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Pin by Eclipse on funny t Humor

Pin by Eclipse on funny t Humor


The Truth Behind Solar Eclipses

What really happens during a solar eclipse #lunarphotobomb #joke

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Goddamit, moon moon

9 Jokes About Solar Eclipse. Well alright then.

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'Boy, there's nothing more embarrassing that being a werewolf during a partial lunar eclipse

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Solar eclipse

The difference between how smart and dumb people watch the eclipse.

(Need something to listen to? Here's my husband's and my band: http://robzimmermanmusic.bandcamp.com/) . #rockandroll #music #humor #science #webcomics ...

Solar Eclipse t-shirt from Baja eclipse

The Simpsons A solar eclipse is like a woman breast-feeding in a restaurant.

Find this Pin and more on Funny, Humor and LOL Stuff.

Find this Pin and more on Funny, Humor and LOL Stuff.

Living with hipster girl and gamer girl Eclipse

This guy here is our fuckin president and if that doesn't worry you then I think your probably just as dumb

Me Looking at The Eclipse Without Glasses

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10 funniest solar eclipse memes and jokes on the internet

Astronomy comic and science cartoon about earth and moon going way back as friends by #

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Diagram: Lunar eclipse (earth between moon and sun), solar eclipse (moon

Except, I don't really have a bedtime…

Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science T-Shirt

November 2014 total solar eclipse. Home made mask I saw on an eclipse cruise.

4. Nature and those damn clouds.

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Grumpy cat funny, grumpy cat humor, grumpy cat meme ....For

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Astronomy Humor ~ Solar System (The Daily Dot Comic - Unearthed Comics)

Solar Eclipse Mug

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"Internet comic and astrology humor about mercury in retrograde" Heeheeh!

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21, the sun will go dark in one of nature's greatest spectacles: a total solar eclipse. This phenomenon happens when the moon passes between the Earth and ...


The Awkward Yeti by Nick Seluk for Oct 12, 2014

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November 14, 2015 total solar eclipse as seen from cruise ship. My photo.

Funny knock knock jokes for kids :) kids like getting into the fun. Teach them these clean, fun jokes

Earth on

What to chew while waiting for the total solar eclipse.

Ikr, if my dad gives me a shopping list I will literally buy whatever I feel like, coz I jus don't. Understand your "cursive "

Man on the moon, haircut, eclipse lol

Total Eclipse of the Heart! ~Bonnie Tyler #bonnietyler #eclipse #turtle # funny #heart #tortoise

School Memes 101 | Cambio Photo Gallery

Pluto cartoons, astronomy comics, and science humor about pluto being a planet and trying to get back into Earth's good graces through flattery.

1. That's no moon…

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15 Funny Solar Eclipse Jokes

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Didn't have time to buy legit eclipse glasses so I had to improvise



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Can't take issue with the result, but instead of just saying that, the magistrate–perhaps seeking his own two minutes and forty-two seconds of fame–penned a ...


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Eclipse Legenda Loki

U.S. District Judge Steven “Not So” Merryday denied an Assistant U.S. Attorney's (AUSA) motion to delay a trial because a witness employed by the Bureau of ...

Clever Jokes and Nonsense


Funny Solar Eclipse Shirt Your City, State - Shirt, Mooned on Monday - Mooned

Donald Trump stares into solar eclipse without safety glasses while aides shout 'don't

See all of BuzzFeed's eclipse stories here, and buy your BuzzFeed eclipse viewing glasses here!

Joke submitted by Christopher F., Bellingham, Wash.

Are Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Safe?

25 Knock, knock jokes that kids will LOVE!

1. Cut a 1″ square hole in the lower right corner of the small end of the box.

... Boonix Case for J3 Eclipse, J3 Emerge, Express Prime 2, Amp Prime 2 ...

Submitted by emilyh44b54a908.

Comic by Scott Nickel

4. Cut another 1″ square hole in the lower right corner of the long side of the box. This square hole is the viewing hole. You will be able to see the ...

1. Dinosaurs on ambition

The Funniest Donald Trump Eclipse Tweets

SOUVENIR Funny Solar Eclipse Token, Fun Version of a Token • Comical Token • Jokes


Total Solar Eclipses: How Often Do.

... Boonix Case for J3 Eclipse, J3 Emerge, Express Prime 2, Amp Prime 2 ...