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Port Jeanne d39Arc is a former whaling station founded by a

Port Jeanne d39Arc is a former whaling station founded by a


Port Jeanne d'Arc is a former whaling station founded by a Norwegian whaling company in 1908.

Port Jeanne d'Arc, Kerguelen. DUNIH 1.457

... Port Couvreux (a good proportion of them died, there is a small cemetery nearby, they weren't actual trained shepherds actually).

Port Jeanne d'Arc

Basque whaling station on Saddle Island. The location of the sunken vessel San Juan (1565) is near the wreck of the Bernier, which grounded in 1966.

The whaling station at Port Jeanne d'Arc 1909. Click to read the 1909 article by Henry Bossiere

South Georgia's industrial heritage includes the whaling station at Stromness where Shackleton finally reached help

Copperhole on Monos Island in 1910. Once a whaling station, it was later a popular holiday spot for wealthy families from Port-of-Spain.

Shut in 1965: On the island of South Georgia, Leith Harbour, established in

Basque galleons ride at anchor in Red Bay, Labrador

Kerguelen Banner.jpg

St.-Jean-Pied-de-Port, founded in the 13th century as a commercial, military and religious crossroads. Credit Andy Haslam for The New York Times

The whaling station was converted into army training base when whaling was outlawed in South Africa. It now stand abandoned, riddled with bullet holes.

A whale on the Bluff slipway.

Penny established a whaling station at Cumberland Sound, part of the Labrador Sea, an area rich in whales and seals. A native of Peterhead he was the son of ...

2. 2 1820's – Whaling stations began up the ...

Above, you are standing in the middle of the intersection, looking up the hill. On the right are the familiar columns of [what is now] Fish Kebab, ...

This harbour has been a safe haven for ships throughout the history of human exploration in Antarctica. It was also the location of a Norwegian Whaling ...

Durban Timeline 1497-1990

As well as providing meat, whale carcasses produce vast quantities of oil for light and

Rose Harbour whaling station, 1918. [BC Archives E-01609]

... 25. Shore Whalers ...

Seagulls attack southern right whale calves when they come to the surface to breathe | Daily Mail Online

The River Nive weaves its way through Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

“A bull sperm whale, weighing sixty tons, washes up on a Port Arthur beach,


The Zaandam was preparing to dock in Seward just after 5am Sunday when a juvenile fin

Dead Presidents and Whales by Donalyn Miller This list includes all non-fiction and fiction ...

London Biggin Hill, a former RAF station

Father and Son: former whaling station workers Andy and Ray Woonings being interviewed by Radio West At WhaleWorld.


<strong>September 30:</strong> A woman in Port

Port Arthur

After occasional earlier visits, whaling ships began to frequent Akaroa Harbour in large numbers in the 1830s. Whalers from France were among those putting ...

Due to the adverse weather conditions we didn't see the whale as much as on previous days, making its path much less predictable.

The Haven, the Atlantic Ocean and the beach at Bude

Map showing Cook's voyages

View of Sydney from the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Black-browed albatross in flight

Clockwise from top: Dracaena draco, Roques de Anaga, Teide National Park, Traditional

The Starbucks store at 1912 Pike Place. This is the second location of the original Starbucks, which was at 2000 Western Avenue from 1971 to 1976.

A full moon and 25-second exposure allowed sufficient light for this photo to be taken at Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station during the long Antarctic night.

1598 map of Cape Verde with some of its names in Latin, the former Geographic names of the African mainland in the east are mapped on the right

Ok, after the Big Ice rambling there are whale stories to tell. Most of the whales so far have been small minke whales and much larger fin whales.

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Fishing port in the heart of the city


Amqui to New Richmond

A map of Tasmania from 1837.

Former USNAS, Bermuda ...

An aerial view of Le Havre port and city in the distance © Patrice Le Bris

Severe cracks in an ice pier in use for four seasons at McMurdo Station slowed cargo operations in 1983 and proved a safety hazard.

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International Space Station

Port side view of a Romulan D'deridex-class warbird

Indian Church, Tadoussac, Quebec


Discovery and early sightings[edit]

Yankee open-boat whaling[edit]

Whaling Station CabinsRed Bay

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The Hunt for the World's Most Private Island 7 Photos

Signing the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, Washington, D.C., Dec 2, 1946

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Sunset in Tobago Cays – Grenadines

Beluga whale In the News

Harbour repairs

The AANA has hatched, for the first time, an advertising sentiment index (ASI) that will regularly measure the Australian community's perception of ...

1870s street scene on Nantucket

A General Chart of New Holland including New South Wales & Botany Bay with The Adjacent Countries and New Discovered Lands, published in An Historical ...

Matavai Bay, painted by William Hodges, member of an expedition led by Cook