, it describes exactly what “that link is going to deliver”.

When I ran across the finish line on Monday I looked up and there were so many big black cameras pointing down at me and I was like, "One of them HAD to see ...