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Pictured here are German sappers assigned to blow up the bunkers

Pictured here are German sappers assigned to blow up the bunkers


Pictured here are German sappers assigned to blow up the bunkers where the Jews were hiding, together with Jews that had been removed from one of the ...

A wedding of a Luftwaffee officer

Freelance photojournalist covering social and conflict-related issues in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

סלע - טיול בגליל כיתה ט

Smolensk under occupation.

Pictured here are German sappers assigned to blow up the bunkers where the Jews were hiding, together with Jews that had been removed from one of t…

Russian POWs, including a child soldier, are guarded by a single German somewhere in the steppe, summer 1942.

German comrades in a moment of rest ... All Kar 98K wielding rifles ,

A classic souvenir photo #Ottoman officers posing with an unexploded shell of HMS Queen Elizabeth

A teenage German soldier practices throwing a stick grenade. The British were aghast at the

German army

Advancing near Brelingen, Germany, on April 10, 1945, these British paratroopers of

Fallschirmjäger. Germany ...

During the the Battle of Fort Eben Emael, a handful of well-trained German

These SS men decorate an Artillery shell. Notice the dagger on the man to the

Keith (R) with mate in New Guinea

The Vickers machinegun.

German army

Christina Broom auction


Although lives were continuing to be lost, German resistance in northern Europe crumbled in the

These Belgian soldiers are weary and covered with mud from the trenches, but they are rallying for a fresh resistance to German attacks.

Did the Russians really charge German positions in mass numbers, without firearms, during World War II? In movies depicting the Eastern front, ...

1611 24 11 ARMY COMBAT MINE INCIDENT BADGE The SSM sets the standard for Sapper s

MIA/KIA media picture

MSG David Johnson (Wolf 36/37) - Which individual(s) from

New: German Infantry (Winter) plastic box set

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MSG David Johnson (Wolf 36/37) - Of all your duty stations or

With colleagues

[Picture: via MOD]

Relaxing during training (Nth Queensland)

Operation Phoenix with VC Platoon Cmdr - Vietnam 1971

Here are some pages from an Article in a french magazine about the FFL. (It's all in french)

Until then, here are just a few key points about some of the basics of German bunker design and relevant terminology. They will probably come up again often ...

... completion of Operation TORA GHAR 15, their first major independent operation, which took place in March 2011 [Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2011]

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of 8), by Various

The airborne troops holding Pegasus Bridge were instructed to hold until relieved. These Royal Marine

Commander Charles Myers Jr. is pictured near the end of his 22-year Naval career. He is a graduate of Annapolis who played on Navy's 1979 football team.

In the novel Birdsong, Stephen Wraysford (played by Eddie Redmayne, pictured, in

2009: Veterans of 9 Para greeted by a German Army band in Normandy.


Somewhere I have a picture of her standing on the tail of 0011. If I find it I'll send it also if you need 8x10's of the ones I sent I'll get some made.

My uncle Daniel Dolman served with 4 Field Sqn, Royal Engineers. All I know about him is that he was shot by a sniper on 7th April 1945, in Germany.

Elite 008 - Israeli Defense Forces Since 1973[Osprey Elite 8]

Royal Artillery in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

'Remnants of an Army': Dr Brydon arriving at Jellalabad on 13th January 1842. '

Much redder things had passed for all of us with no mention, hence it was a bit hard to take. Blood-pinned by buddies later. Still have the orders, ...


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... and our responsibility to live out that truth, politically, economically, socially, spiritually, ecologically, culturally—come what may—against all the ...

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... believe that their rights to liberty and property are God-given and inalienable. The most uncompromising of these are the Three Percent.

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Enlarge Team Trojan: From left, Sapper Gwynfor Hughes, Sapper Brendan Phelan and Cpl Michael

There was the occasional BBQ with steaks & beer in the Headquarters area or on the beach at the South China Sea. Pictured here with raised beer in hand is ...


An U.S. Army engineer, attached to 1st Platoon, 102nd Sapper Company, 307th Engineer

Sketch map of Gommecourt to illustrate the attack of the 1st July 1916. German trenches in RED

Celebrating Fathers We ccelebrate four local fathers including Joe C Cachopa, pictured here with his high achieving cricketing achie sons Carl (left), ...

D-Day First-Hand Accounts ...

In the summer of 1944, Moore was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) attached to the 101st Airborne Division �?? the ...

Neville Wiggins 1368

The AB figures have the rounded saddle cloth that I think came in around Waterloo from the info I have read. I stupidly considered converting to the wool ...

what did your member of the greatest generation do? [Archive] - CMP Forums

Two of our officers with a German anti-tank gun

For any of you active duty guys, please kick the shit out of anyone you ever find asleep on guard. It might help save the lives of them and others.

Fred Price had been in the Territorial Army for some time before the start of WW11. The Territorials met in The Drill Hall, Mill Lane, Buckley, Flintshire, ...

21st Birthday Official RAAF Photo - Neville Wiggins in Gunship



Alan leading guard of honour for Divisional Parade

German Regiments

The Vickers machinegun was a water-cooled belt-fed behemoth intended to be fired from fixed positions.

I'm getting the hang of my camera again. it would appear that Mai has been messing about with the settings (I have no idea why as the girls only use it on ...

The action opened very much as we have here with a beer belly competition (winner not pictured)

At Rancourt German Cemetery this senior German general read out the words of “Wild Geese Rushing.” (To find out more about this song read about Walter Flex ...

... listed here may have accomplished a hell of a lot more, but not many people in history with his fame and fortune have risked their life to defend their ...

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Kelly Miller's History of The World War for Human Rights

Rommel with German and Italian officers, 1942

... and blown up the breach of the remaining gun. Major Lumsden then returned, drove off the enemy, attached the gun to a team and got it away.

Webstore: Red Devils box set

The Bren Light Machinegun was arguably the finest LMG of the war. Portable and reliable, the Bren offered dismounted Infantry a mobile base of fire that ...

They would have concertina wire set up all around the beach.

During the second World War, he volunteered for a Polish resistance operation to go to the Auschwitz concentration camp and gather intelligence and escape.

Mordechai Gur (seated, with black curly hair) and his troops survey the Old

France: June 5, 1944. British Royal Marine Commandos dig trenches, after relieving

Paratroopers of the American 17th Airborne Division inspect the area and warily approach a German Sdkfz

Royal Artillery in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -

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Rick Nuygen is Doc Riojas' warrior brother. He is Fleet Marine Force qualified Dental USN Officer. Rick is also MY DENTIST here in Pearland TX. The picture ...