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Pray for Palestine save Palastine t Palestine

Pray for Palestine save Palastine t Palestine


End israeli war crimes, there were no soldiers kidnapped, only excuses to continue the genocide!

Free Gaza, Free Palastine · Save SyriaPalestineLong ...

Pray for Palastine · Islam QuranIslamic QuotesPalestineSave ...

free palestine by ~iqx on deviantART

Gaza is not only a muslim thing, It's a human thing.

Pray For Palestine shared palestinow.com's post.

Palestine, My Heart, Burak Ozcivit, Allah, Freedom, Liberty, Political Freedom

That is All humans Basic Rights ... Listen Up Israel!! .. Palestine ...


"Apartheid wasn't okay in South Africa nor Germany, why is it okay in Palestine?" – You'd think a people that has been so persecuted wouldn't do the same ...

A Palestinian woman walks past graffiti painted on the wall of the building of the UNRWA

As pointed out by a popular meme doing the rounds of Facebook these days, you don't have to be Muslim to support Gaza. You just have to be human.

Pray for Palestine

Support Gaza

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9 Facts About the Israel-Palestine Conflict On Which We Can All Agree | HuffPost

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Palestinian children search among the rubble of 15-storey Basha Tower in Gaza.

The White House has decided to quietly withdraw from all its ties with the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas.

Israeli leaders after the capture of East Jerusalem at the the Dome of the Rock in


Israeli soldiers fired tear gas at Palestinians to disperse them after Friday Prayer on a street outside Jerusalem's Old City. Credit Ammar Awad/Reuters

How a pro-Palestinian American reporter changed his views on Israel - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post

The Palestinian Information Center

Free Palestine Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave

Masked Palestinian youths use slingshots to hurl rocks and marbles at an Israeli military checkpoint in

Israeli forces scuffling with a Palestinian worshiper in Jerusalem on Friday. Credit Jack Guez/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Who will save the Palestinians?

Which countries recognise Palestine?

Muslim worshippers pray near the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque,

Pro-Palestinian BDS movement supporters take part in a rally in central London

Palestine during the Maccabean period.

Tear gas fired at Palestinians east of Gaza City, March 30, 2018.


Israeli ...

You can view the book's Amazon page here.

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4) Why is Israel occupying the Palestinian territories? 2350412. A Palestinian ...

Palestinians wait to cross the Qalandia checkpoint between the West Bank city of Ramallah and Jerusalem '

Activists from an Islamic organization burn the US and Israel flags during a protest after prayers


Bible predicts final fate of Gaza and Palestinians

(Palastine located on the top right)

A Palestinian refugee holds a giant key to symbolise the right of return of refugees during

This awesome response followed another brilliant response by a Palestinian at an Israeli parliament reciting the adhan showing they are not afraid of the ...

2- What so called the Palestinian liberating organization, which is acting as the party that is ruling what's left of the west bank, is corrupt and madly ...

A kite marked with a swastika, flown across the Gaza border into Israel carrying a

Jews gather to pray at the Western Wall during Succot

Do ...

Palestine according to Eusebius and Jerome, by George Adam Smith, 1915

... An Israeli soldier shoots a Palestinian holding a knife after he stabbed another Israeli soldier,

Palestinian Children watching

Messi said as a father he was saddened by images coming from the conflict between Israel and Palestine. (File photo: Reuters)

Palestinians run for cover from tear gas during clashes with Israeli security forces near Gaza border

Palestinian girls sit in front of the Dome of the Rock in the Temple Mount compound

Map of Rulers of Palesrtine

BLmUD-CCUAAUF2b.jpg large

Elderly Palestinian man confronts armed Israeli soldiers before collapsing

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Israeli police inspect the scene of a stabbing attack in Beit Shemesh, Israel, on. Photos: Tensions escalate between Israelis, Palestinians

At once defensive and welcoming … the Palestine Museum in Ramallah.

Lama Al Satari, 5 months old.She was killed in an Israeli airstrike on

Among those killed by Israeli live fire was a 16-year old boy, according to Palestinian health officials.

Depiction of Palestine in the time of Saul c. 1020 BC according to George Adam Smith's 1915 Atlas of the Historical Geography of the Holy Land

Spirit's Words To Palestine and Gaza and Syria by SarahChan1279 ...

He also said that he didn't vote for Obama because of his pro-Israeli stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

... and think about others,others that they are suffering from war year after year and what we are doing ?!! we are celebrating a new year while palastine ...

Israeli border police order a Palestinian to lift his shirt at a checkpoint as he exits

The Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil, Hebron. (Photo: Palestine Chronicle)

Palestinians demonstrate in front of the Dome of the Rock after clashes between Palestinian stone throwers

Herod's Family Tree

Israel shuts down Al-Aqsa Mosque after gun attack

Timeline of the name "Palestine"


In the 1967 War, Israel took control of the shaded areas of the Egyptian Sinai, Syrian Golan Heights, and the Palestinian territories of the West Bank ...

An Israeli soldier runs to help another who was just stabbed by an alleged Palestinian assailant

2) Why are Israelis and Palestinians fighting? 126633561. Israeli soldiers clash with Palestinian ...

I don't get itpic.twitter.com/b0zyWG0NJZ

Sad isn't it? It shatters my heart a lot. Gaza was under attack by Israel yesterday, which brought bad injuries to Palestinian, when most of them were small ...

The issue is of the region of Israel and Palestine which was earlier called the Holy Land. As of today Israel + Palestine = Holy Land.

Palestinians carry the body of Iyad Awawdeh, 26, during his funeral in the West

Ahed Tamimi (right). PHOTO: File

Razan Al Najjar: Palestinian medic who saved lives shot dead by Israeli sniper

An Israeli police appears to punch a Palestinian man as clashes continued on Wednesday [AP]

Explosion in gaza

"Palestinian" is trying to get sympathy for his violence by carrying crutches - Pallywood in Gaza

Palestinians kneel during noon prayers in Jerusalem on October 16.

Palestinians prayed outside the Old City walls as Israeli forces stood behind barriers. Credit Mahmoud Illean/Associated Press

A picture taken on April 21, 2018 shows men holding up a poster portrait of

Incidents of very numerous Palestinian deaths have increased. 156655584. Palestinians ...

Black September: The role of Pakistan's General Zia-ul-Haq in the 1970 massacre of 25,000 Palestinians in Jordan

Maher Zain - Palestine Will Be Free | ماهر زين - فلسطين سوف تتحرر | Official Music Video - YouTube

Additional reporting by Ibrahim Husseini.