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Pin by Der Walt on Army t Cold war

Pin by Der Walt on Army t Cold war


Belgian 1er Bn Paratrooper at Stanleyville during Congol's 1964 Rebellion

Guerre d'Algérie - Para armé de la MAT 49, pin by Paolo Marzioli

Algerie, pin by Paolo Marzioli

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Falklands war pin by Paolo Marzioli

American tanks and troops at Checkpoint Charlie, a crossing point in the Berlin Wall between the American and Soviet sectors of the city at the junction of ...

Mercenaries and Ibos fighters during the Biafra war in November, 1968 in Nigeria.

A patrol of marcenaries. Congo CrisisCold WarMilitary ...

Congo's Breakaway 'secessionist' troops during ...

Military, Congo, Army, Mercenaries, Training, Instruction By Major Stock Photo,

Portuguese uniforms: Dragoon (mounted), Comando (left) and Paratrooper (right) - African Colonial War

Soviet tank in Prague, 1968 · Prague SpringMilitary VehiclesCold WarCzech ...

SADF foot soldiers during border war.

With Russia Threat Looming, Poland Pins Cautious Hopes on a Trump Administration – Foreign Policy

Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/Getty Images

I stowed my main chute in its bag and attached my reserve to my chute bag handles, and hiked to the road and waited for the others of my Stick to assemble.

Military leaders[edit]

this is an illustration of the US invasion of France, also known as D-

Find this Pin and more on Belgian para-commando by mberwaerts.

Lawrence T. Motzer Air Force

Famously captured in this picture ...

SERE training

FlickrAlfred T. Palmer, Library of Congress

Joseph Hooker

former SADF Major General Roland de Vries

Walter Bedell Smith

As you may or may not be aware, I write the material for Reid's Reader about a fortnight before it appears on-line. The most important thing that has ...

Is it illegal to wear medals you weren't awarded?

Opening card of the U.S. army WWII short animated films “Private Snafu”, 1943 – Source.

Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle ever fought, June 1943

Members of the 42 Commando unit are shown posing for a photograph shortly after recapturing South

USA Actually achieved its objective and won the Vietnam War

4 of 11 Marines wait to load helicopters, 1965. (Wisconsin Historical Images 115597)

Useful Notes / Josef Stalin



32 Battalion uniforms. Members of the unit often impersonated Angolan security forces.

George Thomas and a group of officers at a council of war near Ringgold, Ga., ...

How Red is the Little Red Schoolhouse? (1953)

You don't have to, but it doesn't effect my answer. There are variations on these in the other services, but this is a decent enough ...

The Seething Hell

Herblock cartoon, 8/11/54

As ...

081108-N-5549O-035 MILWAUKEE (Nov. 8, 2008) Ship's

Female SAS member reveals what selection process is like | Daily Mail Online

The Newsletter of The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association


Herblock cartoon, 6/4/1950

US soldiers take oath to the US army on an Iraqi destroyed tank in Iraq

Army Units

McCarthy on television to rebut Murrow, 3/11/54

Ringgold, Ga., battery at drill.

Iraqi T-62 tank wreckage in Khuzestan province, Iran

Walt Disney poster image

1965 NASA 'Corned Beef' Archive

Herblock anti-Nixon cartoon, 10/29/54

Vietnam veteran humiliated and assaulted by active-duty Marines at Charlotte airport

Photograph of the remaining people taken by John Ehle. Transcribed by Ruth Ann Montgomery.

I'm telling you, Brad, I'm going to get to Messina before Monty! A reference to the 1970 Academy Award-winning film Patton, about World War II General ...

Franco Origlia/Getty Images

st louis blues schedule PANTS + SHORTS

Rutherford B. Hayes

Reca was a former Army paratrooper and war veteran who survived the jump and went on

Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution troop marching with gun and headband during the Iran–Iraq war era.

The picture at left is a rare one since it shows the true Explorer 1 satellite that U.S. Army will successfully launched on 31 January 1958.

'Steel Rain' (Gang Cheol Pi) Review – Variety

"The Student's Alphabet." In Erichsen, Medical Rhymes, 1884. Click to. “

... plebe (freshman) English course visited the Library to see a selection of rare books and manuscripts. On display were such disparate treasures as De ...

Herblock cartoon, 5/7/54 ...

Ruins of the navy yard at Norfolk, Va., ...

Eight men standing on the steps of a Middle Eastern building. Six are wearing various

Do We Really Want Nuclear War with Russia?

Green back, Cream back, and a pre-WAR Khaki


Thanos' 'Avengers: Infinity War' Stones May Be the Key to Who Lives and Who Dies

men in camo camouflage airsoft guns war games

cold war certicate

The camp is prepared, 4 men die in this attack, the northeast tower, southeast tower, and 2 luckless legionnaires drawn to man the gates.

Walter Duranty during the First World War

China Wants to Kill Americans?

A Para Without Wings?

Inside the Secret World of Russia's Cold War Mapmakers

... and a cold-war up-armored T34/85, and I guess they couldn't call it an AT-HAW, but they could have called it an AT-Something; AT-HA would have been OK?

Korean War[edit]

Not sexy ...