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Pin by Geek Armory on Random Geekery t Stargate

Pin by Geek Armory on Random Geekery t Stargate


13 best Collection, Stargate. images on Pinterest | Stargate atlantis, Spaceships and Stargate

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nick carver

Warehouse 13 - Agent Toolkit Prints by Christian Petersen, via Behance

Stargate SG-1

Jack watching out for his favorite history geek. (Taken from "The Serpent's Venom

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#Stargate #SG1

The Geek Kitchen presented by - The Geek Armory

Anakin looked up at the star-filled sky.

If memory serves Everyone stepped forward. 'Into the Fire'.

You wouldn't get it unless you were a Stargate Fan. - - -

#sga #Rodney McKay

The funny thing is my totally non nerd sister got me into Stargate!

Classic O'Neil

Pluto pendant astronomy geek geekery by thependantemporium on Etsy

Stargate Atlantis Ronon Dex Particle Magnum Prop Replica – Actiprops

Stargate Earth Symbols - There's No Place Like

Wraith sword and scabbard (Stargate: Atlantis)

Star Trek Klingon Logo T-Shirt | Geek Armory

I have to say, and Stargate world please don't kill me for this

Oh Rodney!! Stargate AtlantisPegasusGeek ...

Destiny Strangers Pulse Rifle

Soft Wookie, Warm Wookie T-Shirt

On set of Stargate Atlantis

Jennifer and Rodney

Destiny Auto Rifle (High Detail) by PineArmory on Etsy

Particle Magnum (Stargate: Atlantis)

Terminator 2 Plasma Rifle Enter your pin description here.

ronon dex pistol - Google Search

Jaffas Guard Serpent Helmet Disabled

Anubis helmet of the type which was worn by Ra's First Prime in the Stargate feature film.


Geek T-Shirt | Geek Armory

Stargate Atlantis: Props - ZPM

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Horus | ... clearly meant to be copies of Horus and Anubis helms from Stargate

Our last infographic on geeks vs nerds got a hell of a lot of traffic. We see it fit to now post the geek vs hipster infographic.

Stargate Poster! – There's No Place Like Home by stepone7

Keep calm and engage, I'm really not a huge fan of the keep calm thing but you wouldn't know that from all these that I pin.

(Stargate SG-1 - Season 7).Carterspecial.

Shut up and take my GOLD!

stargate atlantis - wraith (todd), a.k.a good wraith. Wow. Those two

New Mondo Disney Posters for Nothing's Impossible - The Black Hole by Kilian Eng

A Transphase Eradication Rod, often shortened to TER, is a Goa'uld weapon

SG-1 Stargate Glyphs

Stargate is getting rebooted into a new movie trilogy -

Donald J Trump will save the world #2statesolution ; Post-Truth | Men's Premium T-Shirt

Stargate show the best

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stargate le film Anubis - Bing Images (Carlos Lauchu )

Han Freakin' Solo

Stargate confessions

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Lego Stargate: Atlantis

This solid brass pendant mimics a DHD, with its concentric circles of glyphs and a red carnelian gemstone as the Control Crystal.

benbrowder: We certainly do!


Star Wars man cave [ Wainscotingamerica.com ] #basement #wainscoting #design

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Mix Tape Pendant Necklace

StarGate Travel | by boris.heinke

El Doctor navy blue t-shirt. Funny tees for men and women.

Sweet Stargate "JAFFA SERPENT GUARD" #cosplay

MADE TO ORDER - Anubis guard mask headpiece shoulder staff stargate style costume jackal cosplay larp renaissance sci-fi geek halloween

Looks like something out of Stargate. The ancients knew things we only can imagine.

Star Wars Family Car Decals | Geek Decor

I would love to have this shirt

Doctor Who Keep Calm and Dont Blink - Pill Case - Trinket Box

tattoos based off of stargate sg-1 - Google Search

Keeping up with the Cardassians

Laurie Greasley - The Fall of Hoth 3

18 best Guns: Man's Second Best Friend images on Pinterest | Firearms, Revolvers and Guns

DeviantArt: More Like Stargate Atlantis walls - Todd by aunexisteamor

Night Shadow - Girls longsleeve by Batman - Article Number: 271883 - from 53.99 €

JAFFA SERPENT GUARD, great Stargate costume

Jack O'Neill #stargate

Custom Made Stargate Sg-1 Ring

Homicidal Girls. Geek ShirtsAwesome T ...

TR 116 projectile rifle, c. 2375

And why did he feel confident climbing the side of the tower?

Find this Pin and more on Nerd Gear by ariannaormord.

Make Like A Tree…

Stargate show the best

Find this Pin and more on Nerd Gear by ariannaormord.

Stargate Universe - Season 1 Promo

Stargate Atlantis. Rodney And Jennifer | "I don't know what I would

Stargate necklace by Creation, should have bought one.

Guns don't kill Rodney, lemons do.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Go Ninja Girls T-Shirt

stargate lego - Stargate Information Archive

Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman Faux Lace Knee Socks

"Dr Daniel Jackson" (Stargate he was always my favorite. the hot nerd :)

Awesome 'Wibbly+Wobbly+Timey+Wimey' design on TeePublic!

Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard


Atlantis city plan

Zelenka < < LOVE HIM!

chewbacca bowcaster replica - Google Search

Exchange from 'Children of the Gods'