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Photography Post Mortem Collectio Famous Dead Death Masks

Photography Post Mortem Collectio Famous Dead Death Masks


Death Masks of the Famous ~ Kuriositas

Lincoln actually never had a death mask but he did have two life masks made during his lifetime. The first one was made during Lincoln's visit to Chicago in ...

Burr, Aaron, death mask by an agent of Fowler & Wells

Death Mask of Laurence Sterne

Jesse James Death Mask. Some what odd.

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images English poet John Keats' death mask is displayed at his house in London.

Death mask

Death Masks of the Famous ~ Kuriositas: Woodrow Wilson

Discover One Street Museum Death Mask Collection in Kiev, Ukraine: The largest collection of death masks in Ukraine.

Death Mask of Sitting Bull (1890)

Death mask of Henry Clay http://library.princeton.edu/libraries/firestone/rbsc/aids/C0770/a-c.html#a-c


George Friedrich Handel 's death Mask

President William McKinley's Death Mask (1901)

An Interesting yet Creepy Collection of Famous People's Deaths Masks « Art-Sheep

Death Mask 1908 New York circa Making a plaster death mask. glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress.

Theodore Roosevelt Faces of Death: These 46 Eerie Death Masks Capture the Final Hour of Real Historical Faces

(reputedly) Shakespeare's death mask

Alfred Hitchcock's death Mask at San Juan Batista.

rosellinapiano.it Death mask of Napoleon, 1821. Charismatic, even as a Death

Basil Rathbone's death mask

The death masks were discovered in an outbuilding of a rural home during a routine evaluation (Image: ThomsonRoddick/BNPS)

Victor Hugo

Chopin's death mask. Bog BodyMedical CuriosityHuman OdditiesPost Mortem PhotographyMomento ...

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Death Mask of Napoleon Bonaparte (1821)

Thomas Edison's Death Mask (1931)

Post mortem · Death Masks of the Famous Soviet People

Michael Jackson Death Mask · Post Mortem ...

Not a lot of ladies represented, however the death mask of a particularly lovely drowning victem is even said to have ...

Curiosities: Famous American Death Masks Ulysses S Grant

Pius IX, Pope, 1792-1878 death mask, from the matrix of the

This is one of three life masks of assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln does not have a death mask.

death mask of Elizabeth Friary by lisa temple-cox

death mask of Mozart

Forensic science[edit]

Death mask of Sir Isaac Newton… Born: 4 Jan Died: 31 March

General William Tecumseh Sherman death mask, 1891 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Ludwig van Beethoven - Laurence Hutton Collection Of Life And Death Masks

Ed Gein Death Skin Mask

Elizabeth Taylor Life Mask

Post mortem mask of Maximilian von Habsburg

Death Mask- Peter The Great

Pretty sure the man is dead also(hand placement) mdolla: Stiff Pose Victorian Postmortem photography Pics)

Many times the photographer was not immediately available. (This would be an unfortunate permanent reminder of the deceased.) She looks like little Wayne.

There is nothing creepier than propping dead people up and taking a pic. Find this Pin and more on Post-Mortem Funeral Photo Death Collection ...

I always wonder what people died of. Especially the little ones and they don't even look like they were sick

Death Masks Pictures of Some Famous and Infamous People

Grieving Mother. Memento Mori PhotographyPost Mortem ...

Death Mask, Jefferson Finis Davis (June 3, 1808-December 6, 1889 · Post Mortem PhotographyDearly ...

The death mask and gloves of Martin Luther.

Post Mortem of Franziska Brachmann

General ROBERT E. LEE death mask

Death mask of William Blake - Haunting death masks record the faces of the departed

post mortem photography; A woman poses with her deceased child.

Erwin Rommel ( The Desert Fox ), death mask

... Oliver Cromwell ...

Creepy Wax Covered heads of 19th Century Thieves and Murderers

Random death mask of Robin Williams..sad morbid..but is it real

David Bowie Life Mask

Abe Lincoln Death Mask.

Lisa McPherson autopsy pic. Treated with Scientology by Scientologists. Good job. Crime ScenesForensicsThe DeadGoogle ImagesLisaDeathMedicalFamous ...

victorian post mortem photography This photo was taken after her death, if you look closely you can see the stand holding it | Victorian | Pinterest | Post ...

Thomas Woolner Turner's Death Mask 1851

1908, use plaster to create a mold of a deceased person's face which will then be used to make that person's death mask. Death mask… | Pinteres…

Memento Mori Victorian Death Photos | Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos / Post mortem Bart

Keats' death mask

In Repose (~ Lone Wadi ~) Tags: cabinetcard corpse death postmortem retro dead unknown parlor flowers wake funeral

Photographing the Dead: The History of Postmortem Photography from The Burns Collection and Archive, Monday December 5th, Observatory

KING HENRY IV OF FRANCE, DIED 1610. Death mask ...

Creepy postmortem photography by EdwardsChamelks. In a tradition almost as creepy as death masks, these portraits are taken of deceased children .

Victorian children

Death mask of Frederic Chopin…


Posthumous portrait bust of Henry VII of England by Pietro Torrigiano, supposedly made using his death mask

Photography Post Mortem Collectio-- Famous Dead

Beyond the Dark Veil – beautifully macabre collection of Victorian post-mortem photography - Boing Boing

The museum has on display 40 life masks and death masks of renowned individuals from famous

Post-Mortem casts of face and hands by famed sculptor Sergey Merkurov.

Post-mortem; quite some time elapsed between her death and the arrival of the. Photograph ...

Robert Emmett death mask 1803 — Emmet's famous speech before his execution included the following words

Death mask of Ulysses S. Grant and life mask of Robert E.

These 21 Victorian Post-Mortem Photos Are So Creepy

century post mortem photography, commonly sent as post cards. So sad.

Bronze death mask of Napoleon

death masks, faces of death, dead celebrity pictures, famous photos of dead people

Oliver Cromwell wax copy of death mask,wartless // British Museum via The History Blog

In 1842 a death mask was found in a ragpicker's shop in Darmstadt, Germany that is certain to be that of William Shakespeare's. The mask, bearing the date ...

On June 15, 2010, Frances Rodick died in a Montreal nursing home at the age of 91. Suffering from Alzheimer's since the 1990s, she had, in one sense, ...

death masks, faces of death, dead celebrity pictures, famous photos of dead people

Napoleon's death mask, 1937 photograph (via Library of Congress)

Postmortem photo

Lincoln's Death Mask

William T. Sherman's death mask - 1891 · Post Mortem PhotographyInteresting ...

death masks

George Washington

The History Blog

Tchaikovsky death mask He looks a bit like Will Shakespeare.

Death mask of Richard Wagner