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Pin by Batfarts on Depressive Nihilist Memes t

Pin by Batfarts on Depressive Nihilist Memes t


relatable, depression, sad, philosophy, nihilism - iFunny :)

hey im farha and ur girl out of town visiting her leg and thebootydiaries stayin at ur house cause it got evicted. she say she 18 boutta be 23 last week ...

Depression memes

Just because something is totally pointless does NOT mean it isn't pretty funny.

The patient competitors by Charles Haigh Wood

30 Dank Memes: Savageness From The Forbidden Place - Page 4 of 6 - The Tasteless Gentlemen

[/r/dankmemes] uschwitz

What Nihilistic Meme Are You

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Making worthwhile sacrifices


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26 Times Art History Was Basically You. | Someecards Memes

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Nihilist classical Art memes

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I just ended a five year relationship

Well that's me.

Nihilist meme Only a week to live

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I watch total drama and i like memes. So um Enjoy!

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Palm Treat Color Changing T-Shirt Summer Vaporwave

Incest - Fun for the whole family

30 Twisted Memes And Comics For Lovers Of Dark Humor

Image result for Mickey Donald Meme

41 Existential Memes That Are Too Relatable


Arjuna and Subhadra Raja Ravi Varma Reproduction

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source: Classical Art Memes. ''

Everyday Communist Memes

Image result for but wait there's more meme | I giggled like a school girl. | Pinterest | Meme, Memes and Humor

Tagged with Funny; "A dump a day keeps the crippling depression at bay," pt.

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Joocy Steak Dolan | Memes in black

21 Dank Memes For People Who Love Dank Memes

21 Nihilistic Memes That Will Make You Question Everything

Funny adult nonsense Grown Ups giggle zone PMSLweb

My work week is done at pm today.

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When you just finished explaining and now you have to redpill about

INTJ & INFJ humor...but seriously.

Yes these are still funny

Help me, Neither I can understand this nor I can stop laughing

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looks at "memes" :: tag urself i'm the badly edited tattoo

Funny Meme -

Obama got grey hair like crazy a few years ago. He aged like hell in presidency - GAG

When you're trying to figure out how you lost a rigged election but you accidentally deleted the email with the full details of the plan -Hillary Clinton

the more you look the worse it gets

i mean, of curse, life is meaning less and etc. but that not the point, thr point is the memes!

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When a basic white girl tries to be funny by using impact font memes

Dankest Memes

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confidence goals af

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24 Things You Just Can't Argue With

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here he is: the small, soft boy & his shitty memes

Karl Marx does not approve

Always check memes for watermarks

On depression

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More like Johnny B. Goode..... That song is so hard to march

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I'm not a weeb so just disregard the F4gime : dankmemes


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I shouldn't be laughing but hehehe

30 People and Moments That Will Make You Cringe Uncontrollably

63 Fresh Memes To Keep You Laughing - Funny Gallery

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A crippling depression is no joke >> Yeah but those are tic tacs

Cartoon by online artist, Chris, (Simpsons Artist.

via FKN Instagram - instagram.com/fknbang

Nihilist Lisa Frank Tumblr features unicorns with existential crises

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Dank memes | Tumblr

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Look on me and despair 🐉

I love this

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