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Pin by Tobias P on trash t Ecards Laughter and Medicine

Pin by Tobias P on trash t Ecards Laughter and Medicine


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Don't forget to vote on Tuesday for the small government positions you didn' t know existed. Find this Pin and more on E Card Humor ...

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I haven't tried online dating because I would still like to believe that I

I don't fall for the bullshit, nice try tho!

423 best Ecards images on Pinterest | Hilarious quotes, Rumi quotes and Humorous quotes

25 Funny E-cards You Can Use to Make Your Friends Laugh

Funny Flirting Ecard: Let's meet offline to lower the odds of me being turned off by your shoddy grammar and punctuation.

"I don't know about about you, but I've thought about running away more as an adult than I ever did as a child" Funny Pictures: Funny Ecards - 26 Pics

Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: Life is full of disappointments and I just added you to the list.

Our breakup was due to religious differences. He thought he was God, I didn' t. I am SO done because it's SO true

awesome Funny rotten ecards - Meme Collection by http://dezdemonhumoraddiction.space/ecards-humor/funny-rotten-ecards -meme-collection/

Free, Birthday Ecard: Sorry the calendar played a cruel joke on you this year by making your birthday fall on a Monday.

Afraid of not getting what you ordered when online shopping…..Ha, try

@Liz Mester Call, I don't think you're mean at all

by vvic

Free, Encouragement Ecard: Whatever doesn't kill me makes me fatter.

Funny TV Ecard: 'Getting Lucky', in my house means my husband gets to pick the movie we watch.

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Just sayin' .

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Pretty much!

Some times this is exactly how I feel about a certain some one!

Some girls never learn

Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe You aint nothing but a hoe You think you're cute You think you're classy Newsflash girl You're fricken nasty LMAO ...

Or your m'eriod=man period

Funny eCards Photo Gallery #2

Free and Funny Congratulations Ecard: Congratulations, you graduated from asshole to asshat. Here's a cookie go fuck yourself.

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Find this Pin and more on Humor & Sarcasm by jellycube.

Damn you, Home Depot people.

Sorry a teenager called you ma'am | Apology Ecard

Free and Funny News Ecard: Instead of replying to her rude comments, I highlighted all her grammatical and spelling errors and sent back a note saying,

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My silence doesn't mean I agree with your statement.it's just that the level of your ignorance has rendered me speechless.----This is funny but so true!

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Funny Farewell Ecard: Sorry the gynecologist will see more of my vagina this year than you will.

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Farewell, shitty day, don't forget to fuck thyself on the way out.

heheheh I just love this so much! Well I really so do not remember eating a sexy beast this morning! The CUTEST e-card ever!

ecard ~ Let's celebrate you not being pregnant by having unprotected ...

This might be the best grammar/spelling ecard yet! I didn't picture this before, but I do now, and it's hilarious.

Don't be to flattered honey LOL. Trailer trash is the last thing I want to represent

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This just might be my life #ecards #funny #facebook

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I make exceptions for blue and gold sausage maybe once a year but really, the school fundraisers are out of control.

HaHas for HooHas: Because funny women need funny eCards

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Seriously. You'd not survive it. The floor, you mean your bed in the trailer right after your birthday while you were in havasu, or the kids room before you ...

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I hope you get an 'O-in-the-box' and a

423 best Ecards images on Pinterest | Hilarious quotes, Rumi quotes and Humorous quotes

Pinterest Goddess- I died. Also, well illustrated. :D

rotten ecards unfreind me | Free Funny ecards - Create and send your own funny Rotten

81 best Humor images on Pinterest | Hilarious, Hilarious quotes and Jokes quotes

So me its not even funny


Sarcastic TGIF collection – A gallery of NSFW funnies | PMSLweb

Best quote ever


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(KO) I know this woman. She visits often.

Well said Dr Seuss, laughter is the best medicine.

love this and especially bc I think LOL is way over used and its mildly annoying

Funny E Cards - PrankArtist.com

Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end the quicker it goes.

Photo: 18 Valentine's Day Memes For People Who Hate Valentine's Day And All That It Stands For

Thank you for updating Facebook again with what you ate for dinner the suspense was killing

Free and Funny Courtesy Hello Ecard: Why don't you replace your chap stick with a glue stick & shut the fuck up.

Free and Funny News Ecard: The awkward moment when you realize you know more Middle Earth history than real Earth history.

She is a high school graduate with no skills and can't do anything without someone holding her hand. Pathetic and still lives at home ...

Other Pinners loved these ideas

It's like they were there for my last interview.

best friend forever, funny eCards, someecards, so true.

I don't surround myself with "friends" who don't know the meaning of being a true friend. I have called their bullshit out!

You would think I would get along with one of your Personalities.

Hahaha I really hope a select few see this!! #idontcareaboutyourlife

I laugh every time I see this

I'm not bothered by weather update reports, but this makes me laugh anyway.

i just cried laughing. Fat Amy quote + nursing= greatness

Happy Nurses Day to all my nursing friends!!! Have a great day and · Medical HumorNurse ...


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The only arts and crafts I'm interested in doing with you would be a chalk outline of your body.

My resolution is to try to be hungover fewer days than last year. And to

I think i have contracted .

Funny eCards – Yes, You're Going To Laugh


Funny Reminders Ecard: I don't care how old or gangsta you think you are. If a toddler hands you a toy phone you better answer that shit.

Art Impressions Girlfriends Cling Rubber Stamp Laughing 4pcs

More Free funny Ecards about birthday cakes, friendship, work and current events.

ecard - I told that bitch I'd save her a seat in hell. Not at our table.

No need to explain

Free and Funny Birthday Ecard: Birthday Congress Old Useless Funny Ecard

This is so bad, but my sick sense of humor can't help but

I just can't control them!

Which personality do you prefer?