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Pin by Slytherin Jedi on Voltron t Anime Fandoms and

Pin by Slytherin Jedi on Voltron t Anime Fandoms and


This boy got better hair than me. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

This would definitely be Krolia #Voltron

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Credit to artist

Keith in his Blade of Marmora armor and hood from Voltron Legendary Defender

Pin by Neko Senpai on Anime, Manga Otaku stuff etc. | Pinterest | Lancing FC, Fandom and Anime

Awesome! :)

Voltron and Harry Potter

Untitled — gretateg: -Keith needs to improve his flirting.

I wanted to draw alternate versions/ older versions of these boys. I also use long haired keith for one of my collaborations ;. Find this Pin and ...

You bet your sweet ass this is gonna happen. Find this Pin and more on Anime ...

Voltron Hogwarts AU < < < i woulda thought they woulda been ravenclaw and gryfindor but their personlaities work for slytherin and hufflepuff too (ノ◕ヮ◕) ...

Keith w/ black paladin armor and Lance in Red's

Shiro would be ashamed

Find this Pin and more on Voltron by kmason082002.

Keith and Krolia

Pin by Sarah Bell on Shklance | Pinterest | Shiro, Shiro voltron and Fandom

Kids Only: NO ADULTS

voltron | Tumblr http://cheritsundere.tumblr.com/post/163001661320

Voltron - Golion is keeping me company while I work and - And. (I

Hunk, Keith, Shiro, Lance, and Pidge.

pidge and keith

Voltron ~credit to the AMAZING artist

Haha, that's too fun

Sorcerer and Demon.


mixzilla: “ disobedient pocket knife goes to the s h a m e c o r n e r If you like my art, consider buying me a coffee here! Please do not repost/modify/use ...

Scientist Katie Holt (Pidge) from Voltron Legendary Defender

Find this Pin and more on Voltron by creepygirl696.

Keith | Shiro

Pidge (Katie Holt) the Green Paladin and Matt Holt from Voltron Legendary Defender

Beautiful Space, Hero, Lions, Ships, Random, Lion, Boats. Find this Pin and ...

Matt, looking fabulous, like usual

Currently in Voltron Hell

Keith / Lance l like their shirts. Find this Pin and ...

lol Pidge, Keith, and Lance

Tweets de Media par 宮田 (@miyata__0529) | Twitter

Uranus and Neptune : Photo

Matt holt Voltron

All the vld characters are highkey other famous characters just in space and I love it

I've noticed in the last few weeks that the discourse in the Voltron fandom


Find this Pin and more on Uh...Vol...tron...? by rebekahcook932.

"Voltron legendary defender"

Plus Keith acting like an excited puppy when he see Lance is hilarious. Find this Pin and ...


pidgepodged: “@walsche's pidge had me so shookt??? i cried ”

This is so cute omg also it has come to my knowledge that both Keith and

The road to el dorado/voltron

Hangar the Space Witch Voltron Legendary Defender

Shiro would be ashamed 7. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...


prinzcake: “ sad klance where lance confesses to remembering and the last lines are from ep 6 where keith pretends not to hear lance (i thought it would be ...

So fab, Avatar/Voltron crossover! Find this Pin and ...

Undertale characters at Hogwarts < < < There will ALWAYS be Hogwarts AU's. Don' t even TRY to doubt me. < < < whenever the Harry Potter fandom seems to die our ...

(2) Твиттер

Vot-Tron This is a great crossover! Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

Pidge of yellow flowers from Voltron Legendary Defender Girl is killing the game! Find this Pin and ...

Pin by Ellyanna Arwen Page on ...Voltron?? | Pinterest | Fandom, Fandoms and Anime

Allura: the pink paladin and heart of Voltron

Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Keith / Lance Me tbh. Find this Pin and ...

for my friend's AU. Find this Pin and ...

Find this Pin and more on voltron by sonjapes.

#klance - I just love Klance

I was asked where I saw myself in 15 years during a job interview when I was I said, either in a job like this one, or fighting the zombie apocalypse.

Voltron ATLA crossover Keith and lance, sokka and zuko

Currently in Voltron Hell

Two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they're not gay. Find this Pin and ...

I have this pinned down alredy but dont care cuz its so fucking cute. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

Thace is my favorite space cat. Find this Pin and ...

Preferences and Imagines/One-Shots for the Voltron characters. I don'… Fanfiction


they're so dumb I love them. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

Shiro doodle

Voltron + Cinnamon Roll and Lance look like Lance and is actualy Lance

Although I don't ship Klance I like the Howl's Moving Castle crossover. Find this Pin and ...

Shiro would be ashamed 3. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

The whole spider man AU thing is so freakin awesome|kiwi

Image result for matt and shiro

poor kitty, no dignity for you Based on this post. Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

Find this Pin and more on BABY LANCEEEEEE! ❤♡ by voltronhell.

Princess Allura and her litter of Paladins - by enerjax Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith and Lance

It's a Blue thing. Find this Pin and ...

“시로가 주코를 도와주는 이유 (크로스오버가 보고싶어따 Voltron

by @electricgale on tumblr

I don't even ship it but oh well I'll pin it anyways cause it counts. < < < < I think it counts, I ship ittttttt


I only see it developing as a brother/brother relationship and I like this comic

Technically what happened in Fall Of The Castle Of Lions. Find this Pin and ...

Voltron art Blog

I think I've saved every voltron pin

#voltron, #voltronlegendarydefender, #liloandstitch, #fandom, #keith

Related image < < < Coran, Coran, the gorgeous man! Find this Pin and more on Voltron ...

Find this Pin and more on form voltron by 8bitfuji.