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PETA on PETA Orcas and Creatures t

PETA on PETA Orcas and Creatures t


... the release of the documentary Blackfish—whose "star," Tilikum, recently died after 33 years in a concrete tank—but orcas at SeaWorld are still swimming ...


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9 Animals Driven Insane

Asks 'Anchorman 2' to Cut SeaWorld Cruelty Out of the Script

... PETA's Courage of Conviction Award for blowing the whistle on and exposing SeaWorld's mistreatment of captive orcas in the CNN documentary Blackfish, ...

Update: Orca Badly Hurt in SeaWorld Clash

SeaWorld Orca Dorsal Fin

... since 2010, SeaWorld has spent only about 3 percent of its profits on conservation, and whatever efforts it has made to help animals have been far ...

SeaWorld to open first park without killer whales


PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment”—notes that SeaWorld's ticket sales have been steadily falling since ...

8:34 AM - 16 Aug 2017

Watch the movies Blackfish and The Cove to find out more.

PETA: SeaWorld should still free all its animals. A pair of killer whales, or orcas, jump as they perform during the Shamu's

PETA 🐾 on Twitter: "HAPPENING TODAY: We're tweeting from #SeaWorld to EXPOSE ABUSE. RT if u know orcas deserve BETTER.

Orca. http://www.peta.org/action/action-

Killer whale "Tilikum" appears during its performance in its show "Believe" at

Animals used for human entertainment are often taken from their families, beaten, chained, forced to breed, and kept in such unnatural living conditions ...

Joanna Krupa Shows the Cruel Confinement of Orcas at SeaWorld

Ask Thomas Cook to Stop Supporting Orca Abuse | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

... PETA has submitted a complaint asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to take disciplinary action against SeaWorld for housing orcas incompatibly in ...

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SeaWorld Orca

Petition · People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Urge SeaWorld To Send Orca's To Sea Sancturies & End It's Use Of Animals NOW! · Change.org

SeaWorld orca breeding decision shows PETA won't stop - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Ex-SeaWorld Trainers Expose Orca Abuse

SeaWorld in 30 Seconds Flat. PETA ...

In “I, Orca,” Falco's mother orca describes what happened to her son: “One minute my little boy was with me, —the next he was pulled up out of the water.

Killer whale Tilikum watches his trainers at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

Orca abuse. Animal rights. Watch Blackfish.

Toy Maker Munchkin and PETA Pledge $2 Million to Build Orca Sanctuary - SeaWorld of Hurt

Anti-SeaWorld virtual reality booth was set up Wednesday in downtown San Diego. Image

I, Orca. PETA ...

Orca (killer whale) show at Sea World. PETA sued on ...

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PETA's Frivolous Suit Against SeaWorld Alleging Orca Slavery: It Doesn't Get Much More Black and White Than This (UPDATED 2/9/12)

U.S. Olympic Water Polo Captain Tony Azevedo Wants Orcas Sent to Sanctuaries


SeaWorld Admits to Infiltrating PETA — and Says It Won't Happen Again

Orcas during a show at the Shamu Up Close attraction at Sea World in Orlando,

SeaWorld Responds To PETA Abuse Claim

PETA pushing SeaWorld to build an orca sanctuary

PETA's Court Case to Retire Lolita Will Be Heard in Miami in December

... an effort to reverse this norm, PETA made a radical (some say outrageous) move. They filed a lawsuit against SeaWorld on behalf of five orcas, creatures ...

Killer whales are wild animals

It isn't known what caused the horrific injury, which left Nakai's jawbone exposed. Dave Koontz a SeaWorld spokesman said that Nakai "came in contact with a ...

Lolita the Killer Whale is seen between shows at the Miami Seaquarium in Miami January 21

PETA Accuses SeaWorld of Spying. Trainers have Orca killer whales perform for the crowd during a show at the animal theme

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Remember Tilikum the Orca shared Marine Connection's post.

The animals right organization and others have teamed up to sue SeaWorld for violating the constitutional rights of orcas. According to PETA ...

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From ...

PETA Slams SeaWorld Orca Whale Tank Redesign 'A Bigger Prison Is Still A Prison' - Popdust

Orcas jump out of pool

ORLANDO, FL - MARCH 30: Killer whale "Tilikum" appears during its performance in its show "Believe" in Sea World on March 30, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) supporter Mike Casey, of Pasadena, peers over his sign as he joins protestors outside of the California ...

Cruelty: The lawsuit claims that the whales are forced to perform against their will and

Actor James Cromwell protests SeaWorld San Diego orca show

“This is a world-class city with some of the best entertainment on the planet, and there's no reason to go to San Diego to watch suffering animals swim in ...

Killer whales not planned for Dubai's Masra Al Arab $1.7bn project. PETA ...

The only thing that people learn from visiting a SeaWorld theme park is how miserable life is for the animals confined there. Children see mere shadows of ...

It's a lifetime of punishment for the animals there. And they didn't do anything to deserve it.

PETA contended in court that SeaWorld's orcas have been enslaved. John Gastaldo • U-T

Perhaps you've heard PETA say that SeaWorld's killer whales are unhealthy because they don't swim 100 miles a day, eat “pig and cow bones,” and aren't fed ...

The Truth About Marine Parks | Animals Used for Entertainment | Issues | PETA Asia

Orca show at SeaWorld San Diego, June 2011.

#ANIMALS Worth fighting for! @peta @peta2 #animalcruelty #SeaWorldSucks http://t.co/kAqqHDOSOm"

SeaWorld presented project details for expanding the park's orca habitat at a public meeting Tuesday with San Diego's park and recreation board, ...

Orcas perform during the One Ocean show at Aquatica by Se.


Killer whales off the Aleutian Islands. Photo by Robert Pittman of NOAA

... Monday about a lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that seeks the release of orcas from SeaWorld on antislavery grounds. PETA ...

peta lawsuit orca killer whale seaworld slave

PETA Seaworld Lawsuit

Krysten Ritter Fights for Orcas

Activists Take on SeaWorld Over Orca Treatment

SeaWorld Kills Unisex T-Shirt

SeaWorld Hasn't Changed, Despite What Its TV Ads Claim. PETA ...

like orcas to represent the 38 killer whales the group says have died from captivity complications while in the care of SeaWorld's three amusement parks in ...

Captive orcas definitely need more space than they have, as there are multiple issues that their current tanks have which could be harming their mental and ...

But that would require PETA to have a sense of humor. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has filed suit against SeaWorld, claiming it's ...

SeaWorld says 'So long, ...

SeaWorld: Killer whale suffers mysterious injury prompting fury from animal rights groups | Daily Mail Online

Nakai's Injury Proves that Mixing Orca Groups is Dangerous

Federal Agency's New Action May Mean Release for Orca at Seaquarium | Animal Legal Defense Fund

VICTORY: SeaWorld Park Can't Breed Orcas Anymore

SeaWorld's attempt at damage control devolves into feud with 'PETA trolls'

Trainers at SeaWorld are taught to reinforce the whales' good behavior with rewards and to

Orca whales