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Please share if you believe in organ donation t

Please share if you believe in organ donation t


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I plan to re-gift me!

We believe in giving life after life. We are registered organ donors. Join us. Sign up. Believe.

We believe in giving life after life. We are registered organ donors. Join us. Sign up. Believe.

We believe the greatest gift is the gift of life. We are registered organ donors. Join us. Sign up. Believe.

A special cool box for transporting human organs.

We believe in giving life after life. We are registered organ donors. Join us. Sign up. Believe.


Beaumont Hospital Kidney Peer Mentors added a new photo.

'It's better than winning the lottery': readers' organ donation stories | Society | The Guardian

The things you don't want to know about organ donation

Please share if you believe in organ donation.

What is Brain death?

We believe in saving lives. We are registered organ donors. Join us. Sign up. Believe.

"Don't think of organ donation as giving up part of yourself to keep a total stranger alive. It's really a total stranger giving up almost all of themselves ...

Organ and tissue donation

Organ donation poem

share your spare 2 Magnets. Kidney HealthLiving Kidney DonorLiving ...

While 96% of people in the UK believe in donating organs only 30% are

April is Donate Life Month. In recognition and in support of Organ Donation here is a little humor for you

Become an organ donor today!

An NHS organ donor register card.

An NHS organ donation box arrives at a hospital.

Please be an organ donor!

Pinner Said: The importance of organ donation! Please donate. My husband was dying he had a kidney/pancreas transplant a thanks to a 19 year old donor, ...

All About Indian Blood (and Kidneys, and Hearts): Organ Donation and Native Peop


Transplant Symbol Beautiful- Please share

'Kill Jill' organ donation ads

Top 5 Most Heart Touching Organ Donation Social Commercials Ever

organ and body donation

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MPs back 'Max's Bill' for organ donation opt-out system

Thousands of organs are lost before they can be donated. Here's how to save them.

Afterwards, many of the nurses came up to personally thank us for coming along and speaking to them…one even said how it made her day to hear such a great ...

We strongly believe that we all have the power to change the future for someone somewhere and together the message to share is simple.

A patient undergoing dialysis.

"Presumed consent" organ donation in Canada

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A kidney from a living donor is removed with keyhole surgery at the Royal London Hospital

The Donor Decision Katherine Heigl Calls for Organ Donors

Health Simon Harris and Professor Jim Egan, Director of Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland outside

People are becoming organ donors in droves thanks to this heroic hockey player.

Last Wednesday I was given the opportunity, by the 8th grade health teacher at our local middle school, to share with the students about organ donation and ...

Michael has had three transplants and is helping other patients come to terms with kidney failure

A special box for tranporting human organs at Dulwich hospital. '

A number of Bollywood celebs have pledged their organs for donation, which in turn has

Ellie waiting for her heart transplant in hospital over Christmas.

BC residents can opt-in to donate at transplant.bc.ca.

Deraj Wilson-Aggarwal portrait. '

Laws surrounding organ donation suggest that consent is given by the deceased but that the wishes

Matthew Receives His Heart & Double Lung Transplant

organ donor card in hands_500.jpg

4. [Transition: You can see that it isn't difficult to be an organ donor.

Rosie's Wait and Gift of a new Heart

One of the greatest gifts you can give is the gift of life through eye and organ donation.

A comprehensive report on organ donation in Ireland was published by the Oireachtas committee in September

Donate Organs – Save Lives – Slogans & Quotes

Such persons are kept on artificial support to maintain oxygenation of organs so that the organs are in a healthy condition until they are removed.

Health Minister Ko Wing-man had promised to look into changing the law so people under 18 can be considered as potential donors.

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Vital Bonds: Canadians are Dying Because Our Organ Donation Rate is Dismally Low

This was the watershed moment of my life when my father, aged 47, was pronounced brain dead resulting from a CVA involving an initial left vertebral artery ...

Amrit Dhillon

I remember worrying about them on the night my daughters went to Heaven. I remember asking God to hold them and comfort them. I remember my heart aching for ...

Box with organ for transplant reading "handle with care: human organ in transit"

Ernest ...

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Surgeon with human organ for transplant

Organ donation

A kidney donation chain could narrow the huge gap between organ supply and demand. Kidney matchmaker and transplant surgeon Jayme Locke explains how.

Premier Stephen McNeil says more needs to be done to help people on the growing wait list for organ donation. (CBC)

In reviewing Ontario's data from 2015, the researchers found about 20 per cent of families of registered donors overrode their loved ones' consent.

'The most selfless gift': A record number of organ donations were carried out in 2017

This is how it feels waiting for an organ transplant

Personal details of 220,000 Malaysian organ donors and their next of kin leaked online


Transplant issues: Dr. Takahiro Oto talks to the press after performing a lung-

Health Minister Simon Harris

A woman organ donor with a paper heart in hand

Health Minister Simon Harris says Ireland

Aoife O'Sullivan, who died waiting for a new heart

Organ Transplants ...

DonateLife-Community-speaker. Why can't ...

How close is Ireland to having an opt-out system for organ donation?

Don't Be an Organ Donor!

The More You Know: Types of Organ and Tissue Donation

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organ donation myth fact

Two years ago, I wrote a piece making the ethical/property rights argument against the opt-out organ donation which was to be introduced in Wales.

organ donation pros and cons