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Polar Bear by Wim van den Heever Photography Bears t

Polar Bear by Wim van den Heever Photography Bears t


Wim van den Heever

... Wim van Den Heever. It's difficult to tell whether this is a serious fight or just some fooling around by

Hibernation - How Bears can go without Food and Water for Months

by Lars van de Goor Animals on

The incredible images were taken by wildlife photographer Wim van den Heever, from Pretoria,

2,653 Likes, 51 Comments - Wim van den Heever (@wim_van_den_heever) on Instagram

101 Likes, 4 Comments - Wim van den Heever (@wim_van_den_heever) on Instagram

Wim van den Heever

Polar Bear by Wim van den Heever

Wim van den Heever•Caters

Happy Dancing Giraffes by Matt West Photography; 12. Lion cub waltz dance by Wim Van Den Heever ...

Photographer Wim Van Dan Heever's Images Capture Chases And Fights In The Animal Kingdom

Image may contain: ocean, sky and water

one giant step for bear

Bear. 2725 by Peter Holme III.

Breathtaking shots of king penguins marching in golden sunrise

(by Wim van den Heever).

This old bull elephant dust baths on an open plain. It's easy to see why

Photo : Danny Green / Rex Features; 38. Polar Bear ...

Welcome to Gay Bear Dating. So many hairy gay bears! It is easy to meet gay otters, cubsters and hairy gay bears near you. You are spoilt for choice ...

(Wim van den Heever 500px)

by Olga Barantseva [brown bear]

You have changed... You are not the same lion I married.

The humpback whale thrusts its head out of the water in an enchanting photograph

Lion Aggression | Photography by ©Wim van den heever #wildlifeonearth

baerentanz by Wolf Ademeit on bears

Wim van den Heever•Caters

Photograph Leopard on the Rocks by Wim van den Heever on 500px, Elephant Plains Game

Located at Cape North in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba Canada, this polar bear camera streams live video of these stunning bears in their wild habitat.

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Wim has travelled across the globe to photograph wild animals - from lions and tigers,

Golden Moments by Wim van den Heever on 500px

Rhino in charge - Wim van den Heever - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 :

Grizzly Bear · Grizzly BearsPhotographyFotografieFotografiaPhotograph

Pictured: The animal kingdom as you've never seen it before

Photo Wim van den Heever

Photo Lion Jump par Wim van den Heever on 500px

Photo // A young bear tries to catch a salmon in the Fishing Branch River. The younger the bear, the more often it fails in its attempts to catch a fish, ...

Photograph The Moment of Impact by Wim van den Heever on

Photograph Polar bear by Sergey Ivanov on

112 best Photography | Bears images on Pinterest | Grizzly bears, Wild animals and Animal kingdom

Picture: JURGEN OTTO / CATERS NEWS; 47. Two brown bears ...

Polar bear and cub

Polar Bear

"Polar Portrait" by Christopher Dodds on ~ This is a photograph of a polar bear (Ursus maritimus, Ours Blanc) at Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management Area (south ...

Photography by © (Giuseooe Damico). Two bears stand on their back legs as they fight tooth and claw at Kurile Lake Park in Kamchatka.

Polar bear with attitude.

Bear Figh Just imagine while I was photographing the bear pouncing for salmon at my direction, these two bears were roaring and fighting with water splash ...

Grizzly Hybrid Polar Grolar Bear Has Science Gone Too Far? Or Not Far Enough? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

Wim van den Heever•Caters

It's thirsty work being a lion in the wild, with this group of five having a drink of water together

Polar Bear Swimming Underwater Photograph "Water ballet" by Olga Gladysheva

gazing through nature's door | Gazing Through Nature's Door ☀ | Pinterest | Polar bear, Bears and Animal

Diving Polar Bear

Wim van den Heever•Caters

Wim van den Heever•Caters

Wim van den Heever•Caters

The photographer describes his profession as being more of a lifestyle than a hobby, taking

Polar bears

Polar Bear in Svalbard

Birds in Svalbard

Bears ...

The grey of the rhino shimmers in the waters in a spectacular night shot

2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards Runner-Up animals in Environment Category by

African Lionesses by Lakshitha Karunarathna, 2017 Grand Prize (© Lakshitha Karunarathna / Nature's Best Photography Awards)

European Brown Bear

Brown Bear Cubs by Ashleigh Scully, winner of. ”

brown bears in the snow

King Penguins by Wim van den Heever, 2017 Highly Honored: Birds (© Wim van den Heever / Nature's Best Photography Awards)

brown bear rolling in snow


brown bear family

Polar Bear Stretch, Churchill by Dennis Minty

John Hyde

"One day I want to be big like you mom" Photosafari to Phinda Game. “

Help Mom!! This baby Elephant kept loosing his footing as he tries to reach

brown bear in finland

Rare images from Wildlife Photography; 2.

Cheetah Cub by Lynn Emery Photography

Polar Bears playing in Svalbard

brown bear spring

Wim van den Heever

A polar bear swims in the recently opened Artic Circle enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo Picture:

Polar bears attempt to get at meat frozen in a block of ice at Ouwehands Zoo

Marcelle Robbins Photography

Moremi, Botswana by Hendri Venter Photography digitalwild.co.

Leopard Perfect Pose, Masai Mara, Kenyaby Peter Van Der Horst Photography

Baby Peguinsby Keren Su Photography

Polar Bears in Svalbard

Lion crossing the swampy Okavango Delta, Botswana by Rudi Van den Heever /ODP Safaris

... 15.

Polar Bear. Top 10 Arctic Species and the facts you should know about them

Tin Man Lee - Vision and Talent of a Wildlife Photographer - JBRish.com - quips & queries


Barn Owl, Bastard Wings by Tin Man Photography

Coquerel's Sifaka by Louis Pattyn / Nature's Best Photography Awards, 2017 Highly Honored: Youth (© Louis Pattyn / Nature's Best Photography Awards)

Reticulated Giraffes by Piper Mackay, 2017 Winner: African Wildlife (© Piper Mackay / Nature's Best Photography Awards). King Penguins by Wim van den Heever ...

Powerful bear catching a salmon