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Pin by Biotope Aquarium on My Photos t

Pin by Biotope Aquarium on My Photos t


Japurá River at dawn, Colombia, 180 L – Biotope Aquarium

DIY 190g Cichlid "Biotope" tank - Imgur

My south american biotope style. NB: yes I have asian and american fish but

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like,

200 gallon fish tank - Google Search

Rio 400 South American biotope | Altum Angels

Brackish water biotope tank with Archerfish and scats

Aquarium · Aquarius · South american biotope

Peat swamp forest in the central west of Peninsular Malaysia, 60 L – Biotope Aquarium

Amazon Blackwater Biotope

My West African

South American Blackwater Biotope Aquarium Setup-THIS is what my aquarium will be like when all is said and done

Amazon Biotope Aquarium | Mon bac amazonien de ~1200 litres

World Rivers - Australia Tank

sadiie: “ I can't stop staring My shallow, deep, riparium style chocolate Puddle by Alastair-T ”


Find this Pin and more on OrnaMenTal FisH by peggapoo.

A withe water river in Thailand - biotope aquarium.

Borko's hobbies: A withe water river in Thailand - biotope aquarium.

Orinoco biotope Utaka Amersfoort

My new 5ft planted tank with a 4ft sump

The Best Books on Biotope Aquariums

Biotope aquarium

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2014 - the 3rd place, North America

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Quality test results | Все для аквариума, террариума и

Find this Pin and more on aqua by Binasko.

South American Biotope} | Page 5 | AquaScaping World Forum

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Quality test results | Все для аквариума, террариума и

Clarity branch of a river, Amazon, 120 L – Biotope Aquarium

1,010 Likes, 8 Comments - Aquarium Creation (@aquariumcreation) on Instagram: “Monster aquarium by @juri_js. Can't wait to it grown out ”

Rio Jufarís, near the community Caicubi, Brazil

How to set up an Amazon biotope - with play sand! | Features .

Aquarium · Angels · Angelfish biotope

Thandwe creek – Rakhine, Myanmar

Planted Tank Coisia Vallem by Lauris Karpovs - Aquascape Awards . … Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

Summary: The most ideal tropical fish temperature is and 79 F.

Beautiful and in such a small fish tank!

A well aquascapewell-planted betta aquarium! A great choice of live plants too! :) #bettatank #aquascape #plantedtank #bettaboxx

Looks like a jungle. Can you spot the shrimp?

Tuncalik's Low Tech natural Biotope aquarium. http://www.tuncalik.com/2009/09/biotope-in-my-study/

Biotope for Dicrossus sp

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Quality test results | Все для аквариума, террариума и

After an accident I changed the Angelfish in my Amazon aquarium with Discus. They are

Orinoco biotope Utaka Amersfoort

Find this Pin and more on Aquarium by babita0077.

Das gefilterte Aquarium ohne Filter :) - Achtung, Bilder - Aquarium Forum

Biotope aquarium

My 190g wild discus biotope!

Manzanita Aquarium Arrangement: We sell decorative Manzanita branches. These branches are prized by decorators and are very popular when painted for wedding ...

"My Amazon biotope tank"

202L Biotope Aquascape: Still waters of Malaysia

Biotope Aquarium, Aquarium Design, Terrariums, Aquariums, Finals, Aquascaping, Terrarium, Fish Aquariums, Fish Tanks

George Farmer's Rocket killifish biotope.

Picture: Southeast Asian biotope aquarium.

Biotope Style Planted tank

150 Rio Negro biotope update - YouTube

Black-water biotope with Firemouths

amazon_angelfish_01.jpg 660×318 pixels

Shallow Brook par Something about this aquascape makes me happy. Can't put my finger on it. With a fountain, top and small fish.

Find this Pin and more on AquaticPlants.Biotope.Aquascape.Fish. by beccakuhn.

biotope aquarium - Google 検索

More ideas

Epiplatys annulatus Clown Killifish Biotope

519 best Pets - Aquariums images on Pinterest | Fish aquariums, Aquarium ideas and Fish tanks

Whisper of the Pines

Approximation of a small Asian biotope with a Red Gourami and Amano shrimps.

Apistogramma sp. biotope aquarium

Click image for larger version Name: img0217cw6.jpg Views: 1080 Size: 98.9

Large Aquarium and Stand Planted Aquarium Pin by Luke On Malawi Aquael Glossy 100

Large planted tank - African biotope.....This is on my "

An update of my STENDKER discus fish in the Juwel Rio 450 LED - featuring Leopard Snake Skins, Solid Fire Red, Checkerboard, and Pigeon Blood Red ...

Amazon Biotope Aquarium | Amazon Biotope - Planted Aquarium Journals - Tropical Fish Forums

Pothos in tank

Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

My Dicrossus filamentosus (checkerboard cichlid). Find this Pin and more on Rio Negro Biotope Aquarium ...

The area where land meets water on a riverbank fascinates many people, and a riparium with plants and driftwood is a great way to recreate such a biotope.

Amazon Blackwater Biotope


by Biotope Aquarium · 2.9 Gallon Fantasy Tree Stump! *pics*

A fantastic mbuna hardscape by Chris Haymes.

Discus Tank, Aquarium Driftwood, Fish Aquarium Decorations, Freshwater Aquarium, Fish Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Terrarium, Plant, Aquarium

Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2013. Quality test results | Все для аквариума, террариума и


aquarium setup ideas | had trouble growing their plants or making their setups look good .

First attempt for an approximation of an Amazon Biotope with Corydoras albino, Neon Tetras and

Find this Pin and more on acquari by lafilledelamort.

biotope amazone - Поиск в Google

Aquascape tree scape by Didin Uka Uka. Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

Aquascape by George Farmer (UK) Pin by Aqua Poolkoh

river manifold tank - Google Search

Adam Paszczela, aquascaper artist from ADA Polska , with its team ... pin. Aquarium ...

Orinoco biotope Utaka Amersfoort

Video: Mark Woollhead's Orinoco biotope

Click this image to show the full-size version.

Forest scape by Frederic Fuss... pin by Aqua Poolkoh

pin by Aqua Poolkoh

Nice, low-tech aquascape.

15272148_690035897825034_771693838038316580_o.jpg (1214×802) · Biotope AquariumDiscus ...

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aquascape by Aquaceed